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J's Racing ZF1 CR-Z

We should all be talking about this wild CR-Z that J’s Racing just unleashed on the world less than a month ago. Unfortunately some tragic recent events have been taking much of the conversation away from the cars that have made J’s legendary and have shifted discussion towards the actions of the founder of the company, JJ.

I wanted to talk not about the stories we’ve heard lately, but about J’s Racing as a company. J’s Racing was one of the first Japanese companies that I began distributing way back in 2001 (it is hard to believe it’s been 10 years!). Back in 2001 they were producing some of the most cutting edge S2000 tuning parts on the scene so I reached out to them and became a dealer of theirs. Even back in 2001 I seem to recall working with Murakami-san, who recently became the President of J’s Racing replacing JJ. I’ve seen Murakami-san handle the bulk of J’s business for what feels like forever now and as a result, when I heard the news that he would be the new leader of J’s I became quite confident in the future of the company. J’s has always been a leader in racing parts development specifically and exclusively for Hondas. I foresee absolutely no changes to the company’s future resulting from the shift of leadership. Murakami-san has had a hand in everything already and for quite some time now.

The point is not to erase or downplay the tragedy of recent events, but to  isolate that tragedy which is a result of poor judgment of one person from the discussion surrounding the past, present and future of a successful and innovative company.  As a result, I hope that people do not get the unfortunate event of one man confused with the legacy of one of Honda’s most legendary tuning companies.

That’s my 2 cents on it.

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The little Fit that could by Alex Butti

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J's Racing

A couple of years ago I was in Japan at my friend’s house, on the outskirt of Osaka. My trip was scheduled to last 2 weeks before coming back to the US. For those of you that have been to Japan before, you know how short two weeks are. Most people would schedule in advance where to go, what to visit, hang out with friends, sightseeing, tuning shops to check out, or business-related meetings to attend; not me.

Over the past decade I have visited Japan several times, scheduling hardly anything ahead; this trip was no different. While my trip was supposed to last only two weeks, I ended up staying in Japan for five weeks; so why rush? I did manage though to visit few coveted tuning shops; one of them being J’s Racing.
J's Racing
J’s Racing is located on the far west side of Ibaraki-ken, about 20 minutes north of Osaka. Like many other Japanese tuning shops, it is very small, and easy to miss. Upon my arrival I was more excited to meet Umemoto san, (owner and president of the company) than checking out his cars. Although I must say the cars he had at his facility were built with incredible attention to details.
J's Racing Honda Fit
One of the car that caught my attention at the shop was this Hot Version Queen Honda Fit. This Fit as many of you know, went through a lot of modifications.
J's Racing Honda Fit K20
This proven K24/20 engine features Toda ITB’s, Toda connecting rod, a knife-edged S2000 crankshaft, and J’s Racing 13.X:1 pistons among other things.
While I was talking to Umemoto san, I knew this Fit was capable of making close to 320 hp, so I asked him about the exact compression ratio; he smiled and said: “juu san ten dou…” (juu san means “13” in Japanese, while ten means “.” and dou means “something”)… I laughed. He clearly didn’t want to reveal the exact number. We can speculate all we want about the exact compression, but at the end it doesn’t matter. Japanese are also fortunate to have higher octane fuel at the local gas stations. For us using race fuel would be mandatory with that compression ratio.
In the picture above you will also notice the custom engine mounts with white inserts. Those white inserts are made of Delrin. Generally you would see aftermarket engine mounts equipped with polyurethane bushings. J’s Racing did not want to use polyurethane because it would flex too much for their application. While solid billet aluminium mounts would cause a lot of vibration on the chassis and on the transmission. Thus the Delrin choice.
J's racing honda fit
My first reaction when I saw the 10 point roll cage in this Fit was: “why welded so low?” The main loop, along with the a-pillar tubing have been welded very low in the car. Umemoto san explained that since the Fit is a high vehicle in standard trim (measuring about 60 inches of height), he wanted to keep the center of gravity as low as possible, thus welding the cage low enough to keep the driver safe while adding stiffness to the chassis. As you can see from the picture, there are gussets everywhere; even on the roof between the a-pillar and the b-pillar. As you notice the doors have been gutted only in the rear, while the front ones have been left alone. I’m sure that a set of carbon fiber doors would help to trim down the weight of this Fit even further.
This Fit also sports lexan windows all around except the front windshield; while a Recaro SPG seat and Takata harnesses are all you’ll find in the interior.

On the outside aside from the front flares, the Fit wears 17 inches Volk TE37 all around wrapped with Advan 048 tires: in the front 235 width, and in the rear 205 width. Brembo 4 pot calipers are found up front, using Seidouya N1 brake pads, while the rear drum brakes have been swapped with Brembo disk brakes mated with Seidouya N1 pads as well.
j's racing honda fit rear diffuser
The Fit also uses Crux coilovers to drop the static height, and as seen in the picture, the bumper has been cut quite a bit to reduce drag while it features a one-off carbon diffuser to help the Fit with the not-so good aerodynamic. If you look closely, you can see the one-off titanium exhaust system and its tail pipe cut flush with the diffuser to help create less drag under the car.

That’s all I have for now. I did however take more pictures about other cars while at J’s Racing. I will make sure to cover them in the future.
I am sorry for the lengthy article.

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Customer Car: Ultra Clean Street Spec S2000

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Rob's S2000 Mugen, J's Racing, Spoon, ASM

The continuation to yesterdays story about our friend Rob’s widebody Range Rover is more like a prequel.

Rob and I worked together to produce this S2000, which I ultimately give Rob all the credit for because his vision for the car has been absolutely timeless.

Lets look at the details. No knockoffs here…the real deal Mugen Dry Carbon roof and you know what…he painted it! Check the carbon fiber accents. That is how it is done right there. Leaving large parts fully carbon is old news, on a street car it is all about classy integration. Rob knows the deal.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

So what do you want to know? The pictures show that it is all done right. Mugen SS rear bumper and diffuser with special titanium SS exhaust (higher mounted than stock, yet another reminder of the theme I was saying earlier with higher mounted exhausts). J’s Racing front bumper, twin canards and type V carbon hood. Craftsquare mirrors. Prodrive wheels with the J’s Racing special Endless big brake kit behind them. Spoon kevlar buckets with Prodrive harnesses and a Mugen roll bar. Mugen SS carbon wing, carbon trunk. You name it, this car has it and has done it tastefully.

M's Kevlar Intake S2000

And dont forget the rareness…the original discountined M’s kevlar intake system. This is the OG JDM. ASM sold and ran these before they started having M’s make their own intakes. And I passed on buying the last 5 sets from Kanayama-san of ASM when he asked me, looking back I should have taken that last bit of stock since it is a classic. Oh yeah, J’s SPL valve cover and ARC titan cooling plate, check.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

I mean, check out the interior execution. Rob did not miss a thing. Mugen Steering wheel, Navi integrated into the dash, reworked leather,  its all super clean.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

And the last pics are evidence. The car was always class. He was even rocking the ASM front fenders back in the day that we imported for him.

Just a great example here of how you can build a high quality car with high performance parts and still keep things in an understated and usable way.

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Official Debut: J’s Racing Type-GT Widebody for S2000

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J's Racing Type-GT Widebody AP1 S2000

Four days ago our friends at J’s Racing Japan emailed us to notify us to start offering this new kit for sale, so here I am making a blog post as an official announcement.

In January J’s Racing showed off their prototype of an aggressive new widebody dubbed the “Type-GT”. As an S2000 enthusiast, I was just relieved to see ANYTHING new for the S2000 since its been a long while! Fortunately the J’s kit is not just new, its actually quite nice. Proportionally it is comparable to the ASM widebody, yet its priced very well whereas the ASM is extremely expensive in dry carbon only. The inspration for  the J’s Racing Type-GT kit is clearly from the Super GT series, as evident in both its porportions as well as its design and function.

The widebody comes complete with a long nose front bumper, front under diffuser, brake duct set, air intake duct, front wide fender set, front inner fenders, side skirts with front fins, rear wide fenders with fins, fuel lid cover, rear bumper, rear diffuser.

Optional parts are a full titanium exhaust made to exit higher up into the bumper outlet holes, aggressive carbon fiber canards for the front bumper and a high mount carbon GT wing.

As always Bulletproof Automotive price matches on everything to ensure the lowest prices, but I just checked today and it seems Bulletproof has the lowest online price already on these new parts.

Bulletproof has been a J’s Racing Japan direct dealer since 2001.

J's Racing Type-GT Widebody AP1 S2000J's Racing Type-GT Widebody AP1 S2000

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Customer Car – Tom’s S2000

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Tom’s S2000

I consulted with Tom and supplied him the parts to build his dream S2000 about two years ago. This project from the beginning I knew would be special because Tom is someone who like myself is a real lover of high end JDM quality. No shortcuts were made, this car was prepared with simply the best of everything from the frame up.

There are too many quality modifications to list, but here are some of my favorites:

Tracy Sports GT widebody

Spoon Hardtop

ASM Dry Carbon Doors, dry carbon hood and dry carbon trunk

Top Secret 19″ TE37 wheels

J’s Racing big brake kit

ASM Limited Edition Recaro RS-G Seats

ASM Multi-meter

ASM Titanium Exhaust

Mugen Race Roll Cage

Toda Individual Throttle Body Kit

Tracy Sports Header

The car was stripped to the bare frame and repainted in the beautiful blue hue you see. The car is very light weight and with a highly responsive NA tuned engine, it really is a great example of an ultimate NA street legal S2000.

Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000

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Who Is Tracy Sports? – Pt. 2

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Tracy Sports should be known more than they are, but they purposely kept themselves out of the spotlight for many years. Do you like C-West, J’s Racing, or 5 Zigen’s race cars that compete in Super Taikyu, Time Attack and Endurance Racing? If so then you like Tracy Sports instantly because Tracy Sports is the shop that fabricated almost all of those company’s race cars from the groud up. Yes…that C-West dry carbon S2000 time attack car is actually a Tracy Sports time attack S2000 that utilizes C-West Aero and carries C-West’s name.

Tracy Sports Twin S2000 Time Attack Cars

Tracy Sports themselves are most famous for the NSX which they campaigned in the Super Taikyu race series for many years. They even manage international teams, for example when J’s Racing competes in Korea it is Tracy Sports who is helping to run the team.

Tracy Sports NSX in Korea

Tracy Sports is about as hard core of a race car builder as they get, competing in many forms of racing globally and doing everything from team management to R&D, Aero parts design and engine building. But it has only been in recent years that they’ve started making their own name as famous as those companies which they’ve been behind all of these years.

Tracy Sports Fabrication

Tomorrow we’ll focus on NSX’s and look at some great photos!

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