FB Update: Step into our office…

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Bulletproof office and hangar  with GT-R R35 demo

We’ve been crazy busy over here, juggling more projects than ever, bringing in some exciting new hires, all while moving into a shiny new office in sunny Hawthorne, CA!  We’re right on the runway of the Hawthorne Airport, so we get to watch all the private jets and helicopters take off from our window.

Hawthorne Airport office w GT-R R35 demo on runway

Turns out all those fumes draw some pretty cool neighbors too – Tesla, SpaceX (aerospace transportation), Gyron (aerial cameras), Filmotechnic (camera car systems), and numerous flight schools are all clustered within the same square mile around the airport.

new office kitchen toward hangar

Needless to say, we’re loving it here.  I’m excited to do a full tour of our place soon, but for now, here are a few quick snaps from our FB album.

Bulletproof office hangar R35 demo JUN Evo X

This photo was taken from our office’s hangar.  The Evo X on the right is secretly packing a full JUN crate motor, JUN one-off turbo kit, Brembo GT-R nickel-plated brakes and JRZ coilovers (see more in the FB album we created for his build).  This beast belongs to our longtime friend and customer Tenzin, who was one of the first to visit the new place.  We encourage everyone to come by and check it out, even if you don’t have a private jet for door-to-door transport!


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The small mods are sometimes as neat as the big ones. One of the latest mods to our project 2012 GT-R is this neat machined and polished mount for the JRZ remote reservoirs that attaches to our roll cage.

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We’re Now a JRZ Distributor! (New GT-R Suspension Release)

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I’m proud to say that Bulletproof Automotive / GT-RR / Bespoke Ventures is now a distributor of JRZ. With our direct access we’re able to ensure the fastest order speed and guaranteed best price on all JRZ suspension.

Check out the new press release on the R35 GT-R Suspension!

Designed for a range of applications from street to circuit, the Nissan GT-R suspension is made from the same technology used in 2009 24hrs of Daytona GT class winning suspension from JRZ.

Circuit tested and tuned for the GT-R by racing drivers as well as the JRZ engineering team, each set will come with custom spring rates depending on your intended application.

The JRZ Suspension is available in the following specs:

Here’s a rundown of some of the main features of the JRZ Nissan GT-R suspension sets:

  • Billet machined front and rear fork, lighter and stiffer
  • Right side up mounting for easy rebound adjustment
  • Piggyback or with remote canisters on hoses
  • Cable rebound adjuster extensions in the rear, adjust rebound with the stock interior installed.
  • Spherical bearing upper mounts
  • Improved high performance and circuit driving without sacrificing street driveability

JRZ 3 Way Adjustable Suspension for R35 GT-R

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