FB Update: Varis!!

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Garage G-force CZ4A Evo with Varis kit

Varis widebody goes hard.  Garage G-Force at recent Hyper Meeting, via JONSIBAL FB.

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Respect! (Now Proceed Blog Jacking…)

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I wanted to give a shout out to two blogs (of the many) which have been doing a great job lately and deserve to have their content respectfully jacked right here right now.

Blog #1 – Jon Sibal – Not only do you do the most amazing graphic work with cars I’ve seen, you have impeccable taste with your blog posts. I wanted to share this one recent post which introduced me to one of my favorite E36 M3s I’ve ever seen. A RB26DETT GT-R powered M3 widebody, how could I not love it!?


Here is one teaser, but you really need to see Jon’s blog post on it to appreciate this beast. Its flawless.

Blog #2 – 7Tune – It’s ok the 7tune.com blog doesn’t link to us on their blogroll…they still deserve love even if they’re hating on us. Life aint fair, but its ok 🙂

7Tune.com usually brings the heat with their posts and I wanted to share this post on a wild custom widebody NSX (private build) which had me impressed. Granted the car is not perfect, but it is a hell of a great car and a unique build for a non shop car. Great job 7tune.com for featuring some quality original content, keep it up! Even without including me in your blogroll you still get props over here.


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One Of My Favorite AE86 Levins

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Shout to our friend Jon Sibal on the blogroll. Jon continues to impress me with his impeccable taste, not just of his renderings but of the cars he selects for his blog.

Jon recently featured this absolutely sick Levin. I love everything about this car.

I cant remember the last time I saw a Levin on the track without crazy countersteer angles. Could this possibly be a time attack Levin! Man…brings me back to going to Fuji Speedway ten years ago and watching the GT300 JGTC AE86 compete sponsored by ORC.

This car is just killing it in every way.

Body work, chassis, wheel fitment, crazy paint scheme, this car is doing absolutely everything right 110%.

And Jon says the rims are -28 offset?! Nuts man.

Check out Jon’s original post. He deserves all the credit on this one. Great find man, I dont get super pumped on that many Hachis, but this one just does everything right for me.


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370Ztune.com x Jon Sibal

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One of my favorite talented friends, Jon Sibal, threw in a helping hand to help us launch www.370Ztune.com

370Ztune.com x Jon Sibal

Its always a beautiful thing when Jon Sibal sets his mind to creating another masterpiece. I’m proud to have this one dedicated to 370Ztune.com!

For all of you JDM purists, please help spread the word about this new venture. We want 370Ztune.com to be a great success, and it is important that all of our friends help us spread the word. 370Ztune.com is already the biggest 370Z superstore / resource for tuning parts and it is growing rapidly! Check it out if you have not already!

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2010 GT500 NSX?

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I always need to share the newest works by my friend Jon Sibal. Supporting friends is always great when it matches up with my obligation to readers of this blog to bring only the freshest and most relevant content. This is fresh and relevant. Enjoy.

2010 GT500 NSX Rendering

The rendering is very cool that he did, but even more impressive is the story behind it. Check out Jon’s blog for the source work he used and the steps he took to make this image…


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Aston Martin – One-77 Photoshop Early Release

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Aston Martin is preparing the launch of a multimillion dollar vehicle limited to only 77 units world wide. This car is under wraps, but my friend and master photoshopper Jon Sibal has designed his vision of how he feels the car will look. This is an early release of the 7.0 liter V12, carbon fiber bodied One-77.

Hi-res photo, click for full size

Aston Martin One-77 by Jon Sibal

Taken from Jon’s Blog:


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Early Debut of SLR McLaren Speedster by Jon Sibal

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We all loved Jon Sibal’s early rendering of the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. It was particularly impressive to see just how close his design was to the actual car which was released after Jon’s design.

So here is my friend (and happy customer as well!) Jon again trying to predict the future and showing us first what the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Speedster will look like. Or at least this is what Jon thinks it’ll be.

Here’s the link to his original post: http://jonsibal.com/blog/?p=246

Hi res picture below, so dont be afraid to click.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Speedster

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