Fixed Headlight Conversions by John Babbitt

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Years ago, pop up headlights were the standard for sports cars. The NSX, RX7, Corvette, various Ferraris and many others sported them. The thing is though, in the pursuit of speed and light weight, they serve little purpose.

Fixed headlights not only weigh less and reduce drag, they instantly change a cars image. For many years, high end JDM tuners have produced amazing looking cars using fixed headlights.

RX-7’s, NSX’s, 180sx’s and others are what come to mind when you think of these headlight conversions that originate in Japan.

Phoenixs power mr2tamon fc3s rx-7

But what about others? Like Vettes?


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WEST5 Vette by John Babbitt

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west5 corvette

John is back at you once again with another wild JDM Corvette! I most definitely co-sign this – Ben

Anyone that has played Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 before has seen this car. The carbon fiber bumpers, hood and wing really help it stand out. The standard Lotus developed LT5 engine has been enlarged from 5.7 liters to 6.7, big pistons, big crank, big everything, controlled by a WEST ecu. No idea how much power is available, but it’s enough to push this to a recorded top speed of 196 mph!

Brembo brakes stop it, WEST suspension controls it. It’s interior is mostly missing, with the exception of a Recaro seat made of kevlar, a Momo steering wheel and a big safety cage. The corvette standard TE37’s are present, 18-9.5 front, 18-12 out back. The rest of the specs are a bit of a mystery. Check out the pics!!!

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