Sneak Peek – Lexus IS-F Rear Bumper Design

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TommyKaira IS-F Rear Bumper I-CODE

* Note this is not finished, we’re just looking at test fitting of the master mold *

It is not too often that I showcase unfinished product development, but this is exciting! This is the most aggressive and unique look I’ve seen for the IS-F. I can’t lie, the first thing I thought of when I saw this bumper was the sudden urge to want to buy an IS-F. It is far too early to say if this aero kit will possess the transformative nature that the Vestito kit had with the 370Z, but this is certainly showing promise of being at that level with a strong enough personality that it makes people go out and buy the car to do it!

I’ll update more as further info becomes available. The car will debut at Tokyo Auto Salon in January. Knowing the company who is putting this together, I’m really confident in the direction this is heading…

TommyKaira IS-F Rear Bumper I-CODE

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Fragments Of Ideas – 4 Topics, 1 Post

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Rocky Auto S31 Fairlady Z

Going into next week I have a list of about 15 different topics that I’m itching to talk about here. But for this weekend I want to wrap up a couple of loose ends which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Topic 1 (the lead off picture): Midnight Purple IV

The Rocky Auto Fairlady Z I featured a couple of days ago is indeed painted the R35 GT-R Spec V’s Ultimate Black Opal (aka Midnight Purple IV as I think of it). The shots I posted earlier showed only a black hue so it may have confused you. I finally pulled my personal pics off of my camera which was is essentially the foundation of this thread. So here’s one of my pics of the legendary Z where the purple is poppin’! 1800pix file size so don’t be afraid to click on it!

Topic 2 The IS-F CCS Concept is the ish!

This car really was the s#!t when experiencing it in person. Before I put up a video but I wanted to share some of my personal pics as well to illustrate the points I wanted to make.

Lexus IS-F CCS Concept

First off, I was talking about a potentially new trend I saw evolving. It involves using (double sided taped on) carbon fiber to extend the lines of carbon parts outside of the part’s shape. In the case of this IS-F, one of the many impressive details I noticed was this new technique. Have a look up close and you’ll see what I mean:

Lexus IS-F CCS ConceptLexus IS-F CCS Concept

There you go…the rearward piece and the front grill piece are noticeable up close but from far away you might think that the hood is shaped differently. Some slick details…like always TAS invents the style, now just wait for HIN car show guys to jump on it. This is an easy one. Get creative!

Lexus IS-F CCS Concept

Check out the interior of the IS-F CCS. Sorry for the pic through the window, but you get the idea…the interior is all business. This is a car I’d love to drive daily! Its super raw but just perhaps tame enough to live with. Just the way I like it.

Point 3 – FT-86 Front Fender Design/Hood Integration

FT-86 G

I took this picture not simply to add to the massive internet collection of FT-86 photos but to simply illustrate one cool design point. Have you ever seen front fenders like that?! Its badass and I never noticed it until one of the guys I was with told me to check it out. How the hood integrates with those front fenders (that pointed edge that hangs out there) is a really cool design touch that I felt was worth pointing out!

Point 4 – Toyota Finally Got Its Swagger Back

Toyota Mark X G's

Sorry for my poor lighting on this pic (also 1800pix btw), but I think everyone can agree that this is one of the freshest, nastiest most awesome bumper designs done in a long time. Mark Xs were always great and I was always jealous that we never got them in the US but this right here is a new level of Mark X freshness. It’ll look killer in D1 and besides providing a menacing front profile, all of the ducting and design of that bumper is functional too!

Toyota went on to build what to me was one of the most impressive OEM booths at TAS that I’ve ever seen. Sure I heard them talking about how they want to make Toyota more of a passionate brand and all, but I didn’t really believe it until I saw the TAS booth. Seeing an OEM bring it this hard to the aftermarket was quite exciting!

Alright, I’m spent. I hope you enjoy this 4 part, mostly scattered blog post. I’ll be back next week ready and with a whole lot to say.

Bonus pic from Rocky Auto (because their cars don’t just sit pretty):

Caramel Rocky Auto Fairlady Z

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Details – IS-F CCS Concept Video

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Video is good for capturing a few things that hi-res pictures just cant do justice to. One of my favorite details that I saw at TAS can be found in the rear wing of this Lexus IS-F CCS Concept (CCS = Circuit Club Sports). So rather than try to photograph it, I decided to take a video to show you how cool it is!

The side plates of the rear wing do something I’ve never seen before. They showcase the IS-F logo in multiple segments of dry carbon yet integrate it seamlessly in a way that blew all of us away. Afterward I was wondering how they did it. My guess is that they used a template and laser cut the pre-preg dry carbon to remove the total shape of the IS-F. Then I’m thinking that they laser cut the components of the IS-F and then re-arranged them all so it fit perfectly before putting it into the mold and then the autoclave. That’s my guess…whatever it was they did, it was brilliant.

The rest of the car is remarkable too! The dry carbon roof, revised bodywork, interior changes, carbon ceramic brakes, etc…everything was top notch.

Another detail I noticed which I’m getting the feeling will be seen on other cars in the future – the use of carbon fiber accents applied with double sided tape to extend the lines of other parts. For an example of what I’m talking about, check out the carbon fiber extensions that draw the hood’s shape out further on the front fenders up top and the front grill down below. They make the hood look like its a different shape, but ultimately it’s just smartly designed pieces of carbon fiber that are applied by adhesive onto the body panels to create the look.

Toyota/Lexus Japan taught me a few new tricks just from looking at this car. Some nice thought went into this concept! Well done!

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Editorial: I Say, Enough With the IS-F Tips Already. Seriously.

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Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

I love the new E-Class Mercedes. Mercedes design seems to be doing everything right lately. After an incredible C63, now the new E63 meets the same high bar they’ve raised for themselves in both design and performance. The new E-Class looks so nice that I didn’t think there was a way for the aftermarket to screw one up…until I saw Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on their Black Bison kitted E63.

Why in the world would Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on a E63 Benz? This to me just reinforces my point that I’ve been saying privately under my breath for a while now. ENOUGH WITH THE IS-F EXHAUST TIPS ALREADY. Seriously, does it take Wald ruining an E-Class for people to get the picture that this is no better than slapping Z3 fenders on a Junction Produce Lexus LS nearly a decade after Z3 fenders were already played out and then having VIP Tuning fans trying to justify it being cool because a good brand produced it!? In my book, wack is wack. Wald is a good brand, a solid brand that I’d use on my own cars…but recycling the same diffuser and IS-F tips that they use on their IS-F Black Bison car just doesn’t make sense for E-Class owners in my not so humble opinion. Apparently there are some E-Class owners that disagree with me and wish their E63 was a Lexus. If you are one of them, send me an email, I’d be thrilled to know that one exists out there who understands why Wald did this to a E63.

And its a shame because the E63 is beautiful and in my opinion nearly impossible to screw up. Wald got the trunk spoiler right, the front bumper came out pretty nice as well. Just why in the world would they put IS-F exhausts on it? Why do we do this to ourselves as tuners? I feel like if we’re going to steal a major piece of identity from a different car, at the least that car should be part of the same family of cars and an upgraded model to the car you’re installing it on.

That’s just my editorial…it is my views only and does not express the views of Bulletproof or any affiliated companies…its just my crazy ass who is going to snap if I see any more IS-F exhausts on cars that are not IS-Fs. Maybe Wald knows some some secret that I don’t. Perhaps they did market research and found out that most E63 owners wished they had bought a Lexus instead. Maybe they’re selling used AMG exhaust tips to IS-F owners to make double the profit and flip things both directions…Who knows.

Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

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