FB Update: 997 GT3 Style

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Porsche 997 GT3 Style body kit

Want to turn your 997 into a race car or wild street car?  Ings and Bulletproof are here for you!

Porsche 997 GT3 aero

Porsche 997 GT-3

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GD Impreza – Bulletproof Client’s Car Review

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Rich’s Bulletproof GD Impreza

(The above pic is wallpaper sized)

We worked with our client Rich on his Impreza back in 2005. Looking back I’m still really proud of how this car came out and I thought I’d share it with you all.

This car was assembled as our second demonstration car for our Varis USA debut (the first Varis USA demonstration car was our matte black Evo 8). We did a lot of great parts on this car including:

– Full Varis catalog of parts

– J Speed full roll cage with floor support bar (its a little known fact that we’ve been for many years an authorized CS Marche/J Speed dealer)

– Gold Advan rims

– Ganador Super Mirrors, Carbon

– Ings+1 Z Power Low Mount Wing from S2000 (we did this as something a little different…the wing looks great on the car but its actually a S2000 low mount application)

Rich tracked this car often and from his reviews it seems like he gained a nice advantage with all of the aero work. Rich did a great job of putting it all together and then driving the hell out of it! 🙂

Rich’s Bulletproof GD Impreza

Rich’s Bulletproof GD ImprezaRich’s Bulletproof GD ImprezaRich’s Bulletproof GD Impreza

After a few requests for a full parts list, I dug up this old list (there were some more things added after this):

2005 STi

Street tires/wheels:
– Advan RS (18×9)
– Toyo Proxes 4 (235/40/18)

Track tires/wheels:
– Rays Eng. Gram Lights 57f (18×8.5)
– Falken Azenis RT-615 (235/40/18)

Aero parts:
– Varis Carbon Side Diffuser
– Varis Exhaust Carbon Heat Shield
– Varis Carbon Fiber Hood
– Varis Carbon Trunk
– Varis Carbon Rear Diffuser
– Varis Carbon Vortex Generators
– Varis Carbon Front Spoiler
– Varis Carbon Hyper Canards
– Varis Cooling Ducts (pending)
– Ganador Carbon Mirrors
– Ings Z-power wing

Interior tuning:
– Carbon Meter Hood
– Status Hockenheim seats x2, CF/Alcantara
– JDM Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
– JDM S203 Red Hazard Button
– Defi Gauge Visor 60 x2
– Speedware Harness Bar
– Takata Racing Harness x2

Suspension setup:
– Cusco Zero-2R
– Cusco Front Strut Bar (Aluminum)
– Cusco Rear Strut Bar (Aluminum)
– Cusco V Brace for Rear Strut Bar (Aluminum)
– Cusco Adjustable Sway Bar Set, front + rear
– Cusco Lower Rear Subframe Brace
– Cusco Lower Arm Bar Type 2
– Cusco Adjustable Trailing Arms
– Cusco Adjustable Lateral Link Set
– Whiteline Sway Bar End Links

– Project Mu SCR-Pro 2-piece rotors (front)
– Project Mu SCR rotors (rear)
– Project Mu Teflon brake lines
– Project Mu B-force brake pads
– Cusco Master Cylinder Brace

Engine/Exhaust/Turbo tuning:
– ZeroSports WRC Crank Pulley
– ZeroSports N-Spec Air Panel Filter (waiting)
– ZeroSports Intake Pipe
– ZeroSports Exhaust Header
– ZeroSports Uppipe
– HKS Carbon Titanium Catback Exhaust
– HKS Hi-Power Exhaust Silencer (street use)
– Helix Downpipe with Hi-flow cat
– Cusco Oil Catch Can
– Cusco Exhaust Hangers
– Deadbolt TD06-20G Turbo (waiting)
– Power Enterprise 850 injectors (waiting)
– Walbro 255lb/hr fuel pump (waiting)
– Samco Turbo Inlet Pipe (waiting)
– Worx Tuning Dual Stage Blowoff Valve

Electronics/engine management:
– Vishnu Stage I Software
– Vishnu XEDE + race map
– Defi Link Control Unit II
– Defi Boost Gauge
– Defi EGT Gauge
– Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
– Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge
– Defi Water Temperature Gauge
– Defi VSD Concept Heads Up Display
– Sun Auto Hyper Voltage Cyber Speed

– Cusco Turbo Heatshield
– Cusco Radiator Cap
– Cusco Radiator Cooling Plate
– Greddy oil block adapter
– Greddy oil cooler (waiting)
– Blitz radiator hose
– Braille Lightweight Battery
– C-west CF MAF sensor cover (waiting)

Possible future upgrades (based on data gathered at track):
– Zerosports or ARC radiator
– Cusco clutch/flywheel
– ARC front mount intercooler or HKS/SARD top moun

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