FB Update: Alcantara Headliner in Demo Car

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GT-RR demo car Alcantara headliner

The GT-R demo car continues to get steady updates.  Here is the new Alcantara headliner.

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Amuse Titanium Header Arrives For Bulletproof Automotive S2000 GT

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Amuse Titanium Header S2000 Honda

Ever since I first heard rumors years ago, I’ve been pumped up about Amuse producing a full titanium header. A product like this was to me like the unicorn of the JDM tuning world. After all, how many full titanium headers can you think of? I see tuning parts all day every day and I cant think of a single one!

So when Amuse told me that they were able to produce full titanium headers for the S2000 for us, I jumped on the opportunity!

What I’m showing you here is the very first titanium S2000 header I know of in the US, produced for my S2000. As mentioned in an earlier post, my gold S2000 is undergoing a subtle conversion towards what I consider a more usable setup for daily use. Part of those changes involve me trying out an entirely new exhaust system. I decided to go all Amuse this time around with a 7022W rear section (basically a full titanium 70mm piped dual exhaust with huge OEM sized mufflers to keep noise down). I then went with the Amuse 7022 high flow cat and then when it came to the new header this magical beast was chosen.

Amuse calls this the exhaust manifold STTI Titan. STTI standing for “super tough titanium” which references Amuse’s exclusive titanium alloy they employ for their products during recent years. The STTI material is stronger and more durable than other titanium out there, yet another technical detail that separates Amuse from the rest. Amuse published some crazy chemical equations in Option Magazine about it years ago, but I’m no chemist so I’ll just need to take their word for it!

Anyway, about the titanium header…

Amuse Titanium STTI header Honda S2000Amuse Titanium STTI header Honda S2000

First off, it wasn’t cheap: http://www.bulletproofautomotive.com/catalog-detail.php?ID=7265

But for me, it was worth it. The stock header is about 15 lbs and the lightest of the aftermarket headers run about 10 lbs. This thing weighs in at a crazy 5.45lbs! As expected, the construction is flawless (check out the welds and attention to detail in the pictures).

I suspect it’ll be louder than the stainless steel Amuse header (which is a legend in itself for it’s performance). The loudness goes against my goals a bit and is honestly a little counter intuitive for my goals…but I’ll be irrational on this purchase…I just had to have this damn thing! I mean, it’s an Amuse titanium header!

So anyway…this will soon go into my car along with the new Amuse high flow cat and full titanium rear section. We may need to adjust the Top Secret R34 rear diffuser mounts a bit to accommodate for the larger canisters of the new exhaust.

I’ll probably post some more pictures of the exhaust once it’s on the car. Sadly, it wont look as good as the exhaust I’m taking off (which is my favorite looking exhaust of anything I’ve ever had). But the time comes for more quiet cruising and this new system is the best solution for my needs.

Its a shame…the pictures I really want to see are of this header after it heats up and turns blue! I asked them to pre-burn it for me but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. 🙁

Amuse Titanium STTI header Honda S2000

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