Option Nardo Italy: So…who has the fastest top speed Japanese car? R35 GT-R at 234 MPH

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[Ben] Here’s the speed: 377kmh (234mph) However there’s a bit more to the story. Nobody likes ties but what we were left with as we left Nardo was nearly a tie. Even worse, in both cases both cars Top Secret – Performance Engineering Service and Powerhouse Amuse were unable to reach their true potential due to facing the same unexpected computer error at 7500rpm in 6th gear. As a result both cars pulled to 7500rpm in 6th gear and both maxed out electronically rather than reach their potential. They had more speed in them. The Top Secret car was the winner with a speed of 377km/h whereas the Amuse car reached 373km/h. The difference of 4km/h is attributed to slightly different final drive gear ratios between the two. Ask anyone there and we all believe they both could have passed 400km/h if not for the ECU problem. Call it a tie if you want, but the winner was ultimately Top Secret by a very small margin. Smoky remains on top as having the fastest Japanese street car ever made! We all hope to find the true potential of these cars next year with Option’s next Nardo attack!
More behind the scenes updates from Nardo coming from us soon.

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NEW HKS Racing Muffler for the R35 GTR

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HKS Exhaust

Check out this exhaust. All business right here. No restrictions on power that’s for sure.

HKS Exhaust Tips

If only people knew what they were looking at…

HKS Exhaust

Looks great from back here don’t you think? Nice blend of form and function!

HKS Exhaust Spec Sheet

Specs for this amazing exhaust

Looking to get 1000+ hp on your GTR? Well look no further! Fresh off the press is HKS’ new Racing Muffler for the R35 GTR! This exhaust has very little restrictions on exhaust pressure due to the 4″ piping throughout the entire system.

As always, feel free to contact us at the office for any pricing and additional information:

Bulletproof Automotive

Phone: 213-745-6954

Email: sales@bulletproofautomotive.com

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FB Update: Nissan R34 Skyline GTR

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R34 Skyline GT-R

Who can say no to a legit R34 Z-Tune?

I guess we’re dedicating this week to old school GT-Rs! Here’s a picture of the R34 Z-Tune we are proud to have owned for a short period of time before it got sent off to its new owner! Drool worthy? I think so!

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Question of the Week: R32 Skyline GT-R? What color? Aero? What aero?

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R32 Skyline GT-R

Ahh Mondays. New week, new car. Enjoying the “new” street-legal R32 Skyline GT-R.

Just thought we’d get some input from our fans on what you guys would like to see more of, since we’re all about catering to our fans/customers!

The Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R needs no introduction. If you don’t know what that is, Wikipedia has just become your new best friend. Let’s face it, almost everyone wants one.

What color do you guys/gals think looks best on a R32 GT-R? What about aero? Give us some input down below in the comments section!

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Question of the Week: What would YOU do?

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GTR all tucked in

GTR waiting to be unleashed on the streets.

GTR being unloaded

GTR almost ready to go!

GTR Keys

Keys to a brand new ’13 GTR

Now if you were handed the keys to a brand spankin’ new ’13 Nissan GT-R and had an unlimited budget (only in our dreams, right?), what would YOU do? How would you build it? Let us know by dropping a comment at the bottom!

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FB Update: Custom Brembo brakes for R34 Time Attack

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custom Brembo brakes for R34 GT-R

We’ve been itching to see these… A very special brake setup for a R34 GT-R time attack project we’ve been working on with our client Drew.  We had Brembo custom build this setup which is not found in their catalog.  The fronts are 8 piston race calipers with titanium pistons and 380mm rotors.  Pretty special brakes!  It is nice to know that they’ll be put to good use!  That same car is getting an Amuse R1000 turbo back race exhaust too!

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Bulletproof and GT-RR Booth Debut in Tokyo at R’s Meeting Fuji Speedway

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We’ve just returned from a successful trip to Tokyo during which we exhibited our original parts for the first time in Japan. With assistance from our friends at Do-Luck we took the best from the worldwide GT-R market back to Japan. The event was “R’s Meeting” which is the largest GT-R owners meeting in Japan. R’s Meeting is held annually at Fuji Speedway.

It is especially an honor to have a booth and offer our goods to Japan, considering that 11 years ago our business began by importing from Japan. The process of us now selling back to Japan is very exciting and completes the circle of our evolution.

We are thankful to see many of our friends in Japan and to feel their support for us. Here are just a few of the many faces behind the Japanese tuning world that we all love:

Ito-san of Do-Luck

Hiei-san of TommyKaira

Yahagi-san of Varis

More extensive coverage can be found on our facebook fan page (we were even live posting on FB at the event as it took place thanks to Ito-san’s portable wifi hotspot).


Here’s one more shot of our display. It was really satisfying to be the only foreign company exhibitor at R’s meeting. Feedback was excellent on our brand_RR original parts lineup for the GT-R and I hope that with some good fortune we will return again next year for R’s Meeting!

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