Happy Holidays!

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mig gemballa ferrari enzo galadari

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support this year. It’s been a wonderful year and I’m so grateful for so many things! The growth of this blog has in particular been one of the best things that happened this year, I thank you all for that!

I wish you all a happy holiday season and a great new year! If I can be of any help to any of you in any way in 2010 please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally by email ben@bulletproofautomotive.com. I might not be the fastest to answer emails at times but I’ll do my best to email everyone back always.

Best Wishes,

PS: I wanted to share some bonus pictures of the highly controversial and absolutely wild Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG-01

(word is the next car will be called MIG-02)

mig gemballa ferrari enzo galadari

In 2010 we will debut two new companies, one of which is an entirely new version of Bespoke Motoring. The watermark on these pics is the first hint of what is to come in 2010 for us.

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The Secret Is Out – Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG-UI

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Gemballa Enzo Illyas and Mustafa Galadari

I’ve been holding a secret for a long time…A while back one of my friends (a member of the Galadari family) in Dubai told me about this project they were working on with Germany’s famous Porsche tuner Gemballa. The project shocked me because of just how insane it was. After seeing some early sketches of the project, I was convinced that it would turn out to be pretty wild!

Now many months later after painfully suppressing this secret, the pictures are here. The Gemballa Enzo project lives!

I’ve been given permission finally to release the pictures, but it seems that I might not be the first to leak them. Regardless I think I was one of the very first to know about this project many months ago, so I still feel its relevant to publish these here.

It should be known that the car is called the MIG-UI by Gemballa. It is named after Mustafa and Illyas Galadari with Mustafa’s name being first in this order because the base Enzo was his own personal car.  The car is a limited edition model which has been produced for the “Illyas and Mustafa Galadari Group” of Dubai. The Illyas and Mustafa Galadari Group is Gemballa’s Middle East distributor. The details will be released at a future invitation only launch in Dubai.

For an invitation, please contact me and I’ll forward your information to friends within the Galadari Group. ben@bulletproofautomotive.com

Gemballa Enzo Illyas and Mustafa GaladariGemballa Enzo Illyas and Mustafa Galadari

Gemballa Enzo Illyas and Mustafa GaladariGemballa Enzo Illyas and Mustafa Galadari

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Mid East Trip – Now That I’m Back Pt. 3

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Dream Garage in Dubai, Bulletproof Automotive Trip

Last month I put together two posts of interesting things found during my last trip to the mid east. Today I’ll finish up the trilogy with a feature on one of the best home garages I’ve ever seen.

At first look, this garage looks like a very nicely detailed 4 car garage. On its own, that would be something to admire…yet this garage fits 8 cars and does so in style!

Dream Garage in Dubai, Bulletproof Automotive Trip

If you click on the above image you’ll notice that the squeeky clean new Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 sits beneath a Mercedes G-Class.

In all four of the bays, sitting behind the motorized heavy metal doors are lifts to allow the luxury and exotic cars fit one on top of the other.

I think another closer look is needed:

Dream Garage in Dubai, Bulletproof Automotive Trip

I dont want to give away too much about the car collection to the point that someone could identify who the owner is…but just have a look at a fraction of this collection. Here in the above picture sits a Gemballa Mirage GT (Modified Porsche Carrera GT) which is underneath a Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR 722 Edition. As you can imagine, the other four cars are equally as spectacular and well modified.

They have truly put together a dream garage for their home! Granted they have other garages, some much bigger, but what has impressed me is that this is a useable garage located at their home with a quality design. It is much easier to build a warehouse type garage than to build something on site at someone’s home, this is one of the best home garages I’ve seen.

This concludes my photos of my last trip to the mid east. I’d love to show more from the trip but I must respect my friends over there and not give away too much behind the scenes. They like to keep their anonimity. Thats all until the next trip perhaps…

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Mid East Trip – Now That I’m Back Pt. 1

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Bulletproof Mid East Trip June 2009 Gemballa Mirage GT

I know of at least a few people who have been looking for my write up of my most recent mid east trip. Well, here it is to those interested:

First off, I’m extremely happy to have such a great network of friends and clients in the mid east. There is no substitution to meeting people face to face and spending some quality time. Lately I’ve been feeling like my connections and network in the mid east is getting stronger than my connections in the US. I’m not entirely sure how that is possible after ten years of business now in Los Angeles, but yet I think that miraculously my connections are just that strong already in the mid east. It is really wonderful to have such good friends and contacts, I’m really happy about it.

I owe such a huge thank you to so many people for this last trip. I know many people wanted to remain anonomyous so I wont mention any names or show any license plates to keep my friends off the internet. Anyway, to those of you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain that hosted my stay and made me feel at home, thank you all so much! The mid east is quickly becoming like a second home for me. The people I have met are so incredibly kind and fun to spend time with. At this pace I may be going to the mid east this year more than I’ll be going to Japan, which is crazy because I need to be in Japan somewhat often.

So what can I tell you about the mid east that I didnt mention during my write up of my last trip to Dubai?

First off – They have the number game on lock! Any desirable number for a car license plate or a mobile phone is worth big money and is traded like a hot stock. That is, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a desirable number. The rules of the game are to get either the lowest number you can for a license plate (under 50 is great, under 10 is epic) or to get a series of the same number (like all 5s or something). The car license plate game starts with the ruler who is the only one allowed to get #1. So if you manage to buy plate #2 you’re pretty much the man. Of course getting #2 in Dubai is way more impressive than getting #2 in a less prestigious UAE reigon. Seeing this lust after numbers makes perfect sense to me since prestige and exclusivity is a universal lust regardless of culture. Yet in the US I don’t see people playing this game so seriously as the do in the mid east, which makes me really wonder if it will become an emerging market outside of the mid east (I think it will).

Secondly – To continue my exploration, I noticed something that amused me. Before I mentioned that Rolex is the official clock of Dubai’s airport. Well I was surprised to find that Breitling is the official clock of Bahrain’s airport! A nice little clock rivalry is brewing between Dubai and Bahrain. Man…what does the US get for airport clock branding? We cant even afford a swatch watch for our airports I bet. We are totally outballed by the mid east. When you get to the airport over there you really know what time it is!

Bulletproof Automotive Mid East Trip June 2009 - Breitling Bahrain Airport

Thirdly – Check back tommorow and I’ll bring you more. (I’m short on time today)

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