Do You Know: Garbino (Gialla for Euro Cars)

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I’ve been a fan of Gialla’s clean designs and high quality parts for quite some time now. Gialla is one of the originals of Japanese aero parts manufacturing with a history going back decades. Although they’ve been a little slow with releases in recent years, they’ve been hard at work building up an impressive lineup of parts for BMWs (and Mini Cooper).

Garbino is Gialla’s lineup for European cars. Think of the relationship between Gialla and Garbino like that of Amuse (Japanese cars) and Ericsson (European cars). Garbino parts are mostly subtle and OEM like quality.

Most of you by now have seen Gialla’s parts for the G35 Coupe and the Evo 8/9 which are perhaps their most popular Japanese parts in recent years. Have a look at their line up for the E92 M3, the E60 5 Series and the Mini Cooper!

Gialla E92

Gialla E60

Gialla for Mini Cooper

Actually Gialla has 5 different Garbino kits for the Mini Cooper.

Here are the Garbino links discussed above. Also if you check out their main site they have parts for VW, Alpha Romeo and the E46 M3 as well:

As always, if anyone wants anything just let us know and we can get it!

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