Garage Defend R35 GT-R

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FB Update: Garage Defend!

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Garage Defend black Skyline GT-R Nissan

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at

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R35 GT-R Engine Bay – Garage Saurus

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Garage Saurus R35 GT-R Engine Bay GT-RR

Garage Saurus with a super nice engine bay. Looks like they’re running the Garage Defend GT cooling plate like a lot of our client cars. More importantly however is that prototype Greddy Twin Turbo kit that GT-RR.COM put the press release out on a few days ago. Also pictured is Saurus’s own dry carbon engine cover. This is one of the nicest R35 GT-R engine bay shots yet.

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2009 GT-R Tuning Scene In A Picture

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2009 R35 GT-R Tuning Scene

This is a random snap I took a day before Tokyo Auto Salon started in 2009. I was in there the night before helping out our friends at Top Secret and it was a nice time to snap some pictures before the madness of the show began.

I think this is a cool picture because pretty much the best of the R35 GT-Rs in 2009 are all represented here. Plus I’m really proud that we also happen to be the authorized distributor/agent for all of these companies with GT-RR.COM.

R35 GT-R’s left to right:

Garage Defend

Garage Saurus


Powerhouse Amuse

Note: These cars were all chosen by Daijiro Inada, founder of Tokyo Auto Salon to be displayed as the leading GT-R tuners within the Option booth. The reason Zele and Mines are not in this picture is because those cars were in their own booths (Zele booth and Mines booth respectively)

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I’m pleased to report on some of the major progress that has been made with GT-RR.COM:

1. It can now be said that GT-RR.COM is currently without a doubt the world’s largest stocking distributor of R35 GT-R tuning parts. GT-RR has more GT-R tuning parts on order for stock than any parts distributor in Japan or anywhere in the world for that matter. GT-RR has made a massive investment into ensuring the best stock and the fastest shipping in the world for GT-R parts.

Although being highly selective on the products offered for sale (by weeding out lesser quality parts and offering only the top tier products) GT-RR still has managed to already order more than $200,000 USD in stocking orders (just for R35 GT-R parts)! That number increases daily to ensure unprecedented speed, service and selection. GT-RR is fully committed to carrying the largest and best stock selection of GT-R tuning parts.

Stocking orders are either already in stock in the USA or en-route for the following brands:
Amuse, MCR, Zele, HKS Japan, HKS Kansai, Mines, OEM Nissan, Auto Select, Garage Defend, Cobb Tuning, MF-R, Top Secret and BBS Japan

2. Strong Relationships in Japan for fast and affordable ordering:

Our price match guarantee works flawlessly as does our unprecedented speed because of our direct relationships to the tuning companies. We can ship anywhere in the world, directly from Japan!

Just one look shows some of the worldwide product connections we have for the GT-R:

Amuse USA Official Distributor

Zele USA Official Distributor

MCR USA Official Distributor

Auto Select USA Official Distributor

Garage Defend USA Official Distributor

Cobb Tuning USA Authorized Distributor

Mines USA Authorized Distributor

Top Secret Worldwide Official Distributor

3. The Near Future:

We have some big demonstration GT-R projects preparing for a SEMA Debut. All in all we will have 8-10 client GT-Rs on display at SEMA showcasing the top end products readily available on GT-RR.COM.

In addition to that we will have two signature GT-RR.COM custom GT-Rs that will debut at SEMA. One signature car will be featured on a 900 sq/ft billboard placed near or on the Vegas Strip and will be promoted with a company which we will announce soon.  The second car will be Toyo Tire’s main featured car in their booth.

Both GT-Rs will be seen in the future within Toyo Tires advertisements and the other partner’s advertisements in major automotive magazines, as well as with magazine cover features. Each GT-R represents a different image of what GT-RR can offer to our clients. To emphasize that point, both cars are actual client cars from opposite ends of the United States which we have acted as car builder and consultant. One car comes from a client in New Jersey and the other comes from a client in Hawaii. In both cases, design is done by both myself and legendary Japanese taste maker, celebrity and graphic designer Manabu Suzuki (Mana-P) of MS-R, Option, and D1GP fame. Both cars will feature exclusive MS-R full graphics, showing a new look from the master designer who has given HKS, Blitz, Top Secret, and countless other legendary tuners their vehicle image in Japan. (Disclaimer: GT-RR/Bulletproof also acts as MS-R’s USA Agent)

GT-RR special decals designed and produced in Japan by Mana-P will also be created and in the future will be offered exclusively to GT-RR clients. Mana-P is currently remixing the GT-RR logo for these limited decals.

Stay tuned to The Real JDM blog and our media partners: NAGTROC,,, and GTR-World.Net (Japan) for details as the projects come to life.

4. Final Word:

To all GT-R enthusiasts, tuning shops, distributors, media and anyone else who would like to work with us, we welcome your alliance. United together we will offer a trusted, fast and affordable way for the world to buy tuning parts for their GT-R! We can be reached at

World wide, GT-R tuning tuning parts will be distributed at a level of professionalism and efficiency never before achieved. In a time of economic uncertianty, we’re very happy to offer GT-R owners a safe and trusted source as evident with our 8 year history in the industry and reputation to match.

(Photos coming of products, SEMA cars, etc…below is just one pic of our recent Amuse shipment)

Amuse and Other GT-R Parts Shipment

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GT-RR.COM News – More World Debuts

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It is amazing what can happen in a week. To start the week off right, is debuting a lot of new products for sale! Some of these items have been rumored, but now they are on sale for the first time outside of Japan!

1. Garage Defend’s GT Cooling Panel – Bulletproof (GT-RR’s Parent Company) first introduced Garage Defend to international markets back in 2001. Over our 7 year history with Defend, the most popular product of theirs has always been the GT Cooling Panel. With the newly released GT-R panel, its easy to tell why…not just quality, but innovation on what is often a simple product. This panel acts not only as simply a radiator shroud but actually covers a good portion of the engine bay running front to back! Due to its size and quality, it is not the cheapest cooling panel on the market…but some might argue that its the best.

Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel

2. HKS Japan’s Legalmax Exhaust – Now officially on sale in Japan, we’re offering this to the worldwide market. This exhaust system is ideal for those looking for better pricing than the full titanium exhausts and those who want an exhaust with a quiet sound yet larger diameter piping. With a heart shaped design, it makes a great valentines day gift for a loved one!

HKS Hearts You

3. HKS’s GT570 Racing Package – Already much talked about, this package offered by HKS Technical Factory in Japan is proven to give a substantial boost in power as evidence from the dyno graphs already surfacing. HKS quality and R&D make this a reasonable option for those looking for more power. This is a Japanese market only system now offered by GT-RR for worldwide distribution.


4. This is actually from a couple of weeks ago, but we now have a stocking order already in production for MCR’s LED rear winker lights. Also a very new release and offered exclusively online here:

MCR LED Rear Winker Lights

5. To clarify up some rumors flying about that crazy Wald kit. I spoke with Wald today and the kit is not due to go on sale until either December or January. So all of that online rumor stuff about a release this month is apparently incorrect. Whether you love or hate this controversial kit, its nice to see more and more companies stepping into the ring and trying to innovate.

Wald R35 GT-R

6. Not entirely new, but newly in stock! We just got a nice stocking order of the Nissan OEM LED Driving Lights and the front and rear clear corner lights. This is the first time I think anyone has had stock of those LED driving lights which are a Japanese market only factory option!

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