VR.G2 Lambo Spec by Stanley Ku

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The Volk VR.G2 was released earlier this year as an updated successor to the TE37. Paired up against the TE37, it has huge expectations to fill which it has yet to do.

The guys over at SP Engineering ordered a set, not for a GT-R or anything JDM for that matter, but for a Lambo Gallardo Superleggera. This is the first set in Lambo specifications, 20×9 in the front and 20×11 in the rear.


I was really surprised at how good the G2 fits the Superleggera. The car looks simply stunning. It is a perfect choice not only cosmetically, but also in the performance category. The G2 is a one piece forged monoblock design that is both incredibly light and strong. The 20×11 G2 only weights in at 25.8 lbs which follows the “super light” Superleggera theme. The car is matched with a set of Swift springs to create the perfect package in helping the car put down the 600+whp courtesy of the twin turbo upgrade from Heffner Performance.

Hopefully, this example is just the beginning of a trend. I want to see JDM wheels on more non-Japanese cars. It will create an interesting combination that is both visually amazing and performance oriented.


For more info and pictures, click here.

EDIT FROM BEN – This car is indeed incredible with that color combo and wheel package! Bulletproof is also selling these Lambo fitment Volk wheels for anyone interested! The second I saw these G2s on a Lambo I had to get into the game and get supply on these!

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