FB Update: Step into our office…

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Bulletproof office and hangar  with GT-R R35 demo

We’ve been crazy busy over here, juggling more projects than ever, bringing in some exciting new hires, all while moving into a shiny new office in sunny Hawthorne, CA!  We’re right on the runway of the Hawthorne Airport, so we get to watch all the private jets and helicopters take off from our window.

Hawthorne Airport office w GT-R R35 demo on runway

Turns out all those fumes draw some pretty cool neighbors too – Tesla, SpaceX (aerospace transportation), Gyron (aerial cameras), Filmotechnic (camera car systems), and numerous flight schools are all clustered within the same square mile around the airport.

new office kitchen toward hangar

Needless to say, we’re loving it here.  I’m excited to do a full tour of our place soon, but for now, here are a few quick snaps from our FB album.

Bulletproof office hangar R35 demo JUN Evo X

This photo was taken from our office’s hangar.  The Evo X on the right is secretly packing a full JUN crate motor, JUN one-off turbo kit, Brembo GT-R nickel-plated brakes and JRZ coilovers (see more in the FB album we created for his build).  This beast belongs to our longtime friend and customer Tenzin, who was one of the first to visit the new place.  We encourage everyone to come by and check it out, even if you don’t have a private jet for door-to-door transport!

Design – The Ayrton Bed by Ora Ito

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Ayrton Bed by Ora Ito

This bed reminds me of many of the things that I love about Japanese tuning and design. The details and quality of materials are clearly evident, meanwhile the design is most certainly race car inspired. The name of the bed as well pays homage to the inspiration of this design. If only this bed utilized some tasteful carbon fiber accents somewhere I think it’d be beyond perfection.

As an object of design art, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. I feel like this bed and some of the furniture that Ora Ito creates is representative of what Kanayama-san of ASM would design if he was contracted to make furniture…and that is about the highest compliment I can give.

Ayrton Bed by Ora ItoAyrton Bed by Ora Ito

Ayrton Bed by Ora ItoAyrton Bed by Ora ItoAyrton Bed by Ora Ito


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Dry Carbon Chair/Stool

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Carbon Fiber Stool

I found this incredibly cool. I’m actually working on setting up a wholesale account with the distributor to try to offer these to our clients. They are very expensive but the design is incredible.

Some design notes: The entire stool is produced by hand in carbon fiber. The footrest is covered in silicon carbide to prevent wear. The bottom of the legs has rubber caps to protect the floor. There’s also a hook on the back of the stool which is finished in anodized aluminum.

Carbon Fiber Stool

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