Tamon Design Gang Rolls Deep

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Tamon Design Crew Rides

Seeing many of my favorite Tamon Design demo cars together at one time is a rare occurrence worthy of sharing. Getting that much awesome in one picture just isn’t easy. I can’t imagine how incredible it must have been to see and hear all of these cars ride by on the freeway!!! Only in Japan.

Tamon brought out all of the heavy hitters for a cruise, including an incredible looking Porsche that I’m not sure has been seen before. Check out some of the pics!

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - PorscheTamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - PorscheTamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

All the hitters were there. You might recognize the red Tamon Design FD3S RX-7 for being a kit also used on the legendary Scoot Sports 4 rotor RX-7. Then there’s also the ridiculously expensive Tamon 370Z, a Super GT inspired JZA80 Supra, and another FD3S as well. The only thing absent is Tamon’s FC3S which is another favorite of mine.

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

Lets close this out by looking at one of my favorite S2000s.

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - S2000

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Customer Car – Chad’s FD3S RX-7 RE-Amemiya x 24k Gold

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Bulletproof RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 24K Gold RE30

Here is another customer car that I’m super proud to debut here! This car is special to us beyond the fact that it is a completely awesome example of why RE Amemiya makes every FD3S RX-7 look perfect. This car happens to rock a set of 24k gold RE30 wheels that were previously displayed on one of our Tracy Sports widebody S2000s. The wheels are 19×10 and 19×11 and are dipped in real 24k gold (weight increased by only 1lb). The gold rim look is truly a love it or hate it type of look, but to me successful usage is all about what car they are on. Granted, my background has been very integrated with Top Secret for the past decade so perhaps I’m a bit biased, but I think 24k gold wheels look awesome when applied correctly to aggressively tuned Japanese sports cars. Although I would have never guessed these wheels would look great on a yellow car, (they’re perhaps best suited for a white car), they ended up looking just PERFECT on Chad’s FD3S. I really cant think of a better set of wheels to set this car off. Great choice Chad!!!

Bulletproof RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 24K Gold RE30

Most people don’t know that we’ve been a direct RE Amemiya dealer for a very long time. We put our contacts to work on Chad’s car and exported directly to Australia all of the awesome RE Amemiya parts found on this car.

Some of the parts used on the car include:

RE Amemiya – GD-AD aero kit

RE Amemiya -Front Facer N1 02 Model

RE Amemiya -Under Sweep in Carbon

RE Amemiya -Front Canard Pro, Carbon

RE Amemiya -Rear Wing, Wet Carbon

RE Amemiya -Rear Diffuser Pro, Carbon

RE Amemiya -Rear Vortech Generator Set, Carbon

RE Amemiya -Front Aero Mirror Set

Bulletproof RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 24K Gold RE30

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File Under “Mid Night” – Mid Night Ab Flug RX-7

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abflug-rx7-rear mid night

I could just post this picture and not a word more.

I could be happy with that in itself as a successful blog post.

Nothing in the car world makes me more happy at this very moment than looking at the fenders of these two FD3S from this profile. Just take 20 seconds and stare at the profile of these cars. And yes, I’m avoiding using the lately far too overplayed term that so appropriately would fit this situation visually…because these cars are not designed for the current usage of the “s” word, they are designed for the “r” word. Racing.

Why is it that whenever a car in Japan has the infamous Mid Night crew sticker on it that I’m blown away. Never mind, I know the answer. It is because everyone in that crew in Japan are the real deal and build highly functional maximum velocity cars. Mid Night is a tight crew of top speed enthusiasts with cars that are not designed and intended to simply park hard. Ab Flug happens to be very much involved with Mid Night, so this Ab Flug FD3S is part of the crew.

And of course I need to share one more amazing picture too…


Pictures from our guest blogger Matt Rus’s blog Farm of Minds.

PS – You can search this blog here for other posts on the Mid Night crew and a particularly evil black FD3S.

EDITED – After some insightful and thoughtful comments I made light edits to this post to keep with the essence of the original post but to not endorse activities that could endanger people. I want this blog to represent the love of this lifestyle, but I’ll shut up and self edit when I misspeak and indirectly promote something that might endanger others. What we do with our cars may be dangerous at times, that’s a given. Endangering ourselves is a risk that we each have a various degree of appetite for. For example, even in controlled environments, taking our cars to the track poses some moderate dangers…however endangering ourselves voluntarily is different from endangering others involuntarily. I want nothing to do with encouraging anyone to put innocent people in exposure with our own adrenaline rush, that is not what I want to promote here, hence the edit. Those of us who live this lifestyle and appreciate driving our cars hard should do just that, but lets try to limit the health risk of this (at times dangerous hobby) to ourselves. That also means that racing or driving exceedingly near or at our limits with friends or loved ones in the car is also a risky move that should be avoided as well. I’m no saint with this stuff, but I know very well that I don’t want to contribute to innocent people getting hurt and if anything I’d like to help so that less people get hurt by the love of motorsports and this racing/car culture that we all represent.

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RE Amemiya Genki RX-7 Show Car For Sale

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Following up from yesterday’s blog post on our offering of the RE Amemiya 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon main show car, today we’re talking about the Genki RX 7. The FD3S RX-7 titled Genki was RE Amemiya’s 2009 main demo car for Tokyo Auto Salon. This car represents the future and is Amemiya-san’s vision of where he wants the RX-7 to go, given the fact that the FD3S is long since over as a production car. This car features proven and trusted RE Amemiya power modifications helping it reliably push 500hp range, an overall balanced tune perfect for circuit and street use, and one of the most unique aero kits perhaps any of us will ever see.

The pictures posted here were shot by Colin Chu of our team and were taken just two weeks ago in Tokyo. The car is MINT and ready to go to some lucky owner’s garage.

For pricing please email me directly at ben@bulletproofautomotive.com


Super Street Online Feature of the Genki RX7: http://www.superstreetonline.com/featuredvehicles/130_0909_mazda_rx_7_fd3s_genki_7/index.html

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Crazy FD3S RX-7

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I thought I’d just share a hi-res pic of a crazy FD3S RX7 that was on display at Autobacs booth at Tokyo Auto Salon. Honestly, I don’t like this car much…it is not my style and it looks a bit spo com HIN style to me. However I just had to share the pics because of the inventive use of those tail lights in the rear widebody fenders. I’d imagine that on the freeway at night those widely spaced low lights would really confuse anyone driving behind them at a distance.

Click on either pic for uncompressed hi-res from my camera.



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Winging It

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This wing, five years after I first saw it, still stands out as one of the most interesting JDM wings I’ve ever seen. Normally crazy over the top JDM wings can be more of a joking matter than something to take serious, yet this wing carries a close balance between being way overkill looking yet being innovative and truly functional. I still would never run this on any of my cars, but it has to be respected for it’s unique design.

Mega Wing - FD3S RX7

The picture is hi-res, which is needed to appreciate the details of the wing on this Advan Racing demo car. The rear diffuser is no joke either, but harder to see in the pictures (and yes thats all I have of my own original photography on this car). Below is one internet found image:

Advan FD3S RX-7

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FD3S RX-7 Heaven

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I wish these pictures were bigger. They are Ama-san’s pics probably taken from his ketai judging by size/quality.

I really love FDs. RE Amemiya’s are often the best…did I ever mention how close I came to buying the RE Amemiya D1GP car a couple of years back? I was sooo close to making the leap…

RE Heaven

RE Heaven

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