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Do we have any S30Z lovers out there?

And a bonus shot – Modern Endless graphics meets old school Fairlady Z.  Awesome.

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Random Fairlady Z by Matt Rus and Ben

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Guys in Japan do it right. Check out this 370Z rocking a Top Secret front spoiler with integrated brake ducts, Varis twin carbon intake ducts, Varis carbon aero hood, Top Secret aerocatch hood pins, Mines carbon wing, Volk TE37s and a number of other tasteful aerodynamic upgrades.

You can get a further taste of those modifications here:




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Rocky Auto’s Latest by Ben Schaffer

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Hakosuka Gangster Skyline Rocky Auto

If you’re hardcore into JDM tuning then you cant help but get excited checking out Rocky Auto’s cars. These days there is not much quite as “gangster” as a hardcore tuned oldschool Fairlady Zs or Skyline. If you agree then most likely you’ll agree that nobody does it better than Rocky Auto.

I’ve been a fan of their blog lately to get my fill of that JDM old school gangsterness. So I thought I’d share with you a few of the highlights for me in the past couple of weeks from Rocky Auto Japan.

Rocky Auto Skyline

Fairlady Z

Rocky Auto JapanRocky Auto JapanRocky Auto Japan

Source: http://www.rockyauto.co.jp/blog/

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Super Clean S30 Nisan Fairlady (240Z)

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This particular car caught Colin’s eye at the weekly Cars and Coffee meet in Irvine, CA last summer. He doesn’t have much information about the car other than it’s a genuine JDM Fairlady Z with an immaculately done RB25DET swap. Talk about a fantastic update, bringing a beautiful classic up to modern day standards. The best part about this car is how well integrated the swap was done. To a normal person, the swap is almost imperceptible. This is a great example of doing it right and paying attention to the details.

S30 Fairlady Z 240Z

S30 Fairlady Z 240ZS30 Fairlady Z 240Z

(source – Colin Chu)

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For The Nissan Lover In You

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Artwork AKA Vintage Nissan Sports Car Catalogs. I took this photo in Japan a while back. These things must have some ebay value…no?

For The Nissan Lover In You

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