FB Update: Game Over

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Bulletproof customer garage life

Our friend’s garage (posted with his kind permission).  All we can say is – game over.  He wins.

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Ultra Exotic Car Owners Meet in Japan

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I don’t know what you were doing on June 1st 2008 but I know that it wasn’t better than attending this event. I wish I was there…instead I scooped this up on some random Japanese blog.

First up…here are two Ferrari F50’s that were nicely modified (since of course the standard F50 just isn’t impressive anymore after 50 Cent got one).

Modified F50 Ferraris

Modified F50 Ferrari

Modified F50 Ferrari

I don’t think 50 Cent has one of these, although with all of that Smart Water money who knows…

Ferrari Enzo Yellow

This is one of my favorites, the twin turbo F40 (I don’t see too many in white, and even less with the LM wing):

F40 Ferrari

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