Table Scraps Weekend Viewing

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I scan a lot of great blogs for my inspiration. Here are a couple of things I wanted to share with you all this weekend.

1. Rice Paddy Art in Japan


My friends at ASI Japan posted this cool and quirky trend on their blog recently. They have a number of pictures of rice fields with some pretty crazy art integrated into them.


2. Austin Powered (by F20C)


I love my S2000 and I love light weight sports cars. What is not to love about an Austin Healey Sprite with a S2000 motor swap!? With all of the time we spend discussing tuned cars putting out huge power #s, I can pretty much guarantee you that nobody is having more fun with 240hp than the owner of this car. Quantifying the fun of driving a car is never as easy as quantifying horsepower.


3. Bosozoku Style Ferrari!?!

A Berlinetta Boxer 512LM Ferrari got some JDM Boso-esque modifications that I never would have imagined. This is truly unique and quite crazy! As insane as it is, it’s even more impressive when you remind yourself how tame and dated the regular Ferrari is:

Bosozoku Ferrari BB512LM


There we have it, table scraps for the weekend. I really don’t like to put recycled content on here, but hopefully you can find some value in my perspective and sharing these things that excite me!

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Three Topics

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Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown EG6 Civic FR S2000 F20C Swap

Dino Dale Carbonare always has the fresh photos as he attends seemingly every show and race in Japan. He did a great feature of a Nagoya event recently on Speedhunters and it gave me a lot of food for thought. I wanted to hit on three topics.

First of all, this S2000 powered EG Civic is really quite amazing and deserves some extra shine. It takes dedication to make a FR Civic with a F20c swap. These guys in Japan built one hell of a Civic!

Door Canards

This drifting FD3S RX-7 has illustrated to me the concept of door canards. It made me wonder if this is the next evolution of canards for downforce, after all there is a lot of surface area on the doors to do crazy canards like this. I’m not sure how much fresh airflow they can get to convert into downforce with those wide front fenders though. Time will tell if this is effective in actual use or simply style points for drifters.

Abflug MR-S

I found that Abflug showed off a face lifted and widebodied MR-S. I always get excited about cars that feature original headlight designs becuase design wise and commitment wise it’s a huge leap to go out and design custom headlight housings. It is a very expensive and difficult task that I’ve spent a good amount of time looking into in the past. Abflug went all out with the original designed headlights here and the car looks great in this angle. I’m not sold as sold on the rear which I’ll refrain from showing…but here’s one more picture of another Abflug widebody MR-S.

Abflug MR-S

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PCAL – The Ultimate S2000 Bolt-On

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There’s no doubt that the Honda S2000 is an amazing platform for tuning, especially with its 240hp, 9000rpm F20C. But ultimately, the S2000 has limitations that were imposed by the manufacturing, comfort, safety and cost targets that Honda had to reach. The World Class Motorsports never had to deal with any such issues when creating the Ultralite S2K.

Ultralite is an appropriate name for a car that weighs 1,240lbs. Only the bare essentials are included and even the windshield is optional. With the stock S2000 drivetrain the car hits 60 in a remarkable 3.5sec. With 60-0 in 100ft, the car stops in a hurry too. The car has been making quite a name for itself in autocrossing, having earned several division championships.

The car is even available turbocharged or supercharged for those who truly want to be driving with the fast forward button in full effect. Whatever options are chosen, an F20C should feel right at home as the heart of this beast.

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S2000’s F20C Engine x Benz, BMW, Civic Type R, etc – The 9000RPM Swap

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I love engine swaps that greatly change the character of a car (hopefully a change for the better). Engine swaps that especially impress me are ones that are lighter than the stock engine and ones that allow the engine to be placed more rearward to improve the car’s balance. Naturally being an S2000 fanatic one of my favorite engine swaps is the F20C into whatever.

I think I first saw the F20C swapped into AE86 Corollas (Levins and Truenos for those of you in Japan). To me that is the perfect swap for that car. Here’s a vid:

But that’s old news…

What about something more unlikely like a S2000 motor swapped into a Mercedes Benz C Class? Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention turbocharged. 🙂 Talk about a change in character for this old Benz!

F20C Engine Swap Into C Class Benz

Now I happen to like it when the engine is put into lighter cars but I also get a kick out of seeing German cars rocking the F20C, so this Impact Magic tuned E36 BMW is a bit of both. Check the youtube video and have your brains blow out of your head as you watch the tachometer damn near wrap around as the drift king Tsuchiya takes it past 9000RPM:

Personally I think the F20C might be best suited for the E30 M3 which would result in just a flat out crazy driving experience. If anyone has pics or vid of that swap please let me know. I’d like to see it.

Nearly 10 years after its introduction the F20C still destroys any competition for that class of motor. There is nothing quite like revving a motor up to 9000RPM on a street car, and knowing that you can do it reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles is just awesome.

As a bonus here’s a video of the new Civic Type R with a S2000 engine swap (kind of)). This car built by Spoon revs to nearly 11,000 RPM!

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