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Do we have any S30Z lovers out there?

And a bonus shot – Modern Endless graphics meets old school Fairlady Z.  Awesome.

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PSA From Endless – Pad Fade Vs. Vapor Lock

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Dom from Endless wrote up a straight forward and  simple explanation for those out there who are unaware of how to determine the difference between brake pad fade vs vapor lock. I thought I’d share it with you all in case some of you are not aware of the difference. As you drive your car hard, this info will help you identify what needs to be upgraded to alleviate braking problems.

Words from Endless USA:

Brakes not working as they should in demanding conditions? Here’s an easy way to tell whether it’s a problem with the brake pads or the brake fluid.

Pay attention to what the brake pedal feels like when experiencing brake problems. Then ask yourself this simple question; is the brake pedal alarmingly soft and spongey, or is it really stiff and unresponsive?

A soft pedal most often indicates that your brake fluid is boiling, also known as ‘vapor lock.’ When your brake fluid reaches a high enough temperature and boils the fluid, air bubbles form inside your brake lines. Since air is far more compressible than liquid, brake fluid in this case, pressing the brake pedal with air in the lines results in a soft, spongey feeling. You can temporarily solve the problem by bleeding your brakes to get the air bubbles out, although you can expect the problem to reoccur if left alone. A high performance brake fluid like our S-Four or RF-650 will increase the amount of heat it is able to withstand, often preventing the problem of vapor lock entirely. Although often overlooked, brake fluid is an integral part of your cars braking system, as when it is not upgraded, it is most often the first component to reach its limits.

A hard, unresponsive pedal most often indicates that the temperatures are exceeding the limits of the particular brake pad compound, also known as ‘pad fade.’ Certain compounds are meant to handle different temperature ranges, with some materials being capable of withstanding higher temperatures than others. If you experience brake pad fade while driving, it’s a good idea to stop and let the brake pads cool. Endless brake pads have excellent fade recovery, meaning that should you reach the limit of a particular compound, let them cool down to their optimal operating temperature range and the pads will return to normal function. The key, however, is to choose the correct brake pad compound for the type of driving you intend to do. We, at Endless USA, are always more than happy to help you in making the appropriate selection according to your particular setup and preferences.

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Endless Brakes – Fo Sho!? Dispelling Popular Misconceptions.

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GT-RR Toyo R35 GT-R With Endless Brakes

Hey All – Ben here, back with my first post after returning from my mid east trip. For a first post,I’m getting ambitious with it!

To start, have a look at the image above you. Yes, its one of the GT-Rs I produced for SEMA last year and yes it sticks with some of the tried and true JDM brands that I trust and love. One of them is Endless brakes. It also so happens that the midnight purple GT-R I made for Mobil 1 ran Endless brakes, and yes it also so happens that my gold S2000 runs Endless brakes (although re-badged as J’s Racing).

So why do these cars run Endless brakes? Why do so many top cars at the shows and in the magazines run Endless brakes? Why do so many Japanese tuning shops make brakes that are re-branded Endless brakes to promote their brand? Is it because Endless is trendy and cool? Because it is JDM Tite YO!?


Here is your answer (one example of many):

2009 Nuburgring 24 hour race results:

Top 12 overall: 7 out of the top 8 cars, including #1, 2 and 3 ran Endless full brakes and/or pads!

For this same reason Endless has become the top brake pad choice by Porsche racing teams…IN GERMANY (not just Japan). I have the list of the teams and their pads for proof.

The sad reality is that too many people choose their tuning parts based on what car looked cool at HIN or what car is on the cover of the import magazine they like.

Let me state it like this…trends are trends. Quality is quality. Trends go in and out of style. Quality lasts forever. More than anything else, when I plan a car build I make sure that every part I use is absolute quality. This is detrimental to ensuring that a quality car build is still quality many years later. Case in point – Name a played out, old or unimpressive Top Secret demo car. You can go back 15 years and never find one that isnt impressive. Then pick up a import magazine from four years ago and I guarantee you half of the cover cars they ran are embarrassing by today’s standards.

That is the difference between trends and quality. Quality doesn’t go out of style, it doesn’t embarrass you years later like a bad 80s hair cut. It is the foundation of any quality car build.

So to those that buy Endless brakes because they are trendy, and also to those who talk trash about Endless brakes being overpriced and trendy. You two are the two opposing ends of general thought that is partially plaguing the tuning scene. I urge you to check yourself. Learn to isolate quality vs trends. Try to understand the root reason why people do what they do, don’t just take it at face value. It’ll make you a better car builder and will help you better understand the BS that often goes on with so called “good” cars in the magazines that might just happen to have the trendy look of the time but lack the substance to make them truly complete and well conceptualized cars.

If all of this just went unappreciated…don’t worry, I have some 18 piston big brakes with 500mm, cross drilled and slotted rotors produced in china in bright green with pink polka dots to sell you. Its the hot ish yo!

Anyway, I had to get this off my chest. After seeing yet more proof of Endless being superior for braking, it really is an insult that most people think of them as a trendy brand. I just really don’t understand the concept of building a car based on trends, for all of the money we all spend on our cars dont you want to look at it 10 years later (even if it’s a picture) and still be damn proud of it? That just is not possible when you modify cars based on fact less trends. Yet so many people do it this way. Its the main reason why I hate going to SEMA and looking at Japanese cars there on display. Trends and “pay to play” are the two things plaguing the development of quality tuner cars in the US. Go to any show, look at any magazine and you’ll just be fed a blend of the latest trends people are trying to emulate, paired with the brands that gave away the most free crap (which cost the cheapest to make by the way). No matter where you look, movies, magazines, SEMA booths, 90+% of the cars and companies you see will sell their integrity for a cheap price. Even well funded companies like AEM for example ran knockoff Ings+1 bodykits on their demo 350Z at SEMA and drift events for years before finally C-West talked some sense into them. I mean, they put hundreds of thousands of dollars into building that car, and then they didn’t want to spend a couple of grand to get an authentic quality aero kit to finish the project. AEM is one of the most respectable companies producing in the US and they did that, imagine how many other companies do it as well…

GT-RR Toyo R35 GT-R With Endless Brakes

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PCAL – Brakes are Awesome

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Here’s another post by Patrick Callahan For the Weekend!

I love brakes. Brakes are second only to tires in terms of importance when turning fast lap times. No matter what the application, the basic job remains the same; slow the car down. I was once told that the easier something is to do, the harder it is to be the best doing it. Slowing a car is simple enough, but it’s the efforts that have been directed to being the best that have brought the brake caliper to an art. Recently there have been huge advances in terms of materials and design. I feel some of these are worth showing off.
Porsche PCCB- The first major change in braking since moving away from asbestos.
AP Racing Radi-Cal- Taking the use of Finite Element Analysis to its full capacity.
Endless Mono-6- The traditional forged one-piece caliper at the current pinnacle of optimization.
Brembo Corvette ZR-1 brakes- Perhaps the most advanced brakes on a road car ever.
ZR-1 brakes

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SEMA GT-R Projects White vs Purple

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gt-rr.com white vs purple

bonus shot:

bonus shot

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Champagne Wishes and Track Dreams

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Are made of this…

BBS 20″ LM-DBK, Toyo Proxes R888 285/35/20, Endless Mono 6 BBK, Amuse Front Diffuser, Mines Dry Carbon Racing Canards.

(hi-res of course)


And a close-up below:


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GT-RR.COM Signature Build – Toyo Tires SEMA 2008

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Now that this GT-R is completed, I thought I’d start to share a little more of the background.

gt-rr.com signature build for Toyo Tires

The GT-R as shown above was still relatively stock in that photo. When it debuts at SEMA it will look entirely different. As such, I dont mind sharing a couple of pictures here because it’ll never be seen looking like this again.

Goal: Although I have two different GT-Rs I’ve been preparing for SEMA, each one has a very different concept and design goal. The goal of this car for Toyo tires is to make the world debut of the 20″ R888 tire for Toyo at their SEMA booth. As a campaign car for a tire as extreme as the R888, this car needed to be aggressive and track ready. This was to be achieved by using track tested parts such as the Amuse front diffuser, Amuse high mount carbon wing, Mines Racing canards, Endless Mono-6 brakes, Amuse suspension, mixed with weight reduction parts like a dry carbon hood, trunk, titanium exhaust, titanium catalytic converters and mid pipes. Most importantly, all of the parts needed to fit together in both design and in function. I then worked closely with Manabu “Mana-P” Suzuki of Option and MS-R fame, to design some one off graphics which represent my desired style for the car. I even had Mana-P redesign the GT-RR logo for the car and future use.

Overall, the car is meant to produce the most power to the wheels of any street legal GT-R yet. Between the power, the braking, suspension, aerodynamics, weight reduction and unique design, I hope to have created one of the world’s leading tuned GT-Rs.

Of course the car represents the very best tuning parts available world wide, which is the essential function of GT-RR.COM. Consulting and helping our clients choose the right parts is something all of my businesses pride ourselves on being the best at. This car represents our ideals when a client gives us the freedom to create what we feel is the best car possible in the shortest amount of time (the car was prepared in less than 3 weeks).

With this particular GT-R coming from our client in New Jersey for us to build, it ends up being a great example of the custom services that we offer our clients. Much like the cars I’ve built in the past, I put my heart and soul into the planning, design and execution of this car. Although I’m perhaps best known as a JDM parts distributor or possibly a writer (to those of you here on my blog), my love is designing car concepts like this one and seeing it go from design concept to flawless execution. If I could do this all day, I might finally be able to satisfy my addiction to this car tuning bug.

Modification list:

Exterior: OEM Nissan White
Amuse Front Diffuser, Carbon/FRP one-off by GT-RR.COM
Zele Carbon Side Skirts
Zele Carbon Rear Under Spoiler
Zele Carbon Fender Duct Set
Amuse Dry Carbon Hi-Mount Wing
Mines Carbon Hood Ducts
Mines Dry Carbon Racing Canards
Mines Carbon Grill
Mines Carbon Radiator Shroud
Mines Carbon Antenna Cover
Password Dry Carbon Hood
Password Dry Carbon Trunk
One-Off GT-RR.COM Carbon Roof
MS-R Graphics

Cobb Tuning AccessPORT
Amuse R1000 Turbine Outlet Pipes
Amuse full Titanium exhaust system with hi-flow catalysts
Top Secret Carbon Intake System
Animal House Ceramic Wheel Bearings

Suspension, Brakes, Wheels:
Amuse Suspension
Endless Mono 6 Full Brake Upgrade Front and Rear
BBS Japan – Limited LM-DBK-P Wheels: 20″
Tires: Toyo R888

MCR Carbon Paddle Shift Conversion System
Top Secret Steering Wheel and One-Touch Boss
Bride Gias Carbon/Kevlar Seats
Takata Harnesses

gt-rr.com signature build for Toyo Tires

gt-rr.com signature build for Toyo Tires

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