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Bulletproof Illuminati canyon drive

Here’s a few more photos from the canyon run that the Socal Illuminati crew did last weekend.

Bulletproof Illuminati demo car R35 GT-R

Our demo car has new Top Racing dry carbon hood and doors.  Shed more than 50 pounds!  Anyone else taking their ride out for a Sunday spin?

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Yesterday one of the guys over at the office (Jason) was working with a client of ours on getting him a Sergeant diffuser for a EK9 Civic.

seargeant ek9 diffuser bulletproof automotive

Really cool diffuser isnt it!?

Anyway, as gangster as that diffuser is…it’s nothing compared to the JDM gangsterness of Green Sergeant football team that he accidentally found online:


Green Sergeant Football Team Japan

The results of that website find had us all amused at the office all day. It’s not too often (never) that I’ve seen much on American football in Japan. Even more interesting is how hard these guys own their opponents! They post scores on the website…they pimp slapped their opponents 122 to ZERO one game and 113 to ZERO another game. Showin’ no mercy out there on that JDM gridiron! You’d figure they’d bounce at halftime and hit up some kaiten sushi joint and then celebrate with some karaoke and shochu, but nah…they come back to serve their opponents even harder in the second half.

Anyway, I know it’s off topic but this had us all talking yesterday at the Bulletproof HQ so I thought I’d share it.

http://www.sergeant-rd.com/ – link to the tuning shop Sergeant for those interested in hot JDM Civic racing parts.

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