Customer Car: Zac’s 2012 GT-R, Complete In-Progress Build by GT-RR

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GT-RR complete car build - Zac's 2012 GT-R

One of our greatest joys is taking on complete car conceptualization and managing builds.  We tap our networks to select the best partners for each aspect of the car build.  We extensively consult with our clients to determine the very best possible parts to meet their goals.  On the blog and in the Facebook gallery, we will be updating the in-progress photos of our client Zac’s incredible GT-R build.  Zac’s car is aggressively modified but done so in his own style, which is classy and somewhat understated compared to many of the other wild builds.  What defines Zac’s build is the extreme quality and attention to detail.  You’ll get a better feeling for this as the build unfolds.

Modification List:

AMS Alpha 10 for Zac's 2012 GT-R
AMS Alpha 10 (1029whp race gas)
Amuse 90mm STTI Exhaust
AMS Ported Throttle Body

brand_RR custom headlights for Zac's 2012 GT-R  AMS full carbon roof for Zac's 2012 GT-R

brand_RR Dual HID Headlight Conversion (OEM Color Combo, Switchback LED Rings)
AMS Carbon Fiber Roof
GT-RR Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Zele Fender Duct
Rear Carbon Seats
Top Racing Dry Carbon Mirrors

ADV1 wheels for Zac's 2012 GT-R
ADV.1 5.0 TrackSpecs 21″
GT-RR One-Off Carbon Fiber Interior Pieces
Tommy Kaira Door Sill Plate, GT-RR One Off Carbon Rework
GT-RR One-off custom carbon fiber trunk/spoiler combination
Swift Spec-R Springs

brand_RR front bumper w Mine's Version 2 dry carbon front diffuser
brand_RR Cross Compatible front bumper
Mines V2 Dry Carbon Lip
Mines Dry Carbon Side Skirts
‘Reventon’ Matte Grey Paint
Nordring Rear Under Spoiler, Dry Carbon
Nordring Front Bumper Duct Fin, Dry Carbon
Nordring Headlight Finisher, Dry Carbon

brand_RR front bumper and Mines dry carbon front diffuser for 2012 GT-R   Amuse 90mm STTI exhaust for Zac's 2012 GT-R

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Customer Car: Miles’ GT-R

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Miles has a great race prepped GT-R over in Australia.

Loads of great mods were done. On this car we made Miles an authentic Amuse front diffuser converted to carbon fiber as a one-off.


The car also sports the Top Secret hood, Aeromotions wing, full custom cage, dry carbon doors and loads of other mods.

Doesn’t get much lower than that!  The front lip is practically scraping that iPhone.

This GT-R glows like an angel.  Must be the car of Miles’ dreams!

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Customer Car – Michael’s 2012 GT-R Models a brand_RR Front Lip Spoiler

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Michael’s 2012 GT-R with brand_RR carbon fiber front lip spoiler and Esprit dry carbon rear wing!

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The Best.

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Pagani Zonda R carbon fiber

This picture is from my old photo archives. When Horacio Pagani does something, he goes all out. This is no joke.

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All Dry Carbon Everything – Top Racing Parts Arrive

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Top Racing Dry Carbon Parts R35 GT-R

We’ve been overloaded with heaps of exotic dry carbon fiber construction after receiving our recent shipment of Top Racing parts. By now we’ve seen multiples of all of their parts and we continue to be impressed with the quality and value of Top Racing parts. To get a better feel for the construction of these parts we’ve taken videos and posted them online with a complete detailing of each part.

For an example of a video walk through check out the coverage of the front bumper below. The bumper has incredible detailing and ducting all produced out of ultra lightweight dry carbon fiber

Top Racing Dry Carbon Parts R35 GT-RTop Racing GT-R Nissan Dry Carbon Fiber

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Test Fit of Top Racing Dry Carbon GT-R Hood

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Today I took my GT-R to the office to do a quick test fit of a new dry carbon vented hood by Top Racing. Top Racing is a more recent company that we’re working with on North American distribution and before we debuted our introduction pricing of their parts I wanted to first inspect the hood and do a quick test fit on my car. Note that this is a proper racing full dry carbon hood and is not designed for the stock hood latch system. Proper installation requires hood pins, so for this test fit we just laid it down to make sure the shape and seams lined up well. It did.

Quick Note – My GT-R is noticeably still stock…I’ve been collecting lots and lots of parts to install on it. As the parts pile higher, I’m day by day getting more excited about the results of this new GT-R build!

Regarding the hood and the other dry carbon parts from Top Racing (front bumper, trunk, rear bumper, rear under spoiler) – The group buy was put together at pretty incredible pricing and went live today for everyone on NAGTROC:

I hope you all enjoy these pictures of this new hood!

What do you think of it?

More pictures can be found here:

GT-RR R35 GT-R Top Racing Dry Carbon Hood

GT-RR R35 GT-R Top Racing Hood, Carbon

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Dry Carbon Fiber Watch Conversion by Ben Schaffer

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Dry Carbon Watch Conversion Rolex

I deal with a company in Japan that produces some great dry carbon parts. Lately they’ve been producing a PROTEC line up of dry carbon enhanced products which sport some really neat benefits in strength. Rather than simply adding a layer of carbon fiber, the PROTEC system has undergone extensive testing and increases strength of non carbon fiber items. As a result they’ve found it useful as a finish for structural items such as wheels, chassis parts and other items (think Nismo Z-Tune).

These watches have nothing to do with structural benefit, but they do showcase the intricate abilities of dry carbon conversion. This Rolex above and the Bvlgari watch below were sent in for dry carbon conversion (at an average cost of about $1750 before options). Clearly not cheap, but neither are these watches to begin with. Rather than going for gold and diamonds, this is an interesting use of an exotic material to set a watch apart from the rest.

I thought it was cool enough to offer to everyone so I’ve added it to the link below:

We can do anything in dry carbon imaginable. If you have anything you need just let us know!

Dry Carbon Watch Conversion RolexDry Carbon Watch Conversion RolexDry Carbon Watch Conversion BVLGARI

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