FB Update: Blue Godzilla

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GT-R Blue Godzilla

This GT-R owned by Sulaman in Qatar is called Blue Godzilla and features a custom paint job, plenty of carbon fiber parts (hood, wing, grill, interior, etc), an upgraded Dodson clutch and power mods by HKS and AMS (GT600+).

More plans are in the works…

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1000 ft/lbs / 1000hp Transmission Build x 2!!!

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Dodson GT-RR R35 GT-R Transmission 1000hp 1000ft/lbs

As the years go by, we still get the same great deal of joy out of helping our clients reach their dreams. For many people big dreams mean big horsepower. If it was years ago, we’d be supplying an ORC triple plate clutch and flywheel package for a RB26DETT, but times have evolved and our GT-R builds rely on ever increasing sophistication to maximize their potential. The GR6 transmission was once one of the key roadblocks to big horsepower R35 GT-R builds, but no longer. What you’re looking at in the picture are the components needed for the $20,000 GT-R transmission to handle 1000 ft/lbs of torque…Twice.

We love working with our clients to build amazing GT-Rs, and right now we’re in the process of producing two fully built transmissions, each capable of handling more than 1000hp. Our clients trust in us because they know that we, without compromise, offer only the best parts and service that can be found anywhere and on any continent. These transmissions are no exception, sourcing internals produced in New Zealand and Japan and assembling it in Ohio.

The transmissions are produced using full Dodson internal upgrades including a replaced heavy duty first gear, full Promax package (co-developed with Exedy), all of the circlips and uprated small bits, and the skilled labor of John Shepard who assembles our transmissions. Going back to the old example of a classic triple plate clutch…these new GT-R clutches at this power level use 10 exedy plates! Times have indeed changed!

One of the best advantages we’ve developed over the past 10 years is the experience and contacts to identify and work with the absolute best, both on the parts manufacturing side and also on the specialty labor side of the equation. Rather than the traditional formula of a shop trying to be a jack of all trades and handle everything in house, we’ve found that our strength is aligning ourselves with the absolute best of everything at an international level. Whether it is for our own cars or our client’s cars, we demand the absolute best in all areas. Rather than be motivated by the increased business profitability of keeping labor costs in house, we look at each job in an isolated way and choose the world’s best to work with us to produce the ultimate outcome. It is for this reason that we are working with Cosworth on our motor development, Amuse for our custom spec exhausts, JRZ on a new suspension system, etc. Even down to the stickers, we use Manabu “Mana-P” Suzuki in Japan who designs and cuts the graphics for HKS, Top Secret, Blitz, etc to do our graphics!

So it should not be any surprise that rather than build these transmissions in California we are going the extra mile (or many hundreds of miles here) and sending them to John Shepard who is the most experienced and successful transmission builder worldwide for the R35 GT-R. Sure, we could make more profit doing the build locally or hiring someone to do it in house, but at the moment John is the best at this…anything else would be a compromise we’re not willing to make.

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