A PY50 Fuga Project In Japan

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Brembo PY50 Fuga Do Luck

I wanted to showcase a cool project that we were recently involved with as a supplier. Our friends at Do Luck in Japan prepared this PY50 Fuga (M35/45 for North America) for a client of theirs.

We were involved with the brake system which utilizes custom colored Brembo aftermarket brakes designed for a Nissan 370Z. The 370Z GT series aftermarket brakes fit the Fuga quite well!

Brembo PY50 Fuga Do LuckBrembo PY50 Fuga Do Luck
Between the tasteful aero, a proper ride height, the classic BBS LM wheels and now these new Brembo 370mm 6 Piston front and 4 piston rear brakes this is easily one of my favorite modern VIP rides. I’m really glad that we could contribute to the project!

Brembo PY50 Fuga Do Luck

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The First 2012 GT-R With Aftermarket Diffuser!? Debut of brand_RR GT-R Bumper

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2012 GT-R with Do Luck Front Diffuser

This year we will be getting more active with development and manufacturing of products that we feel are useful and innovative. Adding on to our current collaborative projects like those with Amuse, Do Luck, Cosworth, JRZ and others…we are continuing to invest further into producing more parts that we simply find cool.

Today we test fitted the first production unit of our new front bumper and I’m really quite excited to share it tonight at 2AM.

At first glance this bumper hopefully will look like the new 2012 GT-R bumper. If we achieve that then it is already a success.

The reality of the 2012 GT-R bumper is that it will not fit any front diffuser/lip spoiler that currently exists on the market except the OEM Nissan 2012 front diffuser. That poses a lot of problems both for previous GT-R owners who would like to upgrade to the 2012 front end and also for new 2012 owners who can’t upgrade their front diffuser because no options exist. As a result of this, I’m guessing that this is the first picture anyone has seen of an aftermarket front diffuser on a 2012 design front bumper.

We’ve taken the new 2012 shape and altered it subtlety to make a new bumper that bridges the gaps for a wide range of creative and flexible options. On top of opening up the front diffuser options completely for every year GT-R owner (including new 2012 owners), we’ve also taken a few steps to do some additional small innovations. For one, we’ve removed the ugly holes for the license plate that come with the bumpers (if anyone wants to install a front plate we can suggest Stillen’s front plate mounting kit which works without the holes).

A bigger step we’ve taken is we’ve made a second version of the bumper by producing another set of molds which offer this same bumper without the LEDs. We’ve captured the same twin canard shape in the bumper but simply without the LEDs.

Both versions have just been added to GT-RR.COM under the new brand_RR. Pictures of the non LED variation will hopefully be ready in the next few weeks although we’re ready to start producing both versions as of now.

Our plan is to continue to reinvest into R&D and tooling expenses to make other products that we ourselves would use on our own GT-Rs. We hope others like it and will support us in our risky gamble on these new parts developments.

All parts are produced in the USA and are made out of hand laid fiberglass with a black gel coat finish.

Product links:

LED version:


non-LED version:


Note – we’ve done our best to offer an aggressive price that is much lower than most other bumpers on the market for the GT-R and on top of that we’ve offered an additional $200 discount to the first 5 buyers of each type bumper (the $200 discount is reflected on the website pricing at the moment). We believe in rewarding those who believe in us and are the first to buy these.

The car pictured is my own car and the shots were taken earlier this evening. Trust me…I’ve wanted to say this exciting news for a long time but I refused to speak a word to anyone until I test fitted a bumper on my car to ensure it fit right and is suitable for recommendation. Proof is in the pictures…and this is still just the first prototype production unit with a rush paint job and fitting.

For more details, please read the information in the above product page links.

OEM front diffuser test fitting pictures below (using the front diffuser from my 2010 GT-R)

brand_RR, R35 GT-R, Front bumper 2012 with aftermarket diffuserbrand_RR, R35 GT-R, Front bumper 2012 with aftermarket diffuser

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GT-RR R35 GT-R Updated With Do Luck Front Diffuser

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Do Luck R35 GT-R Front Diffuser GT-RR

I’ve been making a few minor updates to the GT-R prior to next week’s gathering that GT-RR/Bulletproof is throwing. I’m looking forward to seeing quite a few clients, friends and readers of the blog there! It wouldn’t be right if we don’t show up with something new, so a few last minute adjustments to the GT-R are happening at the moment.

The first new adjustment to the car happens to be the long awaited Do Luck front diffuser that finally arrived for our testing. We rushed to get it mounted up to our demo car after having waited quite a long time (Do Luck ended up making multiple revisions to the molds to perfect the design before releasing it). I’m happy to report that fitment exceeded expectations and was spot on! Functionality wise I was surprised to see that it does not hang noticeably lower than stock. It may perhaps even be within 1/2″ as the stock height, which will make daily use much more manageable than other options we’ve been considering.

The diffuser aside from being constructed surprisingly light and strong (the replaceable side panels are extremely thick and utilize a honeycomb core) also happens to be well proportioned. Despite my fear that it would look bad without aftermarket side skirts, it somehow managed to look right at home on the car from all angles. For now I’ve taken a couple of quick shots after fitting, but I’ll release more info later (once our canards and side skirts get fitted to complete the desired look).

The GT-R in its current state is designed for daily driving duties and has not yet evolved into the crazy demo car that perhaps we’re better known for. The plans are still there, but we’re enjoying the ride and building a great street car is a welcome part of the path to all out craziness. Plus, all black well modded GT-Rs look particularly sinful to me.

I hope to see some of you out at the meet up on Thursday!


Do Luck R35 GT-R Front Diffuser GT-RR

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Customer Car: Jon’s Evo X

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Bulletproof Customer Car Jon Evo X

Jon is one of those guys who truly gets it. And by “it” I mean the JDM ethos that we embody here with this blog. Jon continues to build what has become one of my favorite private owned LanEvos out there. I think you’ll agree that he masterfully executed his Evo X. The beauty of this car is the fact that it’s already amazing and yet it keeps getting better!

Jon’s Evo X represents the Bulletproof Illuminati, one of only a very few cars to be adorned with that mysterious Mana-P designed sticker. Money can’t buy respect, Jon truly represents it and lives it.


Some of the many highlights from the build:

Cosworth Engine components

Amuse exhaust

AMS power mods

Varis, Jun and Do Luck aero parts

Bulletproof Customer Car Jon Evo XBulletproof Customer Car Jon Evo XBulletproof Customer Car Jon Evo XBulletproof Customer Car Jon Evo X

Bulletproof Customer Car Jon Evo X

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Innovation – Do Luck R35 GT-R Front Diffuser System In Development

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Do Luck R35 GT-R Front Diffuser

I’m a fan of  tuners that produce innovative products. Ito-san from Do-Luck is one of those tuners in Japan who consistently thinks outside of the box. His brilliance of tuning and design is what started our friendship years ago and it is the same reason I became an investor/partner in a couple of projects with him such as the Evo X carbon trunk project we did together.

Over the past month I’ve been excited as another project has been coming together quite nicely. This time, with our beloved R35 GT-R! When Ito and I first spoke about the front diffuser system roughly a year ago,  I was perhaps overly cautious on the development since already there are so many GT-R front lips and front diffusers that are quite good (Amuse, Mines, Top Secret, MCR, Zele, etc.). I explained to him that it would be quite hard to introduce yet another diffuser to GT-R owners unless it was on a different level of style and function that would set it apart from the rest. In short, I said that we should not even bother with considering it unless it was something revolutionary in design.

When Ito sent me the first cell phone pictures of the development, all was validated and again I was reminded of why I respect him so much. I’ve been excited ever since, with each update as the concept continues to evolve into a production version. Early feedback has been great as well, which is surprisingly great considering that we’ve all only been looking at pre-production units which always look less attractive.

Why is it so great? The design is fully original…each side plate is replaceable and the diffuser comes in no less than 5 pieces. Three of them can be seen quite clearly in the above fiberglass pre-production test model. The other two pieces are air guides/fins which sit inside of each of the brake ducts. The bottom left picture shows the differentiation between the main diffuser (white) and the side plates (black). The bottom right picture shows an inside view of the air channel and splitter which gets capped off by the side under plate during assembly.

The diffuser we’ve decided will be produced only in carbon fiber using multiple layers of carbon fiber and a honeycomb core. We’ve priced it aggressively so it’ll be on the more affordable side of high end Japanese aerodynamic parts.

A post on the diffuser’s development with updates was created earlier on NAGTROC:


And we’re also often updating the product page here with new pictures as development continues along (we’ve also been taking pre-orders for those who want the best chance of being included in the first delivery):


And of course, I’ll be using one of these on my GT-R project/demo car as well!

– Ben

R35 GT-R Do Luck Front DiffuserDo Luck R35 GT-R Diffuser

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Product Release: More Affordable Version of the Do-Luck EVO X Trunk Available Now Exclusively at Bulletproof Automotive

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Bulletproof Automotive has reached an agreement with Do-Luck Japan to produce a limited edition FRP version of the now-famous duckbill trunk. This agreement is in in direct response to the requests and support of the EvoM and greater Lancer Evolution community.

We have explained to Do-Luck that the market is looking for the same style and quality as the existing carbon version, but at a more affordable price.

This is what we have come up with:

– Pre-order only

– $795 USD, including all importation costs, duties and taxes to our Los Angeles warehouse (ocean importation)

-Note that this is a limited production run which is being produced exclusively for this purpose

-Please also note that due to the extremely low price, this item is not available for wholesale, sponsorship or any other price besides $795 (our apologies to our wholesale dealers)

We would like you all to understand that these trunks are the authentic item produced at the same factory by Do-Luck as the carbon version of the trunk which so many already admire. The trunk is identical to the carbon version except that the exterior finish will be a black gel-coat. Product weight will be within a couple of pounds of the carbon version. You may select with your order whether the trunk has a keyhole pre-drilled or not.

Due to costs being so high and sales price being so low we are only able to accept payment by check, cash or money order for this deal. Credit card transactions, if necessary, will entail and additional 3% processing fee.

Estimated lead time is approximately 3 months. California sales tax applies for local residents. Free pick-up is available at our Los Angeles warehouse. Any shipping charges to you will be calculated and applied when the trunks arrive and are ready to ship.

We are accepting orders now at 213.745.6954 or patrick@bulletproofautomotive.com

You can also take a look at it here.

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Customer Car – Do-Luck x Bulletproof CZ4A Trunk

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Bulletproof x Do-Luck CZ4A Evo 10 Duckbill Trunk

Another happy customer!

A side note about the Evo community (spread this on the message boards please, since I’m not able to have the time to do it myself):

I’m extremely grateful for the support of this trunk project from MOST of the community. As readers of this blog already know, this trunk was one of the first products that Bulletproof invested in to develop. This trunk was never going to exist but we paid Do-Luck Japan’s R&D costs to build this trunk for us because we felt that the US market would enjoy it. And so far many people have!

At the same time there are still some people that just don’t get it…I just read 11 pages of posts on a message board about this particular client’s car and the trunk in particular. There were at least 5 people asking for someone to make a knockoff of the trunk. Are you serious? This trunk was not going to even exist because Do-Luck is already hurting from the knockoffs and they obviously don’t have the R&D budget to do so many new projects these days. I went ahead and helped them pay the expenses (removing their risk to make these trunks) just to have people ask for more knockoffs!? The Evo community needs to become more aware of what is going on with this industry and what these particular people are doing to it.

So let me state it clearly:

1. This trunk was not supposed to ever exist in the first place.

2. I went against my own better judgment and funded the R&D of this trunk because I believed in it after having great experiences with previous Do-Luck trunks.

3. We so far have sold 6 trunks with 4 more in stock of our original 10pc order. This is after 6 or so months or so.

4. If we sell all 10 trunks then we get closer to breaking even after the expense for Do-Luck to make the molds for us on this product.

5. Only 6 trunks sold so far and the Evo Community is already asking for knockoffs of this trunk!? Are you serious…

And people wonder why I think manufacturing in this industry is a bad idea when there are people like this out there…here is your answer.

If a knockoff comes out for that trunk, I guarantee the Evo community that we will not be funding any more development in the future.

Seriously…you guys want to save 20% so badly that you’ll destroy this industry and be left nothing but half-assed junk to mod your car with!? You can have it.

Bulletproof x Do-Luck CZ4A Evo 10 Duckbill TrunkBulletproof x Do-Luck CZ4A Evo 10 Duckbill TrunkBulletproof x Do-Luck CZ4A Evo 10 Duckbill TrunkBulletproof x Do-Luck CZ4A Evo 10 Duckbill Trunk


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