FB Update: Do Luck!

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Do Luck Z33 350Z

Do Luck 350Z still goes hard.

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FB Update: HG Performance GT-R

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HG Motorsports white GT-R on red HRE P43SC

Our client’s car sporting a Do-Luck front diffuser and some slick HRE P43SC’s. Casey/HG won first place at our GT-R event over at Buttonwillow Raceway recently!

Found via our friends HRE Performance.

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/therealjdm.

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Customer Car: Joseph’s Evo X

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Joseph's CZ4A Evo X with Volk Rays TE37

Joseph’s CZ4A Evo X with Runduce, Varis and Do-Luck aero.

Joseph's CZ4A Evo X rear   Joseph's CZ4A Evo X with Volk TE37s and Brembo brakes

So clean.  Volk TE37s and Brembo brakes.

Joseph's CZ4A Evo X front

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Customer Car: Jesse’s Evo X

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Jesse's Evo X with Varis, Volk, ARC, and Do Luck

Jesse’s Evo X has been completely modified with Varis, JUN, Volk, ARC, Test and Service, Do Luck, and much more.

Jesse's Evo with Varis, JUN, ARC, and Do Luck

I love pictures of cherry blossoms and tuned cars; perhaps this is our best representation of a US twist on it. There are no sakura found in this picture but still there is an amazing blend of natural beauty and a mechanical beast.

Jesse's Evo X with Do Luck, Varis, and ARC

So much beauty for one photo!  Props to Jesse on this build (and the photography too which is killer).

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A Slice of GT-R Heaven (Video)

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Here is a video taken last month at R’s Meeting in Japan. This video gives the best impression of what it was like to be there. In the video you’ll see me walk through perhaps the most epic parking lot of GT-Rs ever, starting with R34 GT-Rs and working back in time all the way to the legendary Hakosuka GT-R, all set to a musical backdrop tribute to the late great Japanese musician Nujabes.

I hope you like it!

For more on our time at the R’s meeting, check out my guest blog post at Speedhunters: Guest Blog: R’s Meeting Experience.

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Bulletproof and GT-RR Booth Debut in Tokyo at R’s Meeting Fuji Speedway

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We’ve just returned from a successful trip to Tokyo during which we exhibited our original parts for the first time in Japan. With assistance from our friends at Do-Luck we took the best from the worldwide GT-R market back to Japan. The event was “R’s Meeting” which is the largest GT-R owners meeting in Japan. R’s Meeting is held annually at Fuji Speedway.

It is especially an honor to have a booth and offer our goods to Japan, considering that 11 years ago our business began by importing from Japan. The process of us now selling back to Japan is very exciting and completes the circle of our evolution.

We are thankful to see many of our friends in Japan and to feel their support for us. Here are just a few of the many faces behind the Japanese tuning world that we all love:

Ito-san of Do-Luck

Hiei-san of TommyKaira

Yahagi-san of Varis

More extensive coverage can be found on our facebook fan page (we were even live posting on FB at the event as it took place thanks to Ito-san’s portable wifi hotspot).


Here’s one more shot of our display. It was really satisfying to be the only foreign company exhibitor at R’s meeting. Feedback was excellent on our brand_RR original parts lineup for the GT-R and I hope that with some good fortune we will return again next year for R’s Meeting!

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Customer Car: Heavily Modded Do Luck Widebody Evo 9

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Bulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck Widebody

This car is easily one of my favorite customer Evo’s ever. The car is extensively modified and features a very rare set of wheels and aero to set it off. The 18×10.5+15 GT-R face Volk TE37 wheels are Top Secret limited models. Every exterior piece of the car has been modified from Do Luck with the exception of the hood which is a C-West piece. I particularly love the widebody elements of the Do Luck kit, the rear fenders in particular are pure perfection on this Evo.

Bulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck WidebodyBulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck Widebody

It was great to see this car show up to our The Real JDM meet up we held late last year. The car is simply perfect looking in person. Although I’m certainly a fan of the pictures too. The picture below is my current desktop background. I’ve formatted the pictures all in hi-res so they’ll make fitting desktops if you happen to like the car as much as I do!

(photo credits for these amazing shots go to Clifford Sutrisno)

Bulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck Widebody

Lastly, here is the full (and intimating) mod list as supplied by the current owner Kelvin

– Custom Satin Black Paint Job by L&G Enterprise
– Do-Luck Full Wide Body
– Do-Luck Front Bumper
– Do-Luck Front Carbon Fiber Canards
– Do-Luck Front Wide Fenders
– Do-Luck Side Skirts
– Do-Luck Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Splitters
– Do-Luck Wide Quarter Panels
– Do-Luck Rear Bumper Splitters
– Do-Luck Rear Carbon Fiber
– Do-Luck GT T-2 Wing
– Do-Luck Duckbill Trunk
– C-West Carbon Fiber Hood
– Craft Square Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors Polarized
– JDM Evo 8 MR Headlights
– JDM Evo 8 MR Tail Lights
– ARC Windmaster Fender Liner Vents

– Bride Zeta lll Racing Seats
– Bride Lower Seat Rails
– Takata Long Racing Harnesses
– OMP Limited Tommi Mäkinen Ralliart Championship Steering Wheel
– Top Secret Steering Wheel Quick Release
– Works Bell Steering Wheel Hub
– ARC Polished Titanium Shift Knob
– Alpine CDA-9856 Head Unit
– Okuyama/Dash Complete 6-Point Roll Cage
– Gruppe-S 60mm Gauge Bezel
– Defi BF Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Boost Gauges with Control Unit 2
– Zeitronix Wideband Meter
– Blitz Electronic Boost Controller
– HKS Turbo Timer
– Carbing Rear Seat Delete Panel

– Top Secret Gold Volk TE37 18×10.5 + 15 offset
– Toyo Proxes R888 285/30/18 Tires
– Spare Bronze Volk TE37 18×10.5 +15 offset
– Continental ContiSportContact 2 265/40/18 Tire
– Go Tuning Titanium Lug Nuts
– Alcon Monoblock 6 Pot Big Brake Kit
– Alcon 355 MM 2 Piece Rotors
– Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
– Ferodo DS3000 Front rear Brake Pads
– Apex’i N1 Robispec Tuned Coilovers
– Progress Rear Sway Bar
– ARC Front Titanium Strut Bar
– ARC Rear Titanium Strut Bar
– ARC Titanium Trunk bar

– ARC Wide Core Intercooler
– ARC Radiator
– ARC Radiator Cap
– ARC Titanium Heat Shied
– ARC Intake
– ARC Upper Intercooler Pipe
– ARC Oil Cap
– ARC Titanium Valve Cover
– ARC Full Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust
– Road Race Rally Cat
– Trust Downpipe
– Forge Alloy Power Steering tank
– Forge Alloy Header Tank
– Nisei Mini Battery Tray
– Odyssey Mini battery
– STM Radiator Brackets
– HKS 280 Cams
– Warlbro 255 Fuel Pump

One last picture just for good measure:

Alcon 6 piston Top Secret Te37

Great job to Tom (original owner) and Kelvin (current owner) for representing the dream to the fullest!

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