FB Update: Black Beauty

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Nissan R32 Skyline flat black Top Secret Advan

Black Beauty via Japan Paradise.

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FB Update: Rocket Bunny x GReddy for FR-S

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Rocket Bunny Greddy FR-S FT-86 BRZ wide body

Rocket Bunny.  Via GReddy.

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Innovation – Do Luck R35 GT-R Front Diffuser System In Development

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Do Luck R35 GT-R Front Diffuser

I’m a fan of  tuners that produce innovative products. Ito-san from Do-Luck is one of those tuners in Japan who consistently thinks outside of the box. His brilliance of tuning and design is what started our friendship years ago and it is the same reason I became an investor/partner in a couple of projects with him such as the Evo X carbon trunk project we did together.

Over the past month I’ve been excited as another project has been coming together quite nicely. This time, with our beloved R35 GT-R! When Ito and I first spoke about the front diffuser system roughly a year ago,  I was perhaps overly cautious on the development since already there are so many GT-R front lips and front diffusers that are quite good (Amuse, Mines, Top Secret, MCR, Zele, etc.). I explained to him that it would be quite hard to introduce yet another diffuser to GT-R owners unless it was on a different level of style and function that would set it apart from the rest. In short, I said that we should not even bother with considering it unless it was something revolutionary in design.

When Ito sent me the first cell phone pictures of the development, all was validated and again I was reminded of why I respect him so much. I’ve been excited ever since, with each update as the concept continues to evolve into a production version. Early feedback has been great as well, which is surprisingly great considering that we’ve all only been looking at pre-production units which always look less attractive.

Why is it so great? The design is fully original…each side plate is replaceable and the diffuser comes in no less than 5 pieces. Three of them can be seen quite clearly in the above fiberglass pre-production test model. The other two pieces are air guides/fins which sit inside of each of the brake ducts. The bottom left picture shows the differentiation between the main diffuser (white) and the side plates (black). The bottom right picture shows an inside view of the air channel and splitter which gets capped off by the side under plate during assembly.

The diffuser we’ve decided will be produced only in carbon fiber using multiple layers of carbon fiber and a honeycomb core. We’ve priced it aggressively so it’ll be on the more affordable side of high end Japanese aerodynamic parts.

A post on the diffuser’s development with updates was created earlier on NAGTROC:


And we’re also often updating the product page here with new pictures as development continues along (we’ve also been taking pre-orders for those who want the best chance of being included in the first delivery):


And of course, I’ll be using one of these on my GT-R project/demo car as well!

– Ben

R35 GT-R Do Luck Front DiffuserDo Luck R35 GT-R Diffuser

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