Interesting Piece of JDM x Italian Supercar History

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During my past trip to Japan I had dinner with one of my friends who is a famous aero parts designer. In the course of the evening’s conversation on design he schooled me on something that I should have known but never did…and it blew my mind!

Did you all know that the Lamborghini Diablo uses Z32 300ZX (Fairlady Z) headlights? I consider myself to be a bit of a car nerd and I had no idea of this fascinating fact, which looking back is quite an embarrassment because I should know things like this!!!

lamborghini diablo z32 300zx fairlady z headlightslamborghini diablo z32 300zx fairlady z headlights

Anyway, its a pretty fascinating  story. The Lambo uses the exact OEM Nissan headlight with no modifications. The headlight even says Nissan on it, although Lamborghini put a carbon fiber strip over the Nissan markings to save face with Lamborghini clientele who just paid a hell of a lot of money for Z32 parts bin headlights.

Our discussion reached this topic when we were discussing just how expensive it is to produce custom headlights. The example given to me was that even well established car companies like Lamborghini often will use existing products to keep development costs reasonable on their cars.

Another example he gave me was the Lotus Esprit using AE86 Corolla/Levin tail lights. I’ve later found that the Saleen S7 and Pagani Zonda use the same tail lights. I suspect there are dozens of stories like this, so feel free to share if you have more to add!

I apologize to those of you who already knew this, but IMO this is must know information for any car nut out there. I wish someone would have told me these cool facts earlier! I was truly in disbelief at the idea of a Lamborghini using Z32 headlights, its amazing they pulled it off without getting more heat from the press and their customers!

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Once A Designer, Always A Designer

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Kanayama-san of ASM is a very talented man. Anyone who has seen his work without a doubt respects his understanding of quality and design. The work he has done with his ASM brand he manages for Autobacs continues to be inspiring. Yet a man of impeccable taste and design skill like Kanayama still has other passions and as such, needs other outlets for his design creativity.

I was impresed when I saw he is having fun designing other, non-car related things. I will feature some of his other (older) designs later, but for now here is his latest creation. It is a full custom designed leather camera case.

Kanayama-san first penned the concept and then sought to find the highest quality materials to produce his dream camera case. Looking at the leather, stitching, interior and all small details you can tell that Kanayama was in charge of keeping his legendary quality on this new item. One detail of interest – the interior is produced in alcantara, the same as he uses on ASM Recaro seats. Kanayama Camera Case / BagASM Kanayama Camera Case / BagASM Kanayama Camera Case / BagASM Kanayama Camera Case / Bag

This side project of Kanayama-san’s is actually available for sale in limited numbers of the four colors above (although unsurprisingly not cheap). If anyone is interested just contact me and I’ll get you set up.

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One of the World’s Best Designers – Pininfarina Dead at 51

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 Ferrari F430 Pininfarina

This is terrible news for the automotive world. I think by now all of you and everyone that loves cars knows the name Pininfarina.  The man with the golden pen, Andrea Pininfarina just died in a scooter accident. This guy was behind pretty much every beautiful Italian car design in the past couple of decades. Most Ferrari and Maserati cars featured his design and donned his brand’s badge on the production cars.

This is really disappointing…


Andrea Pininfarina

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