Drawing Skill Pt. 2 – GT-RR Edition

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For those that read the blog often, you might have seen a post titled “drawing skills’ which featured David Kao’s gift of photo realistic pencil based drawings. If not, here’s the original link:


Well David just sent me something absolutely incredible in the mail. He did a drawing of the GT-RR demo car we produced and he mailed me the original! It is one of the single most impressive gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you David (and thanks for the note and compliments about our work)! Seeing the detail in the pencil strokes up close and then at the same time moving a foot away and feeling like I was looking at a picture was…amazing…this is a highly technical and precise art David has mastered. Seeing the pics online was one thing, but in person it’s really on a whole different level!

David spends a load of time on these (roughly 20 hours), but I’m trying to convince him to see if perhaps we’d be able to offer his skills for sale online. Perhaps custom ones for people’s cars or desired cars? I know I’d love to see one for my gold S2000 after seeing this one! I don’t know yet if David will do commissioned drawings or not, but my hope is to convince him. The man has a gift and I think he deserves to make some side cash while having fun with it if he can.

I’d like to present to everyone the GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R demo car, as drawn by David Kao.

GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R Pencil Drawing David Kao

I had to put an in-progress shot just because if I was you I probably wouldn’t believe that this is really drawn by hand in pencil!

GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R Pencil Drawing David Kao

Here’s the drawing on my desk as I write this (I’m going to get it framed shortly but I unrolled it to take a pic)

GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R Pencil Drawing David Kao

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