Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

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 BenSopra GT-R Drift Monster at D1GP Booth

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - BenSopra Drift GT-R D1GP

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - BenSopra Drift GT-R D1GP

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D1GP Over – Keiichi Tsuchiya and Daijiro Inada Leave

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D1GP Ended - Tsuchiya and Inada Leave

It looks like D1GP is over. Two of the founders recently announced that they are walking away from the series that they created. This is not a rumor but a reality.

The official source is Tsuchiya’s blog found here:

In Tsuchiya’s own words:

An announcement

9th December 2010

Thank you so much for always supporting D1.

Today I have an announcement to make.

I, keiichi Tsuchiya, and Daijiro Inada, the founder of D1GP will resign from the D1 Corporation.

This decision was made due to the irresponsible management such as ignoring fans, participants and sponsors.

In order to make the D1GP beneficial to everyone, we have persistently asked for improvement but they have rejected our demands and have come up with this unwilling consequence.

Please accept our heartfelt apology and forgive us for our act.

We will restart our career and do our best for the future of drift.

We plan to realize drift events so that fans, participants and sponsors could all be satisfied with.

We appreciate your everlasting support and understanding.

We will continue to provide information about further activities through our homepage.

Sincerely yours,

Keiichi Tsuchiya

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Top Secret R33 Spotted by Stanley Ku

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(check the bottom edit from Ben for clarification on what we’re looking at here)

I checked up on one of my favorite car photographer, Chester Ng’s website and came across an album of a track day held by the Hong Kong Lamborghini Club. I saw this gold colored R33 and immediately recognized it to be the work of Top Secret.



I’m not too sure on the background of this car. I believe it is a demo car build by Top Secret that was intended for drag racing. Looking at the windshield, there is a D1GP decal though. But here, we see it doing some laps as a track car. Maybe Ben knows more about this car and has something to share? Awesome car and looks very fitting on the track. Hong Kong might be a small place, but there are a ton of car enthusiasts with all types of exotics, Euros, and modified cars there.

EDIT BY BEN – This was an amazing find, it really surprised me! I’m truly flattered by this car. This car is not a Top Secret demo car at all. It seems to be a fan of Top Secret’s car which painstakingly recreated the Top Secret S15 D1GP world champion drift car we have sitting in our garage here in Los Angeles. Check out the details, I was shocked to even see our Bulletproof Automotive windshield banner on the rear windshield of this! Its pretty much dead-on accurate with the vinyl! Since there are toys and RC cars made off of the S15, I’m guessing the owner took the decal set and upped the scale of it until it fit his car. If so, hell of a job! I have the S15 D1GP Top Secret die cast on my desk and its pretty much exactly right.

I’ve seen a lot of people try to emulate Top Secret demo cars, but this one is very convincing! Whoever the owner is, they did a great job! This made my day.

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Top Secret D1 Z33 350Z For Sale Right Now!

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Top Secret Z33 350Z D1GP Car

As the international office for Top Secret sometimes we get asked for various favors from Top Secret Japan. Recently we’ve been asked to see if we can help them sell their D1GP Z33 350Z. Top Secret is looking for a quick and uncomplicated sale. They are taking a HUGE loss on this, but it is time for them to R&D more new parts and much like our office here they too have more cars than they need and are looking to trim down.

The car is a beast – 600ps at the wheels at 7200rpm, 3.2L VQ30 engine with JUN internals, One-Off titanium piping,  HKS S15 Sequential Transmission, everything just modified to the max.

Check out the custom work (plus the awesome Bulletproof Automotive sticker dyno proven at 10hp!):

Top Secret Z33 350Z D1GP CarTop Secret Z33 350Z D1GP Car

Top Secret Z33 350Z D1GP CarTop Secret Z33 350Z D1GP CarTop Secret Z33 350Z D1GP CarTop Secret Z33 D1GP Spec List

This is priced for a quick sale – to make an offer email me

The car is sold FOB Chiba, Japan (for pickup at Top Secret Japan). The car is right hand drive and a full race prep vehicle. We will not be doing any consultation or support for export. The purchase is designed to be quick and simple, so if you want it please make an offer and be ready to bank wire payment and arrange for pickup of the car in Japan.

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Vertex E92 M3 D1GP Drift Car

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For the past 6 months so many of my friends in the industry over in Japan have been talking about the build up of this car. If there was one car being produced in 2008 that generated the most hype in Japan, this car is it.

Oddly that hype has been seemingly limited in North America…so much in fact that after reading countless blogs and posts about the car’s debut at TAS, nobody seems to mention one of the most important facts regarding the car…the engine.

This E92 M3 widebody drift car uses a 2JZGTE Supra twin turbo engine. There, finally its been said.

After near eternity driving the infamous red Toyota Soarer, Ueno has picked up some big dollar sponsors and built himself one of the most seriously potent, most expensive D1 cars ever built. I’ll save the complete specs for another blogger out there who has more time to research it and write it all up, but in short the powerful 2J engine along with massive weight reduction and a seriously built chassis will make for a monster of a car when it debuts!

For now, lets enjoy the artistry of Vertex’s widebody E92 M3 drift car:

Vertex E92 BMW M3

Vertex E92 BMW M3Vertex E92 BMW M3

EDIT: It may technically not be an M3 but rather a 335 base car. With how modified it is however, I’m not sure what difference that would make…but still we try to get the facts right when we can! 🙂

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My Day – With 2 Top Secret Race Cars

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Bulletproof Rides

So today I went down to the garage where the Top Secret cars are kept. Microsoft came out to do extensive measurements and photos of the S15 for an upcoming video game and I was there to let them in and supervise.

It was a good chance for me to take some pictures of the two cars, some of which I’ll show now and others I’ll save for a rainy day.

Although I still dont have a XBOX, I’m a little more excited for the the upcoming video game than I thought I’d be. They’re really going crazy with detailing everything…for Forza 2 the Top Secret Silvia D1GP Champ was rendered really well, but they never needed to do any of this stuff (detailed measurements of every little thing, 900+ photos). I guess they’re really stepping their game up. Now, if only Microsoft would give me an XBOX360 for donating my car and my time to the game…

So today I’m here to share some hi-res, non-watermarked pics of Top Secret’s most notorious time attack car and most successful drift car ever built.

The Hi Res:

Bulletproof Rides – Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RR

Bulletproof Rides - Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RRBulletproof Rides - Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RR

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Taniguchi Returns to D1 With HKS Altezza

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 Taniguchi Altezza D1GP 2008

After a couple years away from D1 due to industry politics it looks like D1 and Taniguchi came to some agreement and brought him back. Good for D1 since they’ve been having a bit of trouble lately and Taniguchi’s return should help bring back some lost fans to the troubled series.

Also check the crazy over the top graphics by Mana-P’s MS Revolution. Nuts.

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