FB Update: Ryan’s 370Z with HRE P43S wheels

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Amuse Vestito 370Z with Mine's trunk spoiler and HRE P43S Conical wheels

HRE Performance Wheels just posted a photo of our customer Ryan’s Amuse Vestito 370Z (with a Mines trunk spoiler) debuting their new P43S Conical wheels. Looking good!!!

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/therealjdm.

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Evo X Love

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Bulletproof Lancer Evo X

I can’t help but get pumped up by our customer’s cars. When it comes to the Evo X there are so many customer cars that just blow me away. I couldn’t possibly pick my favorite Evo X’s since there are so many, but here are 5 client cars that get me pumped up. There are a lot more pictures of these and others in our customer car gallery on our facebook page as well.

Bulletproof Lancer Evo XBulletproof Lancer Evo X

Thank you to all of our clients with such awesome taste in modifying! Thanks also to our in house Evo X specialist Jason who has done so much to support and advise countless Evo owners. Jason’s Evo X is also worthy of being in this thread, but since he works with us we’ll leave his car for a different time.

So what is the secret sauce? Quality and authentic goods. That’s the secret. Or maybe it has something to do with the 3 Vs. Think about it…Varis, Volk, Voltex. Something about Evo’s and the letter V… Sprinkle in a little Do Luck for good measure and you have an epic Evo X.

Bulletproof Lancer Evo XBulletproof Lancer Evo X

Don’t get it twisted, it is not all about looks (although that sure helps for a blog post), a proper modified car always needs a balanced and well thought out strategy. Suspension, brakes, power mods and interior are crucial. A little engine bling doesn’t hurt either. We work closely with AMS for a lot of our projects (GT-R and Evo mainly) and tend to suggest AMS or Cosworth when it comes to the power mods. For suspension, I typically suggest Aragosta coilovers but those are strictly for the ballers in today’s world of bad exchange rates on the dollar.

We have a lot of amazing customer cars that didn’t get mentioned here, shoot me a reminder by email and perhaps we’ll get you some shine in a future post.

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Customer Car – Alex’s Evo X

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Alex Evo X Bulletproof Automotive

Here’s one mean looking Lancer Evo X customer car. We get to work with some really awesome people who build some really awesome cars but unfortunately we can only highlight a select few on the blog. This is one of those cars that I just knew needed to be seen.

Varis full aero with a Voltex wing, orange TE37s, Craftsquare mirrors, Bride carbon kevlar Gias seats, Project Mu brake kit, ARC goodies galore in the engine bay…what more can you ask for? For a street driven car, this is really a great balance of beauty and aggressive track functional design.

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Customer Car – Chad’s FD3S RX-7 RE-Amemiya x 24k Gold

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Bulletproof RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 24K Gold RE30

Here is another customer car that I’m super proud to debut here! This car is special to us beyond the fact that it is a completely awesome example of why RE Amemiya makes every FD3S RX-7 look perfect. This car happens to rock a set of 24k gold RE30 wheels that were previously displayed on one of our Tracy Sports widebody S2000s. The wheels are 19×10 and 19×11 and are dipped in real 24k gold (weight increased by only 1lb). The gold rim look is truly a love it or hate it type of look, but to me successful usage is all about what car they are on. Granted, my background has been very integrated with Top Secret for the past decade so perhaps I’m a bit biased, but I think 24k gold wheels look awesome when applied correctly to aggressively tuned Japanese sports cars. Although I would have never guessed these wheels would look great on a yellow car, (they’re perhaps best suited for a white car), they ended up looking just PERFECT on Chad’s FD3S. I really cant think of a better set of wheels to set this car off. Great choice Chad!!!

Bulletproof RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 24K Gold RE30

Most people don’t know that we’ve been a direct RE Amemiya dealer for a very long time. We put our contacts to work on Chad’s car and exported directly to Australia all of the awesome RE Amemiya parts found on this car.

Some of the parts used on the car include:

RE Amemiya – GD-AD aero kit

RE Amemiya -Front Facer N1 02 Model

RE Amemiya -Under Sweep in Carbon

RE Amemiya -Front Canard Pro, Carbon

RE Amemiya -Rear Wing, Wet Carbon

RE Amemiya -Rear Diffuser Pro, Carbon

RE Amemiya -Rear Vortech Generator Set, Carbon

RE Amemiya -Front Aero Mirror Set

Bulletproof RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 24K Gold RE30

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Customer Car – Thi’s Mugen CR-Z

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Mugen CR-Z

As a sign of the times we’ve stepped up our Hybrid game and we’ve been very involved in the budding CR-Z community. It’s been our pleasure to work with new CR-Z owners eager for some quality parts.

Thi came to us to help him improve his CR-Z with some quality Japanese tuning and we were more than happy to be a part of the project!

As a result, we feel this is one of the cleanest CR-Zs in the US.

Mod list includes:
Mugen Front Lip
Mugen Side Skirts
Mugen MF10
Spoon Exhaust
Cusco Zero1 Coilovers
Cusco front lower bar
Cusco front and rear sway bar
JDM Honda Visors

Thank you Thi!

Mugen CR-ZMugen CR-Z

Mugen CR-ZMugen CR-Z

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Customer Car: Range Rover Sport Widebody

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Rob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 Widebody

With all news being GT-R related around here lately, today I looked for something as far opposite as possible to post. So here we go, a customer car of the most unique kind…a UKDM widebody Range Rover Sport! And not a GT-R. Check.

This is a cool story to me and is something I think a lot of readers can relate to that are in my age bracket. My client Rob started working with me almost five years ago on his Honda S2000. Over the years we worked together and he ended up putting together one of the cleanest and nicest S2000s I’ve still ever seen. It is absolutely a flawlessly executed street car build, top notch 100% (another post will come on that).

During the years that followed Rob and I would keep in touch as both of us grew in age, life and perspective. Now with me having crept past the 30 yr mark and Rob with a beautiful baby boy and family, times have changed a little bit. Sure Rob still loves his S2000 (and I still love mine too!) but in Rob’s case, he needed a family ride since I doubt his son would be happy in the S2000’s trunk for road trips.

So what happens when a S2000 enthusiast decides to build a Range Rover? Import a widebody and do it right! (Of course!!!)

In one of the more unusual projects I’ve done lately, I got Rob this Concept 802 widebody kit produced in the UK and then Rob set out to build a useable, super unique daily driver to do family things, outdoorsy things and just to live a grown mans life.

I’m still suggesting that he gets these rims we’ve picked out, but regardless of that small detail I think the car is absolutely awesome for daily driving duties.

What do you all think?

Rob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 WidebodyRob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 Widebody

Rob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 WidebodyRob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 Widebody

A preview of a perfect street spec S2000 also built by Rob:

Rob's S2000

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