FB Update: Varis Evo 9

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Henry's Varis Evo 9

Check out Henry’s awesome Varis Evo 9.  Shot by seven10.

– Varis Euro Edition wing, rear diffuser, side skirts, shift knob
– Cusco roll cage
– Ganador mirrors
– AME TM-02s
– and many more!

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FB Update: Speed Element Evo

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The guys at Speed Element pump out some amazing cars. We’re proud to have been a supplier partner on this project car.

Varis Evo by Speed Element

Some of the mods:
VARIS 09 front bumper
VARIS carbon fiber front lip
VARIS carbon fiber canards
VARIS side skirts with carbon underboard
VARIS limited edition Maziora carbon shift knob
VOLTEX V-mount

Varis Evo by Speed Element with wing

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FB Update: Customer’s Voltex Evo 9

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customer car: Voltex Evo 9

With all of the GT-R builds that we feature, many forget that we’re actually Voltex’s oldest direct distributor in the US.  Here’s a nice CT9A Evo build we were involved with.  The car was conceptualized and built flawlessly by our friends in Puerto Rico – Alejandro and the guys at STPR.

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Hardcore Evo Time Attack Build In Germany

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Varis Time Attack Evo Germany Japo Motorsports

This car just looks serious. Produced by a Varis distributor in Germany, this car features the full catalog of aero parts. In addition it has AP racing brakes and full power mods by AMS.

CT9A guys are lucky to have already proven aerodynamic kits from Varis and Voltex.  The CT9A chassis has in my opinion some of the best and most proven aero options of any chassis there is. A car like this with catalog ordered aero parts I feel proves it. Varis has designed some incredible parts to turn the Evo into an instant race car. It doesnt hurt that this car has chassis mods, motor mods, brake mods and suspension mods to back it up!

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Customer Car: Heavily Modded Do Luck Widebody Evo 9

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Bulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck Widebody

This car is easily one of my favorite customer Evo’s ever. The car is extensively modified and features a very rare set of wheels and aero to set it off. The 18×10.5+15 GT-R face Volk TE37 wheels are Top Secret limited models. Every exterior piece of the car has been modified from Do Luck with the exception of the hood which is a C-West piece. I particularly love the widebody elements of the Do Luck kit, the rear fenders in particular are pure perfection on this Evo.

Bulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck WidebodyBulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck Widebody

It was great to see this car show up to our The Real JDM meet up we held late last year. The car is simply perfect looking in person. Although I’m certainly a fan of the pictures too. The picture below is my current desktop background. I’ve formatted the pictures all in hi-res so they’ll make fitting desktops if you happen to like the car as much as I do!

(photo credits for these amazing shots go to Clifford Sutrisno)

Bulletproof Evo 9 Customer Car Do Luck Widebody

Lastly, here is the full (and intimating) mod list as supplied by the current owner Kelvin

– Custom Satin Black Paint Job by L&G Enterprise
– Do-Luck Full Wide Body
– Do-Luck Front Bumper
– Do-Luck Front Carbon Fiber Canards
– Do-Luck Front Wide Fenders
– Do-Luck Side Skirts
– Do-Luck Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Splitters
– Do-Luck Wide Quarter Panels
– Do-Luck Rear Bumper Splitters
– Do-Luck Rear Carbon Fiber
– Do-Luck GT T-2 Wing
– Do-Luck Duckbill Trunk
– C-West Carbon Fiber Hood
– Craft Square Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors Polarized
– JDM Evo 8 MR Headlights
– JDM Evo 8 MR Tail Lights
– ARC Windmaster Fender Liner Vents

– Bride Zeta lll Racing Seats
– Bride Lower Seat Rails
– Takata Long Racing Harnesses
– OMP Limited Tommi Mäkinen Ralliart Championship Steering Wheel
– Top Secret Steering Wheel Quick Release
– Works Bell Steering Wheel Hub
– ARC Polished Titanium Shift Knob
– Alpine CDA-9856 Head Unit
– Okuyama/Dash Complete 6-Point Roll Cage
– Gruppe-S 60mm Gauge Bezel
– Defi BF Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Boost Gauges with Control Unit 2
– Zeitronix Wideband Meter
– Blitz Electronic Boost Controller
– HKS Turbo Timer
– Carbing Rear Seat Delete Panel

– Top Secret Gold Volk TE37 18×10.5 + 15 offset
– Toyo Proxes R888 285/30/18 Tires
– Spare Bronze Volk TE37 18×10.5 +15 offset
– Continental ContiSportContact 2 265/40/18 Tire
– Go Tuning Titanium Lug Nuts
– Alcon Monoblock 6 Pot Big Brake Kit
– Alcon 355 MM 2 Piece Rotors
– Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
– Ferodo DS3000 Front rear Brake Pads
– Apex’i N1 Robispec Tuned Coilovers
– Progress Rear Sway Bar
– ARC Front Titanium Strut Bar
– ARC Rear Titanium Strut Bar
– ARC Titanium Trunk bar

– ARC Wide Core Intercooler
– ARC Radiator
– ARC Radiator Cap
– ARC Titanium Heat Shied
– ARC Intake
– ARC Upper Intercooler Pipe
– ARC Oil Cap
– ARC Titanium Valve Cover
– ARC Full Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust
– Road Race Rally Cat
– Trust Downpipe
– Forge Alloy Power Steering tank
– Forge Alloy Header Tank
– Nisei Mini Battery Tray
– Odyssey Mini battery
– STM Radiator Brackets
– HKS 280 Cams
– Warlbro 255 Fuel Pump

One last picture just for good measure:

Alcon 6 piston Top Secret Te37

Great job to Tom (original owner) and Kelvin (current owner) for representing the dream to the fullest!

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LanEvo 8 x GT-RR Picture

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Bulletproof Lancer Evolution 8

Last night I met up with my good friend for sushi. In the midst of enjoying some incredible blue fin toro and live amaebi we learned that our sushi chef has a RPS13 180SX with a SR20DET. Pretty cool! Apparently he overheard our conversation and joined in with the JDM themed discussion! Now I just need to find a way to trade discounts on tuning parts for free omakase meals! 🙂 Then my life will be complete!

After dinner I snapped a picture of my freind”s car because I have not taken any pictures of it in a long while. His Evo was a car that I put together for him roughly 4 years ago using essentially the full Varis aero parts lineup (front spoiler, front fenders, front fender ducts, front canards, brake duct, air intake duct, aero hood, and side diffusers all in carbon fiber). The car also uses a set of molded in Voltex rear over fenders, a JDM spec Evo 9 rear bumper and mines trunk spoiler. The exhaust system is full Mines and the suspension is Zeal with CE28Ns in flat black with a gold lip in 18×9.5+15. I say all of these specs partially because I think the car is really cool and partially because the car is for sale!

live amaebi

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Work that EVO VIII. by Alex Butti

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By now most of you have heard that the Sierra Sierra Enterprises has broken the record at Buttonwillow a couple of weeks ago. It was a feat, considering how many cars have been trying to chase the record but always fell short.
What is more impressive is not the actual-official lap time (1:43.430, although they ran an unofficial 1:43.200) but the fact that it took Sierra Sierra Enterprises only a year of development to achieve this goal. Taking also into consideration that HKS had been working on their Lancer EVO’s since 2002, you gradually start to understand what an achievement SSE accomplished. I said 2002 because HKS developed the EVO TBR-02 around that time (hence the 02). HKS spent countless amount of time doing R&D, collecting valuable data and they ended up destroying the car at Tsukuba (thanks to Nobuteru Taniguchi). All that work was not wasted though, because the information gathered through the TBR-02 was used toward the CT230R. For years the CT230R had been breaking records left and right. Most of you recall what happened in 2007 at Buttonwillow. HKS came, conquered the track and left a bold statement on the US soil (with a lap time of 1:43.523). That was until March 28th 2010.
Let’s take a closer look to this EVO VIII.
First of all, the SSE EVO does not sport a dry carbon fiber bodykit like the CT230R, but wet carbon panels thanks to Kaminari. Wet carbon fiber is heavier and more fragile than dry carbon fiber, as the resin and the hardening are not distributed homogeneously. This means that the car weights a bit more than the CT230R. Roughly 2750lbs. (the HKS CT230R weight about 2370lbs.).
What it lacks in “silhouette” though it makes up in aerodynamic. As you can see from the picture above, the car resembles very much a DTM racecar. Under the SSE EVO’s belly, there is a sheet of carbon fiber (dry) that runs along the car, from the front splitter to the rear diffuser, which in term it helps to keep the air-turbulence to a minimum. The carbon sheet helps to speed up the air underneath the car helping the chassis to be more stable at high speed. It is a very basic aerodynamic concept.
Here is a closer look at the front end:
Much like the CT230R, the SSE EVO lacks front lights and blinkers (for obvious reasons). The square-looking holes seen above provide fresh air to the oil coolers, while the canards ensure more front bite on the front tires (again, simple aerodynamic concept). Speaking of tires: this EVO wears Hankook C91 DOT tires (275/35/18) wrapped on Advan RS wheels. Although the cars also runs on Volk CE28n’s and TE37’s.
I know some of you are curious to know what’s under the hood. So here it is:
The long block was entirely built by Cosworth, using their 2.2L forged-stroker kit along with Cosworth headgasket, head-studs and valvetrain, with of course bump sticks (280 duration for the intake and 272 duration for the exhaust. Unfortunately I do not know the lift of the cams).
Other bits of the engine are: Full Race exhaust manifold, Garrett twin-scroll turbo (I do not know the spec of the turbo sorry), a Kansai Service intake manifold, dual TiAl wastegate, TiAl BOV, C&R radiator, custom I/C, and lots of Wiggins clamps. (Wiggins clamps are expensive but provide the best seal possible and are tested to support up to 125 PSI of pressure). Along with the Wiggins clamps you also see that all the vacuum lines have been swapped with AN fittings to increase reliability.
You can also see that SSE/ Cosworth used gold foils throughout the engine bay to isolate the heat produced by the 560 hp engine from the ECU harnesses. Mil-Spec wiring was used throughout the car along with Raychem DR25 tubing to ensure insulation and protection; again, for reliability.
Here is where all the magic is orchestrated together. Cosworth’s very own Pectel SQ6 ECU, Pi GPS beacon, and Pectel EDC differential computers; yes, you read that right. This EVO’s differentials are tuned by separate computers.
What’s more to say? There is a NACA duct on the rear passenger’s lexan window that is connected to a 3” silicon hose which draws in fresh air to the electrical fan underneath the EMS, which helps to cool down the ECU’s. Cool eh?
Last but not least, the suspension and chassis tuning bits: the shock towers have been reinforced with steel plates, along with a FIA-approved rollcage, while 4 way Dynamic coilovers have been replaced the stock Bilstein struts. Surprisingly the stock control arms have been left alone aside from the spherical bushings and custom rear toe-arms.
As the picture shows, the rear (and front) stock swaybars have been ditched in favor of these custom mounted units. Very tricky pieces I may say. They can be controlled in the cockpit thanks to adjustable levers, which stiffen or soften the swaybars based on track layout.
Brakes duty is taken care of by Brembo GT magnesium calipers (6 titanium pistons up front, and 4 pistons in the rear). Of course there is an adjustable brake bias knob in the cabin to control the clamping force.
So the SSE EVO broke the record at Buttonwillow, but we all know that HKS has been working on their latest project; the CZ200S. Not to forget also is the Tarzan/ Tomei STi. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
That’s all I have to say for now.
If you want to see more pictures of the SSE EVO, check my link:

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