A Real JDM Hybrid by Patrick Callahan

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Lately, the CR-Z has been getting quite a bit of attention since it’s a hybrid with sporting pretensions. It’s certainly a step ahead of the Prius. However, one of the first hybrid cars recently caught my attention. Way back in 2001 Toyota decided to produce a hybrid version of the Crown Royal (no, seriously, that’s the name of the car). Far from the stodgy 1NZ series found in the Prius, Toyota used what may be the most advanced normally aspirated version of the venerable 2JZ series, the 2JZ-FSE.

I must admit that even I had to dig a little deeper when I saw that engine code. A quick search reveals this engine featured direct-injection (remember we’re talking about 2001!) and an extremely high compression ratio for a car designed to run on pump gas. Between this and a mild hybrid system resulted in the car being rated at 27mpg city despite a curb weight over 4000lbs.

This is all impressive enough, but the engine is still only rated for 217hp. This might be adequate for cruising in the Royal, but is hardly an inspiring figure. However, what if this engine were to find its way into an MkIV Supra, IS300 or even a Silvia. It wouldn’t be breaking any ground to fit one of these engines in one of those chassis as the block is very familiar, but imagine a lightweight dual-purpose drift/daily S13 that gets Yaris-esque mileage on the way to the track, offset any emissions that may have been avoided with big white clouds of tire smoke and then proceed to commute for the next week on the same tank of gas. Now that’s a hybrid in every sense of the word!

Tuning this engine would require a herculean effort and you’d do well to pick up some textbooks on combustion theory while you’re at it, but there’s really no need to. The stock the engine produces an effortless 217lb-ft of torque at only 3600rpm and that’s more than enough to put a lightweight car sideways in a hurry.

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Old School JDM Weekend Treat

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I know I was planning on not posting anything else for the weekend but I wanted to drop one quick post in.

Check out this super old school 60 series Toyota Crown with a swapped 1JZGTE VVTI engine from a JZX100 Mark II. Modern twin turbo incline 6 power in an old school cruiser like this must make for a fun combination!

This car was sold recently in Japan for a little under $40,000 and was produced by C&Y Sports of Japan.

60 Series Crown with 1JZGTE VVTI JZX100 Engine Swap

60 Series Crown with 1JZGTE VVTI JZX100 Engine Swap60 Series Crown with 1JZGTE VVTI JZX100 Engine Swap

You know that Rocky Auto Z shook me up when I’m posting random things like this on the weekend!

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VIP Crown by Matt Rus

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Remember mysterious cat that we met in earlier post? Here we meet it again but we don’t know what he is up to now.

In all seriousness, this Toyota Crown caught my eye for three reasons. First is the rear burnt titanium exhaust tip which isn’t in the usual location on the back. Instead, it’s just after the rear Work Meister S1 wheel. The second reason is the Trust intercooler mounted behind the Car Sense bumper. It is relatively hidden, but still noticeable if you are paying attention. The third reason I like this Crown is the insane camber!



Here you can look closer to the side exhaust and also our mysterious cat wearing different camouflage.


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