ZELE x Bulletproof Automotive 370Z Z34 USA Demo Car

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From Japan to USA… a new demo car is born.


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Customer Car – Raymond’s CZ4A Evo X

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CZ4A Evo X Varis, Bulletproof Automotive, Customer Car, Raymond

Here’s another Bulletproof Automotive customer car feature! We just received some new pictures from the car’s owner Raymond after he installed the US’s first Varis Euro Spec 1430mm carbon fiber wing. The wing really looks incredible on the car! Raymond recently also picked up a set of the classic Craftsquare TC-F carbon fiber mirrors. Next up we’re bringing him in some YR Advance parts from Japan and hopefully we can convince him to run a Do Luck trunk on there for the full effect! 🙂

CZ4A Evo X Varis, Bulletproof Automotive, Customer Car, RaymondCZ4A Evo X Varis, Bulletproof Automotive, Customer Car, Raymond

CZ4A Evo X Varis, Bulletproof Automotive, Customer Car, RaymondCZ4A Evo X Varis, Bulletproof Automotive, Customer Car, Raymond

Raymond’s car is looking great and we’re really proud to be a part of the project!

CZ4A Evo X Varis, Bulletproof Automotive, Customer Car, Raymond

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A Favorite Of Mine – Rocky Auto S31Z Fairlady Z

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rocky auto 240z RB26DETT S30 Fairlady Z

Tokyo Auto Salon brought the goods as expected, but some things were not in the same packages as traditionally expected. One of the topics I’ll continue to talk about when thinking of what went well at TAS is the resurgence of old school JDM tuning and styling. Rays wheels predicted it early with their release a couple months back of a retro sized and styled TE37 wheel. However it was not until TAS started that the world saw the resurgence of vintage JDM!

As much as I love modern cars and especially the latest R35 GT-R, this Rocky Auto S31Z Fairlady Z does everything that the modern cars can’t.

Yet it does it with modern technology in an old school package. Let me explain…

The car blends the best of all eras, starting with the legendary and timeless S31 Fairlady as a basis. Then it takes one of the most legendary engines out of Japan, the RB26DETT from a R34 GT-R and tunes it to 589 wheel horsepower. The true power of the car is actually unknown because when I talked to Mukaida-san of Rocky Auto he told me that the car kept trying to jump off of the dyno. I have a feeling that the T04Z turbocharged engine has even greater potential. The suspension has been also set up with a modern set of Aragosta coilovers which were custom modified to fit the car. The brakes were also upgraded to Brembo Ferrari OEM units.

Even the finish of the car is ultra modern, using the Nissan GT-R Spec V limited color, Ultimate Black Opal (essentially the R35’s version of Midnight Purple). You can also notice the R35 GT-R OEM bonnet ducts fitted to the carbon hood which is a nice touch of blending old and new. Another piece of modern function are the craftsquare mirrors. The interior was finished flawlessly as well with a pristine and perfectly integrated roll cage. Massive Work S1 3pc wheels fill the custom molded blister fenders.

Mukaida-san said that the car drives wonderfully, and I don’t doubt that one bit. I didn’t write down the weight he told me but I know it was in the 1200kg range. Weight distribution on this car after the swap is 60/40 front to rear.

Speaking purely for myself, a car like this is one of the ultimate examples of a greatly enjoyable driver’s car. Most modern cars can be built to be faster, but in terms of feeling, connection to the car and rawness an example like this is irreplaceable and incomparable to modern cars. Sure modern cars can be faster, easier to drive fast and more comfortable, but if you drive something like this then you’re really driving rather than modern cars with their technology that drive us more than we drive them.

My feelings continue to grow stronger towards cars like this, the Hakosuka GT-R and also even the E30 M3. I don’t know if this segment of tuning will ever get popular enough to support an industry in the US for it, but I hope so because I feel like someday everyone will want to drive modern engine swapped old school lightweight rides like these. Somehow I feel like this is the future, even though its the furthest thing from it.

rocky auto 240z RB26DETT S30 Fairlady Zrocky auto 240z RB26DETT S30 Fairlady Zrocky auto 240z RB26DETT S30 Fairlady Zrocky auto 240z RB26DETT S30 Fairlady Z

For the record, Rocky Auto is one of the best in the game at builds like this. For how much exposure the blog world has given RWB’s Porsches last year, I hope Rocky Auto gets he same love for their old school Fairlady and GT-R builds which all seem to be flawless!


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News Release Update: Craftsquare R35 GT-R Mirrors Picture Release

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Craftsquare R35 GT-R

As mentioned in last weeks’ press release, GT-R Super GT500 mirror supplier Craftsquare and GT-RR.COM have partnered exclusively to release a street replacement mirror set for the R35 GT-R. Now a picture has surfaced of the final design of the street version mirrors. The TCA-F design is similar to the tried and tested Touring Competition mirrors from Craftsquare, however the GT-R application features a subtlety deeper profile to make them even more slippery with their aerodynamic ability.

The R35 GT-R application features black bases which use the stock mounting locations and blend in nicely. For owners planning to one day sell or trade their car in, these mirrors are great because they are completely bolt on and easily reversible.

These are the most “streetable” race mirrors in existence with a wide profile and a wide angle lense which when combined offer incredible horizontal visibility.

These carbon fiber mirrors weigh in at only 390 grams per mirror! (Less than a pound)

GT-RR.COM has sets on order in limited numbers and are being pre-sold now.

More information can be found directly here:


Craftsquare R35 GT-R Super GT500

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News: GT-RR.COM Partners with GT500 Parts Supplier Craftsquare

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Nissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare Mirrors

August 27th, 2009

GT-RR.COM Partners with GT500 Parts Supplier Craftsquare

GT-RR has been selected as the exclusive North American distributor of Craftsquare’s upcoming R35 GT-R specific mirror conversion. The Craftsquare application will be a direct replacement for the stock R35 GT-R mirrors, using original mounting locations for a clean and simple bolt on installation. Craftsquare is used in Super GT racing by Nissan because of their functional advantage in aerodynamics as well as weight savings. Craftsquare, because of their wide use and history within the Japanese Super GT series has benefited from extensive wind tunnel testing. The countless hours of wind tunnel testing has resulted in determining the unique and functional shape of their mirrors. Each set of Craftsquare mirrors is produced in Japan with a  full carbon fiber housing to maximize weight savings.

Craftsquare has a long history of success on race cars in countless forms of motorsport, yet is also very popular for street applications on Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and many Japanese vehicles such as the previous generation Nissan GT-Rs. The mirrors are known for being highly functional during daily driving, maintaining a comparable horizontal range of vision to the stock mirrors. This is accomplished by being wider than most “racing” aftermarket mirrors and also by use of a wide angle mirror. The result is less blind spots and a more usable mirror set for the street or circuit.

The design is being finalized now for the Nissan R35 GT-R street application, it will differ in shape slightly from the Super GT500 racing application due to the car’s mounting location and body dimensions being different between the street and the race car. This new design from Craftsquare will be titled as a “TCA-F” mirror set and will be comparable to what is found on the Super GT Lamborghini Gallardo pictured below.

Craftsquare TCA-F
Once actual product photos are released they will be on display immediately at www.gt-rr.com.

Official pricing has been competitively priced at $795.00 USD, all inclusive of importation costs, duties and insurance from Japan.

An initial order has just entered production in Japan and the mirrors are available by pre-sale immediately. The mirrors will be exclusive items and will be imported in limited numbers. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Contact and Order Information:

Website: GT-RR.COM

Voice – 213 745 6954

email: sales@gt-rr.com

Note – Endless USA is the official and sole agent of Craftsquare in North America. GT-RR is procuring Craftsquare mirrors in partnership with Endless USA, using official distribution channels. The full support of Endless USA and Craftsquare Japan will be in tact on all sales conducted by GT-RR.COM, as the only official supply source for North America.
Nissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare MirrorsNissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare Mirrors

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The Most Hardcore Suzuki Jimmy Ever Made

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Suzuki Jimmy JDM Time Attack

When I first saw this Suzuki Jimmy I thought it was just an amusing joke of a car…you know the kind, those cars that try to look like something their not and amuse us because they are so rediculous.

Yes this Suzuki is indeed still rediculous, but upon closer inspection the owner of this car clearly knows what he/she is doing. A look at some of the modifications and you can tell that the owner is well versed in Japanese tuning:

Craftsquare mirrors

Brembo DC5 brake system

Volk TE37s with Bridgestone semi slicks (RE55S perhaps, I’m not sure)

A Nismo Z Tune-esque type aero bonnet

Bride Seats with Takata Harnesses

A chop top roof

As to why they chose a Jimmy to modify, I really have no idea.  I just think they have a great sense of humor and creativity.

I wonder what engine they put in there. I’d like to think its a S2000 motor with RWD conversion.




I’m not the first on this one, another blog I enjoy called Farm of Minds found it before me from some undisclosed location on the interwebs


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Craftsquare New Mirror Shape

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I’ve been a fan of craft square mirrors for what feels like forever now. The design has never really changed in the past decade, and yet they still look as functional and fresh as they ever did. That however didn’t stop Craft Square from developing a new shape…will this ever see its way onto street cars? Perhaps. You can bet its functional…the Xanavi Super GT car runs them.

Craft Square new design

and a bonus shot to make it a little more personal with craft square mirrors on my car…

This pic below was taken of my S2000 back in 2002. And yes, although it wasn’t crazy gold and widebodied back then, I was certainly still rocking quality JDMness like an amuse exhaust, dry carbon c-west trunk, mugen carbon hardtop, amuse suspension, and other quality bits. To those of you new to me and Bulletproof, perhaps you never saw pictures of my car back in the day…so here’s some hi-res old school action of my S2000 for you.

Ben’s S2000 Back In The Day

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