Breathalyzer Law For ALL US Cars Happening Now In Congress

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I received an email today from Ryan, a regular reader of the blog. He shared with me this proposed law in congress which seems to be getting much closer to a reality. Considering that if this passes it will perhaps become a mandatory feature of future cars in the US, this seems to be a highly relevant discussion to have here.

Although I am fully behind the idea of reducing drunk driving I’m a bit undecided in my view of this potential future law. The idea and the implementation of it seems overly invasive and could result in a lot of unforeseen problems. For example…(and this is a stretch) lets say someone gets injured, starts bleeding and needs to drive to the hospital immediately. If they had a drink or two prior to getting injured they could end up bleeding to death in a car that simply will not start because of this law. Granted that example is a stretch, but surely situations like that would happen on occasion if a law like this were to get passed nationwide (which it very well might).

What are your thoughts? Congress is having this discussion so perhaps car enthusiasts should too.

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