FB Update: Bensopra TRUST 35RX Authentic Demo Car For Sale

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1200ps TRUST Bensopra demo car for sale

The authentic 1200ps TRUST demo car in collaboration with Bensopra is available for purchase. Bulletproof / GT-RR has been asked to offer the car for purchase for our international clients. The car is available for export outside of Japan (North America not included) and we can assist with export. The car is a Japanese spec, right hand drive car.

For serious inquiries, please email sales@gt-rr.com for further information. Please let us know a bit about yourself; we are interested in finding the right buyer first before we discuss prices. The price will be fair for the car and the parts on the car, however as you likely would imagine this is not a cheap car. Please do not email simply inquiring for price.

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The Find – Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune For Sale!

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Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM

I just returned from my most recent trip to Japan. During these trips I’m often lucky enough to find some really cool stuff because of my network of friends out there in the industry. Usually its new parts and inside news, but this time it was something far different… I was shocked to find a friend of mine who asked for my assistance in selling a very VERY rare BNR34 GT-R Z-Tune by Nismo. This is an authentic Nismo produced car (only 19 were ever made). The car (as expected) is an extremely special collectors car which is unlikely to ever depreciate in value due to the historical significance and legendary status amongst GT-R enthusiasts (plus only 19 exist and no more will ever be produced). Not to mention is runs like a monster on crack for those lucky enough to take it to the streets or circuit.

I took some pictures of the car when I got a chance to see it in the flesh. It was a really special moment to get up close and personal with this rare piece of JDM GT-R history. I’ve seen these cars in the past at events but usually they were roped off and inaccessible. Checking out the custom bits that cant be bought was a special moment for me. Things like the carbon fiber reinforced chassis points and the insanely over-engineered titanium Z-Tune SPL strut tower bar were the little joys in life that remind me how much I love my job!

I’ve added the car to GT-RR.COM’s website and it can be found here:


For those fortunate enough to ask the scary question of how much it costs, please email us at sales@gt-rr.com.

For the rest of us, more car porn (pictures of this beast) can be found at the link above and a couple of extra pics below.

Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTRNismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTR

Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTR

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