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Bulletproof Illuminati canyon drive

Here’s a few more photos from the canyon run that the Socal Illuminati crew did last weekend.

Bulletproof Illuminati demo car R35 GT-R

Our demo car has new Top Racing dry carbon hood and doors.  Shed more than 50 pounds!  Anyone else taking their ride out for a Sunday spin?

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Bulletproof S2000 Topless

Summer weather has arrived out in Southern California and it has become time once again to go topless.

I took a couple of photos of the S2000 out at the canyons last weekend sans-roof. I still think the car looks better with the crazy hardtop, but it is a lot more fun to drive without it.

Bulletproof S2000 Topless

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Bulletproof S2000 Canyon Run

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Bulletproof S2000 GT Canyon Run

After being without my S2000 for what feels like forever, I am very happy to have it back freshly off of a new tune (thanks Shawn Church). The car currently is putting down 421 wheel horsepower at very close to its 9000rpm redline. Rather than have my first experiences with the new tune be in rush hour traffic, I decided to take her out to the Malibu canyons Sunday evening to get reacquainted. After driving the GT-R lately, the S2000 is such a massively different car in more ways than I have time to explain here.

One thing I can elaborate on is that while the GT-R has monster torque and power everywhere, the S2000 felt initially sluggish by comparison (even with this larger power tune). That is until passing 8000prm….The last 1000rpm on the tachometer, especially in this particular S2000 is what separates the S2000 from the GT-R. Whatever the GT-R has on the S2000 (which is as you might imagine quite a lot), the S2000’s last 1000rpm makes up greatly for its losses and shows the car’s true colors. Ultimately the difference between the two is that the GT-R unleashes the fury early and often, but this S2000 has soul and a fight in it that the GT-R in it’s current state can’t match. Just when I think the S2000 feels slow compared to the GT-R, that last 1000rpm in which the power rises to 421 wheel hp reminds me that the S2000 was a beast all along and it just needs to be provoked more brutally for it to bite your head clean off.

In the canyons the difference between the GT-R and the S2000 was found. The GT-R runs effortlessly hard out of the gate but this S2000 when truly engaged and tested to the limits proves that it indeed has the truer spirit of a fighter.

Here’s a video below I took to showcase the scenery. If you want to hear the full Amuse exhaust you can skip to the last couple seconds (Amuse titanium header, Amuse sports catalyer and Amuse Euro 7022 dual exhaust)

(video also available in 720p HD)

Bulletproof S2000 GT Canyon Run

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The Joys of Driving by Kristoffer Friberg

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Growing up on the East Coast, I hadn’t spent much time near the ocean.  Minus the occasional trips to Coney Island or my vacations in South Florida, I can count the number of trips to the ocean I’ve hand on two hands.  So naturally, when I moved out to Cali to work at BP, I started spending many of my free weekends on the west side of LA just to be near the Pacific.  (now how this relates to cars)


Throughout my life, I’ve heard all about the SoCal car experience – traffic, the best tuning shops around, high gas prices and more traffic.  Of course, I always wondered how people could tolerate having modified cars, while spending more than half their time driving on freeways and sitting in bumper to bumper in traffic (as it is now, I spend, on average, an hour in said traffic on the way to work everyday).  I had heard of the legendary Muholland Highway, and of course the canyon roads in Malibu with their spectacular views of the Pacific and amazing curves, so when I got out here and started driving, I knew where I had to go.


At this point, I’ve been to the canyons a few times (including one faithful trip that ended up with Ben’s S2K on a flatbed ride home), but I hadn’t taken the time to really appreciate the experience fully.  This past Labor Day weekend, I took a trip up to Malibu to hit the beach with my girl, but before we laid out, I had to scratch the itch and take a drive up in the canyons to see the beautiful view and have a little fun driving (safely, of course).  I stopped along the way and snapped a few photos at what has become my favorite spot for viewing the mountains and the Pacific ocean in their full glory.


The point of all this is, we’re all car guys and of course we love driving, but I feel like a lot of the enjoyment gets lost for those of us that are too busy with life, or live where freeways are essentially parking lots.  I think my message here is that it’s important to take some time every now and then and take a little trip somewhere where you can really take it all in, be one with your car, and love the experience of driving…and life.


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