FB Update: Cyber GT-R Fenders

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Cyber GT-R C-West front wide fenders now for sale

Special delivery. Cyber GT-R fenders and wheel from C-West.  We posted about these fenders back in February when they were still in production, and now they’re in our office, looking classy on our couch!

You can check out the steering wheel here and the carbon fenders here on GT-RR.

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Who Is Tracy Sports? – Pt. 2

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Tracy Sports should be known more than they are, but they purposely kept themselves out of the spotlight for many years. Do you like C-West, J’s Racing, or 5 Zigen’s race cars that compete in Super Taikyu, Time Attack and Endurance Racing? If so then you like Tracy Sports instantly because Tracy Sports is the shop that fabricated almost all of those company’s race cars from the groud up. Yes…that C-West dry carbon S2000 time attack car is actually a Tracy Sports time attack S2000 that utilizes C-West Aero and carries C-West’s name.

Tracy Sports Twin S2000 Time Attack Cars

Tracy Sports themselves are most famous for the NSX which they campaigned in the Super Taikyu race series for many years. They even manage international teams, for example when J’s Racing competes in Korea it is Tracy Sports who is helping to run the team.

Tracy Sports NSX in Korea

Tracy Sports is about as hard core of a race car builder as they get, competing in many forms of racing globally and doing everything from team management to R&D, Aero parts design and engine building. But it has only been in recent years that they’ve started making their own name as famous as those companies which they’ve been behind all of these years.

Tracy Sports Fabrication

Tomorrow we’ll focus on NSX’s and look at some great photos!

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