FB Update: Full Carbon Bugatti

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full carbon Bugatti Veyron

THE nicest Veyron out there.

via BLACK Magazine

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JUN Veyron Top Speed Car – Incredible Photoshop

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JUN Bugatti Veyron Top Speed Car

Lately I’ve made a couple of friends in France who both have some INCREDIBLE photoshop skills. Cedric and Charlie are these two masters at the craft. Cedric has helped me with a concept car we’re looking at producing and I’ll feature some of his art later on. For now I’ll leave you with this incredible rendering of what a JUN Bugatti Veyron would look like. Great work Charlie!

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BAPE Bugatti Veyron

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Nigo, perhaps the most brilliant marketing mind in fashion, has now customized his $1M+ Veyron. The BAPE Camo Rolls Royce Phantom was a wild and popular car (who else is insane enough to Camo a Phantom?), and Nigo seems to feel the need to out-do himself with a Pink BAPE Camo Veyron.

There’s perhaps no better way to celebrate his fashion empire than to (arguably) deface the worlds most expensive production car with an unlikely combination of Pink and Camo paint. Regardless of what you feel about the car, Nigo deserves everything he’s earned over the past decade…he’s brilliant and if he wants to screw with million dollar collectors cars then he can. Thats the power of money and respect right there.


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