Cars I Want To See Built – Boso Styled Delorean

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Boso Styled Delorean

Whether in the practical sense or the spiritual sense, it tends to be a good idea to put thoughts out into the world that you want to see happen. As such, I’ve decided to start what perhaps will become a reoccurring section to this blog in which we’ll discuss cars that I want to see built. At the very least it’ll be entertaining to share ideas, but perhaps just somehow, someone will become inspired to do something about it.

So I have to start somewhere…and one of the first cars I would love to build if I had the time and money is a bosozoku styled Delorean DMC-12.

Yes it’s true that Back To The Future is one of my all time favorite movie series, so already the car is something special to me even in stock form. But if you step away from the time machine aspect, the Delorean is extremely unique and old school which fits with the boso palette essentials. Add to the fact that it’s a RR layout and you open up the possibilities further. Why? Any good boso styled car has crazy widebody flares so it must be rear wheel drive. Also, any good boso styled car has a nutty exhaust system…what better way to go crazy creative on an exhaust then when the motor is already in the back.

Performance wise, the car retains a key component of the old school in that it’s relatively light weight. 2712lbs to be exact.  Power wise, the car’s a bit slow with only 170hp but what if that rear engine V6 is swapped out with a NSX motor? Keeping the motor naturally aspirated, perhaps rather than an exhaust in the conventional sense there could be some one-off crazy shaped headers that dump to atmosphere out of the rear bumper or hatch area (think like a Zonda but with 6 pipes instead of 4 and maybe a bit crazier in length and location).

Also, I really think the Delorean would look crazy with the boso shark nose look.

boso shark nose

And you remember how in back to the future the car has all sorts of external messes of functional modifications like recycling food into fuel…well any real life boso Delorean needs the external oil coolers and crazy visible plumbing.

External Oil Cooler Boso

If anyone with a bunch of money for a crazy project wants me to build them a boso Delorean or anything else, let me know! I’m ready for it! Just like you all, I have entirely too many ideas that I want to see done and not enough money to do it all. So I write blogs to ease my mind.

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Table Scraps Weekend Viewing

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I scan a lot of great blogs for my inspiration. Here are a couple of things I wanted to share with you all this weekend.

1. Rice Paddy Art in Japan


My friends at ASI Japan posted this cool and quirky trend on their blog recently. They have a number of pictures of rice fields with some pretty crazy art integrated into them.


2. Austin Powered (by F20C)


I love my S2000 and I love light weight sports cars. What is not to love about an Austin Healey Sprite with a S2000 motor swap!? With all of the time we spend discussing tuned cars putting out huge power #s, I can pretty much guarantee you that nobody is having more fun with 240hp than the owner of this car. Quantifying the fun of driving a car is never as easy as quantifying horsepower.


3. Bosozoku Style Ferrari!?!

A Berlinetta Boxer 512LM Ferrari got some JDM Boso-esque modifications that I never would have imagined. This is truly unique and quite crazy! As insane as it is, it’s even more impressive when you remind yourself how tame and dated the regular Ferrari is:

Bosozoku Ferrari BB512LM


There we have it, table scraps for the weekend. I really don’t like to put recycled content on here, but hopefully you can find some value in my perspective and sharing these things that excite me!

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Fonzie’s TA22 Celica

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TA22 Celica Bosozoku

In the world of blogs it seems like everyone takes content from everyone else. Although I try to keep a relatively high percentage of original content here, I’m not too concerned with attempting to be above everyone else…and sometimes I feel the nessesity to “borrow” content when I feel its appropriate. This is one of those times…

I stole this idea from who stole it from the OG source Modena Photo found here:

All credit is due to the man above from Australia who happens to have some really amazing pictures he’s taken on his Flickr account.

Of all of his photos, this TA22 Celica built by the mysterious “Fonzie” is what caught my eye. This classic Celica is a perfect mix of old school JDM tuning with Bosozoku elements of style. Seeing an exposed oil cooler and hoses out the front of the car always gives me a smile. When I was first learning about JDM tuning in the mid 1990s seeing cars like this always shocked me with their rawness and gangster attitude. It takes a certain kind of swagger to rock a car like this right.

Although in the past 15 years of the hobby I’ve become more routinely accustomed to the other JDM things I’ve loved (like time attack cars for example), old school gangstered out tuning like this never did quite catch on with the mainstream. As a result, the same feeling that I had about cars like this from back in the day, remain fresh and undiluted to me today…that is a rarity in today’s information age in which millions of blogs gradually replace thousands magazines to crowd our overstimulated brains with overdoses of whatever drug we choose to feed it.

Its cars like this that for better or for worse have not become so played out and copied upon that they have become ordinary. The mystique is still there…at least for me.

TA22 Celica BosozokuTA22 Celica Bosozoku

TA22 Celica BosozokuTA22 Celica Bosozoku

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So we’ve all by now probably seen some crazy and funny Boso vehicles. I happen to like this guy’s ride because its just so stupid its hilarious. I hope this guy starts a trend…we need more humor in our custom cars. Forget hydros, this car is fixed in this position…forever. Picture him rolling! Actually, better yet, have a look at the video at the bottom!

This makes the 8 year old boy in me very happy! If only I had a hotwheels of this car when I was growing up…



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