Early Debut of SLR McLaren Speedster by Jon Sibal

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We all loved Jon Sibal’s early rendering of the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. It was particularly impressive to see just how close his design was to the actual car which was released after Jon’s design.

So here is my friend (and happy customer as well!) Jon again trying to predict the future and showing us first what the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Speedster will look like. Or at least this is what Jon thinks it’ll be.

Here’s the link to his original post: http://jonsibal.com/blog/?p=246

Hi res picture below, so dont be afraid to click.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Speedster

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Flash, Style, Substance – Black Series SL65 Yet Again, More Perspective

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One of the downsides of me posting so early on about the Sl65 Black Series is that you’re probably already tired of hearing about this car by now.

The fact is that more interesting news just keeps seeping out on this car. Like always, I’m not going to post the generic info you can get online. We all know the car has a gazillion horsepower and does 0-60 in negative 2 seconds.

Lately one of the things that has really impressed me is surprisingly not the car itself, but their new website for the car:


It takes damn near five minutes to load up, but once it loads it is one of the most beautifully designed websites I’ve seen. Its just really fun to play with and the details of the car are incredible of course.

I took three screen caps of features that I think are worth pointing out because they’re so unusual for a production car.

First off:

SL65 AMG Black Series

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Now In Ultra Hi-Res: SL65 AMG Black Series Widebody V12TT Benz

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I need to do a little explaining as to why I’m posting a topic that isnt as JDM original as my usual posts:

The Sl65 AMG Black Series by Mercedes-Benz is not JDM by a classic definition, yet the way the car was tuned embodies what high end JDM tuning is all about, which is indeed what this blog is all about. If you owned an already great car and wanted to modify it, what could be better than a widebody with 70mm wider fenders and integrated diffusers, a dry carbon roof conversion with a seemlessly integrated roll cage, a V12 Twin Turbo engine, a 550lb weight reduction, and all of the countless other sick nasty modifications that Mercedes-Benz unleashed on their already crazy SL55 and 65s.

The SL65 AMG Black was already well hyped up in my own head for some time now…Since for the first time Benz got a little hardcore on us all with their Black Series debut roughly a year ago I became really intersted in their next generation Black Series cars. Although the styling is still quite German, the methodology of modifying from a “regular” AMG to the Black Series doesnt differ too much from what Japanese greats like Amuse or others would prefer to do if it were their own project. And hate it all you want, aside from Top Secret’s Supra we’re not going to be seeing many V12 Twin Turbo Japanese tuned cars due to the lack of available Japanese V12 engines.

In short a V12 Twin Turbo carbon widebody tuned car should be equally impressive to us all as a driving machine, whether it be tuned by Smoky Nagata or a large factory like AMG. From an artistic perspective however, the allure of the “one-off” can never be matched by a mass produced vehicle. In that respect, I think we can all agree that the Top Secret V12 Twin Turbo Supra is still more impressive than the Sl65 AMG because of the custom craftwork that went into building a truely one-off machine.

We did an early debut of the SL65 Black Series in May with Jon Sibal’s concept image on this blog. That concept ended up being incredibly close to the final car, which is incredible in itself! See it below:


Here are the juicy photos in 1920 resolution of the real deal:

Benz SL65 AMG Black Series hi-res

Benz SL65 AMG Black Series hi-resBenz SL65 AMG Black Series hi-resBenz SL65 AMG Black Series hi-resBenz SL65 AMG Black Series hi-resBenz SL65 AMG Black Series hi-res

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SL65 Black Series Rendering

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Jon Sibal is THE MAN

Benz SL65 Black Series Rendering

Artist’s Comments

Mercedes-Benz will release their official pictures of the SL65 AMG Black Series in July 2008 but I thought I create this rendition of how it may look like.

Info on the Mercedes Benz Black Series cars:
The Black Series is a special edition that Mercedes-Benz produces taking a base model, which in this case the 2008 SL65. It is a heavily modified version of the SL65 – heavily modifed being an under statement. The exterior has a modified front end, a fixed roof, carbon fiber widebody fenders and rocker panels, vented hood, speed sensitive rear wing and wider wheels. Suspension is all race spec as well as the brakes, and the drivetrain is F1 technology derived 5 speed automatic with 2 mode settings. The engine built by AMG is expected to put out around 670 hp. This lightweight version will have a limited production of only 350 units.

Info on how this image was done:
I started with a base image of an SL65 then with Photoshop CS, I painted over the car. The widebody flares are fully brushed along with most of the modifications to the body. Reflections are brushed and enhanced to match the new background too. I couldn’t decide on the proper wheels so I used the BRABUS Monoblock VI Platinum Edition wheels which I thought suits the car. This piece took about couple of days, working off and on when I’m not inking.

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