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Here at the Bulletproof office, we have many passions. A few of us regularly commute on our road bikes and we all have an unhealthy love for all things carbon fiber. This post is not about cars, but it is about two things we are passionate about so I felt it was worth posting. I mean hey, we’re talking about something that’s way cooler and more efficient than a hybrid.

Carbon composites have a long history in the automotive industry and will continue to play an ever larger part for both OEM’s and the aftermarket. However, the automotive industry doesn’t have a monopoly on this technology. One of the most exciting developments I’ve seen recently is Delta 7’s IsoTruss technology.


Interestingly, they chose to debut this technology on a pair of bikes; the Ascend road bike and the Arantix mountain bike. As amazing as the technology is, the bikes do an outstanding job of demonstrating how groundbreaking the technology really is. While at first the bikes look somewhat flimsy and frail, reviewers have come away impressed by how stiff these frames are relative to the competition.

There are certainly possibilities for automotive use of this technology, although they are likely limited to the upper echelons of motorsports due to cost and complexity issues. Where would you like to see this technology applied?

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