Editorial: I Say, Enough With the IS-F Tips Already. Seriously.

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Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

I love the new E-Class Mercedes. Mercedes design seems to be doing everything right lately. After an incredible C63, now the new E63 meets the same high bar they’ve raised for themselves in both design and performance. The new E-Class looks so nice that I didn’t think there was a way for the aftermarket to screw one up…until I saw Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on their Black Bison kitted E63.

Why in the world would Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on a E63 Benz? This to me just reinforces my point that I’ve been saying privately under my breath for a while now. ENOUGH WITH THE IS-F EXHAUST TIPS ALREADY. Seriously, does it take Wald ruining an E-Class for people to get the picture that this is no better than slapping Z3 fenders on a Junction Produce Lexus LS nearly a decade after Z3 fenders were already played out and then having VIP Tuning fans trying to justify it being cool because a good brand produced it!? In my book, wack is wack. Wald is a good brand, a solid brand that I’d use on my own cars…but recycling the same diffuser and IS-F tips that they use on their IS-F Black Bison car just doesn’t make sense for E-Class owners in my not so humble opinion. Apparently there are some E-Class owners that disagree with me and wish their E63 was a Lexus. If you are one of them, send me an email, I’d be thrilled to know that one exists out there who understands why Wald did this to a E63.

And its a shame because the E63 is beautiful and in my opinion nearly impossible to screw up. Wald got the trunk spoiler right, the front bumper came out pretty nice as well. Just why in the world would they put IS-F exhausts on it? Why do we do this to ourselves as tuners? I feel like if we’re going to steal a major piece of identity from a different car, at the least that car should be part of the same family of cars and an upgraded model to the car you’re installing it on.

That’s just my editorial…it is my views only and does not express the views of Bulletproof or any affiliated companies…its just my crazy ass who is going to snap if I see any more IS-F exhausts on cars that are not IS-Fs. Maybe Wald knows some some secret that I don’t. Perhaps they did market research and found out that most E63 owners wished they had bought a Lexus instead. Maybe they’re selling used AMG exhaust tips to IS-F owners to make double the profit and flip things both directions…Who knows.

Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

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Hater Fodder – Mercedes-Benz G Classless

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The Benz G Class is one of those cars that never seems to change. With a life span comparable to the Lotus Esprit, the G Class has outlived numerous decades of design and techological change. With a history of textbook function over looks philosophy, one has to look in amazement at this modified G Class.

The G Classless as I’ll refer to it, was modified by a private owner (I’m presuming) who felt that what the G Class really needed was a E Class front end. I think any good friend would tell you that doing this is a terrible idea, but somehow nobody warned of what it would end up as.

So here we go, your hater fodder for the day. The G Classless Benz.

Original Source: http://www.autogespot.com/en/item/733/very-exclusive-mercedes-benz-ge-class/

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Mid East Trip – Now That I’m Back Pt. 2

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Bulletproof Automotive Mid East Trip

Picking up where I left off…

The economy in Dubai has slowed down considerably during the global crisis of the past year. Just the difference in the past 4 months between my two trips differences can be noticed. As my friends in Dubai pointed out, the number of exotic cars on the street have reduced considerably. Many people were living beyond their means and speculating on real estate (no different than what happened in the US or elsewhere). As a result, now is a great time to be buying used high end cars in the UAE marketplace because there are a lot of cars on the market right now.

With that being said, those who are very talented at business, who have good savings strategies or who are just born into fortunate circumstances still enjoy the crazy car extremism that is already well documented on the internet. Most of my friends are talented in business, in an environment that is thriving. The mid east has had an earth shattering rate of growth over the past decade, those who were well positioned and took advantage of the growth have profited enormously.

So now we get to the point about the cars…Unfortunately most of what I would want to show you, I can not. The owners of the cars would like things to be anonymous in many cases. So I’ll just say that before this trip I had never seen a Gemballa Mirage GT (Carrera GT modified to a crazy level), and after the trip I have seen not one but two first hand that my friends own. Besides that, pretty much every car besides the Pagani Zonda I was able to check out in some form or another. Multiple Veyrons, a Reventon, an older Bugatti (EB110), etc. The EB110 was really special for me since I’ve never seen one before I doubt I will again…it was the last “real” Bugatti. before it became VW. I cant imagine the satisfaction of owning a EB110 and a Veyron in the same color. Truly there are some amazing car collections over there.

Bulletproof Automotive Mid East Trip

Above: I shrunk this down enough to show you a random shot when I was sitting with my friends at a villa in Dubai.

Bulletproof Automotive Mid East Trip

The shot above is at the largest Mercedes dealership in the world. And seriously, it was…I was grateful for a complete behind the scenes tour of the new facility which was cutting edge in every way. This was the separate service area for the Maybachs and SLRs. I feel like the world’s largest concentration of SLRs must be in the mid east. One of my friends even has two of them. Oh, and this Mercedes dealership has a 722 GT (the new race car) in their showroom. I dont think there are many (if any) other Mercedes dealerships that can say they have a 722 GT on their showroom floor. Most dealerships are still bragging about having one SL65 Black Series (this dealership I think had 4 or so of those).

In short, everything is bigger in the mid east. It is a culture with huge ambitions for business and one which is set on being the biggest and the best at whatever they build. With huge masterplanned cities going up seemingly overnight, their push into the future is not slowing down as much as the media might suggest (although it has slowed a bit). Places like Dubai who are not benefiting from oil money like other areas (like Saudi Arabia for example) are still reliant on innovation and entrepreneurship, two things that I personally love and enjoyed seeing out there.

Lastly – the intro picture is Ebrahim’s street Supra. Yes, his street car. His race car is way more nutty!  The turbo on this street car is so damn big he made a custom hood to work around it. For pics you can check out www.gt-rr.com and look under Ebrahim in the customer car gallery for some of his other rides too. Ebrahim has one of the cleanest/nicest personal workshops I’ve seen. All of his cars are super clean!

Next, I’d like to show you one of the coolest garages I’ve seen. That will be my last post on the trip coming soon.

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Nigo’s 300SL Gullwing Benz Part 2

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As I reported earlier on the development of A Bathing Ape’s Founder Nigo’s 300SL gullwing Benz, I thought I’d follow up with the pics of the car.

Although I thought he might do something that would be a mix of classy with modern trend/fashion, he ended up just doing something retarted. Who knows…maybe that is the point of art, to deface a classic rare car with something over the top modern like BAPE Camo vinyl.

Everyone likes to watch as someone deface a classic car. Its like a horror film but with a comic twist. This one predictably ends in disaster…


(In the above picture you can see Nigo looking at himself in the mirror saying “WTF WAS I THINKING!?”)

Nigo Gullwing 300SL BenzNigo Gullwing 300SL BenzNigo Gullwing 300SL Benz

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Nigo’s 300SL Gullwing Benz

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Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape clothing in Japan is known to have a fairly nutty collection of cars. I first took notice when shortly after the Rolls Royce Phantom was released Nigo got his hands on one and did the whole car in his signature BAPE camouflage. Then later on I put a picture on this blog of his Bugatti Veyron with pink BAPE camo.

Now on his blog, Nigo put out a teaser shot of his latest car.

300SL Gullwing Nigo BAPE with AMG

Word is that he had AMG custom build him a gullwing 1954 300SL Mercedes Benz with a modern AMG engine transplant (6.0L V8 I presume) and custom interior. I’m looking forward to seeing what madness Nigo has done to this classic. Nigo on his blog said that the 300SL is his dream car.

Source is Nigo’s blog here: http://blog.honeyee.com/nigo/

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Breaking News – F1 Carbon Fiber Parts Supplier To Make Sunglasses

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I’m excited about a big project that is under wraps at Oakley. A big thank you goes out to my anonymous source who has kept me very excited about this unique project.

Fortunately I’ve been informed by that individual about Oakley’s first leak of information on their internal blog. What that means is that I’m allowed to talk about it! For those of you who read this blog, by now I think you trust my perspective…so follow with me on why I’m writing about sunglasses for the first time:

Oakley has teamed up with a top tier carbon fiber manufacturer who supplies F1 teams. That company, Crosby Composites in the UK, supplies the same F1 spec dry carbon to this secret and impressive Oakley project. Sure, F1 level dry carbon for your face is cool to begin with, but what really makes this unique you ask? Well, Oakley has been experimenting with the factory on ways to finely mill down the carbon fiber into intricate and textured patters that mostly have been unexplored over the years.

Oakley F1 Dry Carbon

Oakley F1 Dry Carbon

More information from Oakley’s blog is below:

“Paul Crosby, the owner of Crosby Composites, leads the London-based company that’s been involved with motorsports for 20 years. They’re synonymous with elite quality – their work steeped in low volume, EXTREMELY high quality carbon fiber parts for Formula 1, the World Rally Championship and touring cars.

In fact, one of the coolest projects Paul’s team has been working on is the astounding RML-built Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren 722 GT. A 680Hp, completely re engineered version of the road-going SLR McLaren, Crosby Composites supplies all the new body components including: the wide wings, prominent side skirts, large rear diffuser and the huge hood. All obvious indicators of outstanding racetrack performance and extensive aerodynamic development.

Paul started the company after leaving the race world as an incredibly well-respected racecar engineer and has just recently returned to doing it in his spare time.

“When we got a call from Oakley asking about our capabilities to machine carbon fiber and heard what they wanted to do, we initially thought they were completely crazy. It turns out they are crazy, but we love it!”

Carbon is cut on 5-axis CNC vertical machining centers, otherwise known as milling machines. The end-mills are diamond-tipped and can cut insanely small.

How small? Try 0.5mm in diameter – about the size of lead in modern day mechanical pencils.

They spin fast – at up to 10,000 rpm during cutting. That’s roughly 3-to-5 times the rpm produced by a piston aircraft engine. Truly elite speed.

The end result is a unique “milled” aesthetic produced by cutting through the woven layers. It’s a funky effect, creating a topographical map of the layers themselves.

The extreme care that goes into choosing the cutter size, implementing the proper speed and the absence of coolant makes milling carbon fiber drastically different from milling metals. Simply stated: ensuring a smooth finish is a taxing, precise process.

Now, there are a lot of companies that could make great carbon fiber parts. Trouble is, most of them don’t have the cost-intensive machining equipment to actually do it.

Crosby Composites does. So why are we talking to the owner of a motorsports production company that specialized in elite parts?

Because we can.”

Crosby Composites SLR

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Early Debut of SLR McLaren Speedster by Jon Sibal

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We all loved Jon Sibal’s early rendering of the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. It was particularly impressive to see just how close his design was to the actual car which was released after Jon’s design.

So here is my friend (and happy customer as well!) Jon again trying to predict the future and showing us first what the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Speedster will look like. Or at least this is what Jon thinks it’ll be.

Here’s the link to his original post: http://jonsibal.com/blog/?p=246

Hi res picture below, so dont be afraid to click.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Speedster

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