Asso Alfa Romeo 156 by John Babbitt

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Asso Alfa Romeo 156

Coming across pictures of factory Alfa Romeos is a treat in itself. For auto enthusiasts here in the United States, Alfa’s, like so many others, are a forbidden fruit. The pure joy of owning such cars are what dreams are made of. Then there are gems like this. As I’ve said before, there’s nothing better than the look of Japanese tuning. When it is applied to non- japanese cars, something truly special is created.

Asso Alfa Romeo 156

It just doesn’t get much more special than this. The Asso 156. The seductive factory look is enhanced greatly by widening the fenders a smidge, as well as the carbon fiber additions that also increase the necessary downforce for track days. Asso 17″ wheels wrapped in Potenza rubber mask Asso brakes with Brembo F50 calipers painted to match the beautiful ‘papaya’ orange body. Suspension and all reinforcement parts are also Asso equipment.

Asso Alfa Romeo 156
Engine wise, a carbon-kevlar induction pipe with a carbon fiber filter shield and BMC air filter are coupled with an Asso muffler and a Force-G piggyback. Putting it all down is a Kaaz LSD.

I personally can’t wait for the return of Alfa Romeo here in the states. But until then, mere pictures will have to do. Enjoy! -jbab

p.s.- The car used to be red, so the engine bay pic below is of the same car.

Asso Alfa Romeo 156

Asso Alfa Romeo 156Asso Alfa Romeo 156

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