Table Scraps Weekend – S2000 Edition

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Top Fuel S2000 and ASM S2000 Time Attack Cars

Time to share another couple of pictures that I have randomly saved on my computer. First is this incredible shot of the two most potent Japanese S2000 time attack monsters in existence. The ASM S2000 and the Top Fuel S2000 both remain at the top of the food chain. Both are nasty beasts in their own right, but my vote still goes to the ASM car for doing comparable lap times as the Top Fuel Turbo S2000 with roughly half the horsepower (ASM’s car is naturally aspirated as most of you know).

Tamon Design S2000

I’ve had this picture on my desktop for a few months now it seems. I love this angle of this car in this color with this kit. Damn near perfect right here. Tamon Design put this car together with their original aero parts and the result is stunning. We’ve sold a couple of these kits but it still remains a very rare kit to this day. I like this a hell of a lot more than their green demo car.

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JDM Lifestyle – ASM’s Dry Carbon Business Card Holder

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ASM Dry Carbon Business Card Holder Meeshi Holder

There are certain people that I have gained tremendous confidence in over the years for their uniquely trained eye for quality design. ASM’s Kanayama-san is one of the few at the top of that level. I’d put him respectfully alongside Amuse, ASI and a select few others who truly are obsessive over quality and design. These guys all make painful sacrifices daily as they struggle with the concept of designing the best thing possible but also realize that doing so makes it nearly impossible for the average person to afford it. The trade off of quality material for affordable price is often not a trade off at all, a story I learned well when I once asked Kanayama-san how many carbon fiber S2000 widebodies he sold. We both knew the answer was zero. Sometimes, the goal isnt to sell the most…or even to sell any, but simply to be the best at your craft and to produce the very best thing possible. This is the fine balance between art and commerce. A balance that our company, being in the middle between artists and consumers often finds ourselves in the cross hairs. Many a person has complained that our JDM product lines we distribute cost too much (as if we’d start selling knockoffs and cheap crap to replace it with a diluted and false representation of what we believe in). We refuse to sell out and provide average crap when we understand what true quality means. So does Kanayama-san and some other select few companies who we choose to associate ourselves with as closely as we can due to the same shared desire.

Kanayama-san just happens to be the only one who I’ve seen branch out into lifestyle good design. I featured his incredible leather case for his camera set earlier on the blog, and lately he’s also been producing limited edition leather Jackets with titanium buttons, leather covers for Navigation units and now this…Kanayama-san’s meeshi holder (Meeshi means a Japanese name card)

This tiny business card holder manages to embody the spirit of JDM and ASM’s desire to produce the most high quality goods possible. It is made from the same pre-impregnated carbon fiber as ASM’s aero parts and is polished for an ultra-smooth finish. The ends are made from A7075 Duralumin.

It costs about as insanely much as you’d imagine it would so I’m not going to even attempt to suggest that the average person buy one…all I suggest is just to appreciate it for a moment. I hope you can appreciate the few guys in Japan who deeply connect with our desire for quality, for design and for cutting edge technology.

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New Recaro Super Stark Limited Edition Seats

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I’ve been thinking lately about seats. In my recent quest to rethink my S2000 and to build it for daily driven comfort I have decided that I need new seats. Being on the hunt, today I came across these RS-G “Super Stark” limited edition seats.

I think these are really cool so I wanted to share them here. They are limited to 500 pcs (still a lot, no?) and are sold in Japan only. Since we work with ASM Japan who sells these seats, we can offer them for export upon request. I’m still personally undecided about what I’ll do, but I will say that I did have a set of RS-G seats briefly before and I really liked them. Unfortunately someone else did too and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse so I sold them instead of keeping them for myself. Maybe this time around I’ll keep them.

ASM Recaro RS-G Super Stark

Check out also the SR-6 Super Stark which is also nice. I’m a bit biased towards the RS-G though.

ASM Recaro SR-6 Super Stark

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Customer Car: Ultra Clean Street Spec S2000

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Rob's S2000 Mugen, J's Racing, Spoon, ASM

The continuation to yesterdays story about our friend Rob’s widebody Range Rover is more like a prequel.

Rob and I worked together to produce this S2000, which I ultimately give Rob all the credit for because his vision for the car has been absolutely timeless.

Lets look at the details. No knockoffs here…the real deal Mugen Dry Carbon roof and you know what…he painted it! Check the carbon fiber accents. That is how it is done right there. Leaving large parts fully carbon is old news, on a street car it is all about classy integration. Rob knows the deal.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

So what do you want to know? The pictures show that it is all done right. Mugen SS rear bumper and diffuser with special titanium SS exhaust (higher mounted than stock, yet another reminder of the theme I was saying earlier with higher mounted exhausts). J’s Racing front bumper, twin canards and type V carbon hood. Craftsquare mirrors. Prodrive wheels with the J’s Racing special Endless big brake kit behind them. Spoon kevlar buckets with Prodrive harnesses and a Mugen roll bar. Mugen SS carbon wing, carbon trunk. You name it, this car has it and has done it tastefully.

M's Kevlar Intake S2000

And dont forget the rareness…the original discountined M’s kevlar intake system. This is the OG JDM. ASM sold and ran these before they started having M’s make their own intakes. And I passed on buying the last 5 sets from Kanayama-san of ASM when he asked me, looking back I should have taken that last bit of stock since it is a classic. Oh yeah, J’s SPL valve cover and ARC titan cooling plate, check.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

I mean, check out the interior execution. Rob did not miss a thing. Mugen Steering wheel, Navi integrated into the dash, reworked leather,  its all super clean.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

And the last pics are evidence. The car was always class. He was even rocking the ASM front fenders back in the day that we imported for him.

Just a great example here of how you can build a high quality car with high performance parts and still keep things in an understated and usable way.

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ASM S2000 News by Stanley Ku

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Autobacs ASM is at it again. They have designed a GT wing and a special trunk to go along with it. Expect it to be expensive, functional, and lightweight, words that are basically synonymous with ASM.


Here is what ASM said on their blog:

The re-designed GT rear wing especially for car no.1 is complete. With the way the photo is taken, is looks high mounted but with the I.S.Design rear over fender installed, the size are within the inspection. Personally I thought it will be bigger and felt there wasn’t enough punch to it. KING companied me and told me it was big enough and to use it on the streets is a bit embarrassing. This wing was specially design and built for the last corners of Tsukuba 2000 and Fuji Speed Way. The new wing with the specialized trunk for it will be limited quantities of 5pcs. If the mold lasts maybe will be able to make one or two more sets. This is a set of the rear wing and the trunk, it cannot be sold separately.

â– I.S.Design Rear wing GT-09 with specialized trunk 840,000 Yen (without paint)

・Rear Wing with screws clasp weight 2,896.4g
・Specialized trunk weight 2,905g

Both the trunk and the rear wing are 6.4 lb. so that makes a combined total of less than 13 lb, but those 13 lb. will set you back $9,000 (before importing and taxes to the US). Wow. That’s the price you pay for the best of the best. In the end, the customer is buying a product that has gone through thorough engineering and testing for optimal performance.



I have only included a few pictures so check out the ASM blog for more.

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Factory Inspiration by PCAL

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For most, modifying their car is a way of differentiating their car from others. Ironically, one of the best ways to differentiate a car is to take successful design elements from one car and apply them to another. Last week we saw the new Porsche GT3RS with its color-matched wheels and mirrors. This E46 M3 owner likely took inspiration from Porsche’s scheme and applied it to his car and its Takata green Volk wheels. While the car has many other modifications, the mirrors stand out and add to the overall visual package.


ASM has done something similar with this S2000, taking it a step further, color-matching their roll cage just like the GT3RS and ever their wing endplates. Once again, this car is heavily modified, but the color matching adds even more individuality and interest to the car. There are many other factory design elements that can be used on a wide variety of applications.


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Product Photos – The Untouchable ASM x Recaro SP-X CL100

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Recaro x ASM SP-X CL100

You’re looking at an ASM x Recaro SP-X CL100 seat. Gotta love JDM product names! After you look past the horribly distorted GT-RR watermark (I’m sorry, the website does them that way sometimes for the vertical images), you’ll see one of the most desired and sought after seats money can buy.

JDM limited edition Recaro, yes. Dry Carbon, yes. Leather and Alcantara finish, yes. The most “baller” seat in the world?! Perhaps, yes.

We ordered up a set of these absolutely amazing seats from our friends at ASM in Japan and they just recently arrived on one of our frequent ocean freight containers. Destined for use in a very special R35 GT-R, this is perhaps the only set in the US and one of very few in the world. Priced at a bit under$20,000 for the pair, there is good reason as to why they are so rare.

Although nobody can adequately justify the price Recaro/ASM is charging for these seats and there is not much sense in trying to, the seat just screams “gotta have it”. The details are absolutely nuts. Our resident JDM parts photographer Colin took some killer pictures which I just put up online.

I was drooling over these seats when they came in and I’m glad to share some pics with you now. This is simply perfection right here. Nothing but supermodel booty should touch these seats…nothing else is worthy.

ASM x Recaro SP-X CL100 Seats

That Alcantara and leather execution is just flawless. Click for hi-res.

The rest of the pics can be found here, its worth having a quick look to appreciate this rare seat in hi-res and high detail glory:

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