Exhausts: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

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Exhaust extravaganza.

Saclam's NSX exhaust

Saclam’s epic exhaust for his NSX.  Photo obtained from our friends at ASM Japan.

GT-R exhaust

And this insane titanium GT-R exhaust will set you back almost $10,000.

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The World’s Best S2000: Amuse vs. ASM

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Amuse S2000 GT1

I’m going to ask this question out loud that I’ve been unable to answer for many years. Which is the best S2000 ever made – The Amuse GT1 or the ASM Widebody time attack car.

Before I go any further, I should admit that I’m equally biased. It was Amuse’s titanium exhaust for the S2000 that made my relationship begin with them in 2001. Around the same time it was ASM’s Tsukuba Special S2000 that was the first to break into 59 second range at Tsukuba that made me approach them and become their first US distributor. I’ve since remained involved with both companies for many years and watched them grow and evolve with the S2000 (as well as their other cars). In the case of ASM, we went as far as to buy the actual dry carbon widebody shown in the picture below and we keep it at our warehouse as it is the only one in the world produced (they switched over to the version 2 and we happily took version 1 off of their hands back then).

So the question is – which S2000 is better? Amuse went on to turbo their GT1 and ASM went on to further refine their aerodynamics and replace every bolt with titanium to squeeze every last drop of lap time reduction.

These cars are truly the best of everything. No expense spared. ASM uses Challenge for their dry carbon which is where the OEM’s shop when they build their Super GT machines. Amuse uses titanium springs for their coilovers which nobody else can mess with. There are tricks within tricks within tricks that make both of these S2000s in a league of their own.

But which one is better?


Photos courtesy of the Bulletproof vaults.

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Doing It Right – ASM Mini Cooper S

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ASM Mini Cooper S

As with any complete ASM demo car build, I can be instantly sure that it will be nothing but quality. This Mini Cooper S is no exception. Everything from the top notch parts selection to the Porsche GT3 inspired color combo and graphics is flawlessly utilized. Of interesting note, Mugen’s former head engineer is involved in the modification and tuning of ASM’s Mini Coopers. That in itself makes this car epic. The Amazing Sachs coilovers and Drexler diff (don’t ask the price) just add to the caliber of this car. They also happen to escalate the price that much closer to the price of an actual Porsche GT3.

ASM Mini Cooper SASM Mini Cooper S

ASM has been heavily utilizing Porsche GT3 color combos and design for a while. It translates to tuned aftermarket cars really well. I don’t blame them one bit.

ASM Mini Cooper S

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When Nothing Needs To Be Said

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Today I was thinking throughout the work day about what I wanted to blog about. I kept thinking and came to a simple conclusion: Rather than force a blog post when I wasn’t quite happy with any particular car themed topic, I’d rather blog about the value of saying nothing.

There’s enough clutter out there in the world and enough uninspired people shouting noise just to remind themselves that they have a voice. As a blog reader and car enthusiast I get tired at times of sorting through the noise and clutter to find pure and true undiluted passion. As each year goes by, people get increasingly bombarded with greater and greater amounts of information. Then we get improved apps and methods to faster and more efficiently sort through all of the extra crap to find the few things that really mean something to us. This cycle feels like it started when cable TV took over from the few local channels we had growing up. Although it was a welcome change for many years, I think in recent years we’ve passed a tipping point in which the overflow of information has gradually progressed past being helpful and into becoming a headache. I really wonder when quality will take the reigns back over from quantity being the prevalent force in the world’s current preferences.

I grew up in an era with an album like Illmatic that had 10 songs, every one of them incredible. Take the same musical genre today and you need 5 mixtapes of content to distill down to 10 quality tracks (never-mind that they still pale in comparison to Illmatic). My point being whether it’s music, cars, or any passion we have I’m damn sick of sorting through all of the crap to find the jewels. I want no part in perpetuating that cycle. So let the above ASM S2000 picture I took a long time ago represent what my intent is for this blog.

Purity, no filler.

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Customer Car – Danny’s S2000

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Danny has put together one incredible S2000! This car is one of my favorite private owned S2000s ever, regardless of country of origin. It is a perfect balance of classy and aggressive. The car perfectly represents the type of JDM tuning that we’re all about here with this blog. I’m excited to say that on top of us getting Danny some rare JDM goods already seen in the pictures, the car will receive further updates soon with some additional choice pieces.


You’ll notice the rare Sorcery front bumper, the Spoon front fenders, ASM rear fenders, Ings+1 Z power low mount wing, J’s Racing rear diffuser, JGTC carbon mirrors and a number of other high quality and tasteful parts.

Danny drives this S2000 on the Miami Florida streets and regularly also attends local car shows. I’ve included a website that Danny is behind here:


I have sized the picture above and the two below at 1800 resolution for some hi-res action.


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The Next Limited Edition Recaro Japan Seat – SR-7 Advanced Edition

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SR-7 Advanced Edition Recaro Japan

The SR-7 Advanced Edition seat comes on the heels of the recently sold out SR-6 Super Stark Limited Edition seat. The SR-6 SS’s sold out extremely fast and Recaro Japan (with ASM’s collaboration) followed up that success with a newer exclusive model. It should be noted that these seats are produced  in Japan and sold exclusively in Japan. We are offering them for international export for those interested in these as well as other Recaro Japan only seats.

The SR-7 Advanced Edition is essentially the same in concept as the SR-6 Super Stark in that it takes the basic seat (in this case the newer SR-7) and remixes it with exclusive materials and colorways. The new touches are again the black with grey alcantara accents as well as the small red limited edition lettering.

The SR-7 comes in two variants- a high side bolster and a low side bolster version (high side bolster pictured here)

More pictures and pricing can be found at the following link:


Oh…and this immaculate R32 GT-R is sporting one of these new seats as well (I had to share a picture of this perfect R32)

R32 GT-R

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ASM Strut Tower Bar x Suzuka Circuit

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This is what you get when you take a legendary strut tower bar (the gt version front strut tower bar from ASM for the S2000) seen below:


And you have the same factory bend up Suzuka Circuit:


I don’t know if the same factory truly did both of these, but my hunch is it’s the same work.

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