Art: Hakosuka and Robots

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One of my favorite things about JDM culture is the community.  I can’t say how many interesting people I’ve met, from all walks of life, who are just as passionate about the quality and craftsmanship that goes into these parts as I am.  It’s always energizing and inspiring when that common bond is recognized, especially when it happens spontaneously.

That said, it is incredible when I’m doing something completely non-car related and I’m reminded of the vast community of JDM aficionados out there.   A few weeks ago I went to a SoCal street art show and was pleasantly surprised to see the unmistakable mug of the original GT-R in this piece by Matt Spangler.  His work does not involve cars usually (mostly robots) so I was shocked that the only car he had in any of his art was a hakosuka!  It was a very random and cool find!  Even if I didn’t get to meet Mr. Spangler and discuss the realness of the hakosuka with him, I just was happy to know he’s representing JDM cars (and JDM robots).

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Titanium Art by Patrick Callahan

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We all know and love what titanium does for cars. It’s light, strong and durable. But it’s when titanium is “burned” that it becomes truly desirable and it is largely for this reason that enthusiasts use it to accessorize their vehicles. The colors produced are unlike any other material or finish.

So what if you want to bring a little bit of this goodness into the rest of your life? Your wall, your girlfriend or even your kitchen? You might want to take a look around the website. It’s filled with all sorts of JDM titanium goodies from cups, to silverware to hairpieces. As a little teaser, check out this titanium flower arrangement. It looks better than anything in her ex’s house and definitely cuts down on the maintenance.

If you’d like something a little bit more functional, check out their mugs and cups. Besides looking cool and being light, titanium has the useful property of being anti-microbial.

Or if you’re looking for something more 2D, check out I’d take this over a Picaso any day.

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Drawing Skill Pt. 2 – GT-RR Edition

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For those that read the blog often, you might have seen a post titled “drawing skills’ which featured David Kao’s gift of photo realistic pencil based drawings. If not, here’s the original link:

Well David just sent me something absolutely incredible in the mail. He did a drawing of the GT-RR demo car we produced and he mailed me the original! It is one of the single most impressive gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you David (and thanks for the note and compliments about our work)! Seeing the detail in the pencil strokes up close and then at the same time moving a foot away and feeling like I was looking at a picture was…amazing…this is a highly technical and precise art David has mastered. Seeing the pics online was one thing, but in person it’s really on a whole different level!

David spends a load of time on these (roughly 20 hours), but I’m trying to convince him to see if perhaps we’d be able to offer his skills for sale online. Perhaps custom ones for people’s cars or desired cars? I know I’d love to see one for my gold S2000 after seeing this one! I don’t know yet if David will do commissioned drawings or not, but my hope is to convince him. The man has a gift and I think he deserves to make some side cash while having fun with it if he can.

I’d like to present to everyone the GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R demo car, as drawn by David Kao.

GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R Pencil Drawing David Kao

I had to put an in-progress shot just because if I was you I probably wouldn’t believe that this is really drawn by hand in pencil!

GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R Pencil Drawing David Kao

Here’s the drawing on my desk as I write this (I’m going to get it framed shortly but I unrolled it to take a pic)

GT-RR.COM R35 GT-R Pencil Drawing David Kao

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Drawing Skills

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David Kao emailed me recently and shared a drawing he made by pencil. I thought his technique was so good that I wanted to share it here.

His email:

“Happy new year, bulletproof team.

This is David. I just want to thank you guys for making such good customized cars. You guys made one of the best looking S2000 out there. So I dedicated this drawing (bulletproof S2000) to you guys. Hope you guys will like it! Enjoy.”

Check out a couple of progress shots of his work:

Pencil Drawing Bulletproof S2000 Widebody Tracy Sports Fast and FuriousPencil Drawing Bulletproof S2000 Widebody Tracy Sports Fast and Furious

Thank you David, we all really loved seeing the drawing. At first I thought it was simply a photoshop filter or something until I saw your website and the process you have for each work of art you create. You’re very talented, thank you for sharing with us!

NOTE – This car is actually for sale by us right now for a really cheap price (we’re taking a loss on it just to clear space). We repainted it matte black and removed all graphics since its feature in The Fast and the Furious movie. If anyone is looking for a great priced Tracy Sports Widebodied 2003 S2000 (proper 9000 redline version) give us an email. The car is bone stock besides the Tracy Widebody and the J’s Racing type V carbon hood. Anyone interested in buying the car simply email for details.

To see David’s online portfolio check out the following link:

David’s Portfolio

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