If Heaven Was Located In A Building In France

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This would be it. I-Way is simply heaven for us car and design junkies. Where else would you ever see or even imagine this:


Those are high end racing simulators with what looks like real race cars!…but wait, it gets better…


After some hardcore runs in the F1 simulator, you might want to relax in their spa and get a massage…

Perhaps later in the day you want to unwind with a drink at the bar?


The building is called I-Way in France and whatever it costs to join up is damn well worth it!

Lastly, the architecture is amazing…using all modern styles and materials including carbon fiber.


If that’s not enough here’s a link to a 80 something page PDF on the building:


The original source can be found here: http://www.dezeen.com/2010/06/13/i-way-by-cyrille-druart/

I need to experience this place…badly.

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Garage Life – KRE House

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KRE house Garage Life

My friend Dan Harman had mentioned this on his personal blog and I wanted to share it here.

I’ve been a reader of Garage Life magazine in Japan for years and although this home feature is not from Garage Life, it represents everything that I love about the magazine and about garage-centric architecture found in Japan.

Seriously…who here wouldn’t kill for a home that has a living room with a drop away floor that lifts up your Diablo or your Countach.

This is a fine example of a perfect home for car lovers. It is one of many things that Japan has a thriving sub-culture for.

KRE House


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Parking In Style – My Photos from Tokyo

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I took these photos outside of the Omotesando district of Tokyo. These two homes have incredibly picturesque carports to park in. If I have my way, someday I’ll have an office showroom with parking like this up front.

Parking In Style

This car is a little more my style. I love F430s.

Ferrari 430

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