FB Update: Daily Dose of GTR

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GTR Varis ADV1 AMS black R35

Varis x ADV.1 x AMS

Clean machine from three of our friends!

Via ADV.1 Wheels.

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FB Update: Blue Godzilla

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GT-R Blue Godzilla

This GT-R owned by Sulaman in Qatar is called Blue Godzilla and features a custom paint job, plenty of carbon fiber parts (hood, wing, grill, interior, etc), an upgraded Dodson clutch and power mods by HKS and AMS (GT600+).

More plans are in the works…

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FB Update: GT-R 1/4 Mile Record

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GT-R 1.4 record in 8.6 seconds

Congrats to John Shepard and AMS for setting the new 1/4 record for the GT-R at 8.6!!!  Drop us an email at sales@gt-rr.com if you want big power with your GT-R and we’ll be pleased to get you the best service and price on a full build collaborating with our friends at Shep Trans and AMS!

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Customer Car: Zac’s 2012 GT-R, Complete In-Progress Build by GT-RR

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GT-RR complete car build - Zac's 2012 GT-R

One of our greatest joys is taking on complete car conceptualization and managing builds.  We tap our networks to select the best partners for each aspect of the car build.  We extensively consult with our clients to determine the very best possible parts to meet their goals.  On the blog and in the Facebook gallery, we will be updating the in-progress photos of our client Zac’s incredible GT-R build.  Zac’s car is aggressively modified but done so in his own style, which is classy and somewhat understated compared to many of the other wild builds.  What defines Zac’s build is the extreme quality and attention to detail.  You’ll get a better feeling for this as the build unfolds.

Modification List:

AMS Alpha 10 for Zac's 2012 GT-R
AMS Alpha 10 (1029whp race gas)
Amuse 90mm STTI Exhaust
AMS Ported Throttle Body

brand_RR custom headlights for Zac's 2012 GT-R  AMS full carbon roof for Zac's 2012 GT-R

brand_RR Dual HID Headlight Conversion (OEM Color Combo, Switchback LED Rings)
AMS Carbon Fiber Roof
GT-RR Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Zele Fender Duct
Rear Carbon Seats
Top Racing Dry Carbon Mirrors

ADV1 wheels for Zac's 2012 GT-R
ADV.1 5.0 TrackSpecs 21″
GT-RR One-Off Carbon Fiber Interior Pieces
Tommy Kaira Door Sill Plate, GT-RR One Off Carbon Rework
GT-RR One-off custom carbon fiber trunk/spoiler combination
Swift Spec-R Springs

brand_RR front bumper w Mine's Version 2 dry carbon front diffuser
brand_RR Cross Compatible front bumper
Mines V2 Dry Carbon Lip
Mines Dry Carbon Side Skirts
‘Reventon’ Matte Grey Paint
Nordring Rear Under Spoiler, Dry Carbon
Nordring Front Bumper Duct Fin, Dry Carbon
Nordring Headlight Finisher, Dry Carbon

brand_RR front bumper and Mines dry carbon front diffuser for 2012 GT-R   Amuse 90mm STTI exhaust for Zac's 2012 GT-R

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GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car #4 – Parts Arrive Pt. 2

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Continuing from yesterday…AMS #2

AMS Carbon Fiber Roof GT-R

A couple of days ago we received another part for the GT-R build…this time a roof replacement produced with multiple layers of carbon fiber. The roof was also made by AMS, but rather than the Canadian AMS this roof is built by the American AMS known for all of those blazing fast drag Evos and GT-Rs.

Back when I was preparing the Toyo and the Mobil 1 GT-RR demo cars we had both of the cars converted to carbon fiber roofs. Conceptually I wanted to build what I felt the Spec V would/should come with from Nissan, a carbon fiber roof. Unfortunately this was nearly 2 years ago and back then there was no carbon fiber roof replacement available for purchase so we did a carbon overlay on those two cars. It looked cool and was perfect for a SEMA car and demo car, especially at a time when very few tuning parts were available to put into use… but now that time has gone by, a more perfect solution presented itself when AMS released a quality carbon roof replacement.

Why? This roof shaves off 9lbs from the top of the car! As you hopefully already know, taking weight off of the top of a car is FAR more beneficial than taking weight off of the bottom or center of a car. To build a well rounded complete car, replacing the roof skin with carbon fiber was something I felt essential for the concept and function of this project car.

More Product info and pics:


PS – JDM purists out there, don’t be alarmed…these first two parts I’m discussing for the demo car are not JDM, yes I know. The reason is because these are the first two items I’ve received and as always the locally sourced stuff comes in faster. I have a TON of parts coming in from Japan for the car, some of which are not even released/announced yet. Lots of interesting content will be coming, I promise that. I just bought a second GT-R motor today too by the way…simple project, it is not.

AMS Carbon Fiber Roof GT-R

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GT-R Demo Car #4 Update – Parts Arrive Pt. 1

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Back in February I mentioned that I picked up a 2010 R35 GT-R to build up, marking the beginning of our GT-RR R35 GT-R demo car #4.


I’ve been busy planning this project in my head for the past few months. Getting the concept and the vision right is always crucial to the end result, so I’ve been taking my time. This time around I’m not looking to repeat the projects and styles from past builds. I’m proud of those original styles we created for those GT-Rs, but I don’t want to take away from those cars and try to re-create a better modern version of them…I’d rather create something new in a new style and enjoy the journey that it brings.  I’m so excited for the process of creating…and hopefully I can reach the same level of satisfaction that I’ve felt with the past 3 complete car builds!

A lot is different this time, for example:

This time it’s my own money (which makes me shed a tear now and again)

I know exactly and deeply what I want out of the end results of the car because I am the end user.

More parts and tuning solutions than ever are available for the GT-R

I’m funding the development of multiple new parts that I want to use for the car

The goals are totally different – No need to draw eyeballs to a new R888 tire for Toyo at a big trade show booth, no need to be a magazine advertisement for Mobil 1, no need to prove a point…now it’s just about the art form of conceptualization and actualization. I’m doing what I love and simply trying to impress myself this time around.

As I embark on this build, I have no idea of when it’ll end or what it will result in. I just know that I’m really excited to build a GT-R that I own and to experience the process. What I can be sure of is that I’ll enjoy sharing updates with readers of the blog and my many friends within the NAGTROC GT-R community which I feel more connected to now than ever before.

A history of the past 3 complete car builds (demo cars):

GT-RR Demo Car #1


GT-RR Demo Car #2


GT-RR Demo Car #3



I’d like to announce two partners this weekend for this project. Both of these companies happen to have the same name: AMS.

AMS in Canada makes these excellent rotors that I’ll be using on the car:

AMS Rotors GT-R

The rotors are lighter than stock to reduce unsprung weight, and they’ll also hold up far better under aggressive driving and track days. After selling so many aftermarket rotors to GT-R guys who have annihilated their stock rotors during track days, it has become an obvious initial upgrade for my project car. These rotors have been getting great feedback from my clients tracking  their cars with them, and they are priced very reasonably which helps me to save money to put towards the countless other modifications that don’t have cost effective alternatives.

And then there is another AMS…

More on that tomorrow!

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