The Next Limited Edition Recaro Japan Seat – SR-7 Advanced Edition

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SR-7 Advanced Edition Recaro Japan

The SR-7 Advanced Edition seat comes on the heels of the recently sold out SR-6 Super Stark Limited Edition seat. The SR-6 SS’s sold out extremely fast and Recaro Japan (with ASM’s collaboration) followed up that success with a newer exclusive model. It should be noted that these seats are produced  in Japan and sold exclusively in Japan. We are offering them for international export for those interested in these as well as other Recaro Japan only seats.

The SR-7 Advanced Edition is essentially the same in concept as the SR-6 Super Stark in that it takes the basic seat (in this case the newer SR-7) and remixes it with exclusive materials and colorways. The new touches are again the black with grey alcantara accents as well as the small red limited edition lettering.

The SR-7 comes in two variants- a high side bolster and a low side bolster version (high side bolster pictured here)

More pictures and pricing can be found at the following link:

Oh…and this immaculate R32 GT-R is sporting one of these new seats as well (I had to share a picture of this perfect R32)

R32 GT-R

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