Super Clean Z4 For Sale By Garage Studie Yokohama

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Studie Garage Z4 BMW

Studie in Japan has this ultra clean Z4 for sale for 5,780,000 Japanese Yen. For how expensive BMWs are in Japan its a pretty reasonable deal. I love how clean Studie’s cars are. Although this Z4 cant stack up to the green monster mentioned yesterday, this is still great execution and a classy job.

Studie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMW

And a bonus shot of a really clean AC Schnitzer Z4 to follow…

Studie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMW

I’m really glad to see a nice looking Schnitzer BMW again. They have (IMO) been coming out with mostly trash for years now…which is really a shame since the Schnitzer of the mid 1990s was simply amazing to me and I used to dream of that widebody green E36 demo car of theirs back around 1995 when I was 16.

Pictures today and yesterday are from Gawa’s blog (the man has few blog posts but he does have incredible taste in cars when he’s touring Japan)

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///M-maculate by Stanley Ku

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The fact that the E30 M3 was never sold in Australia did not stop Dave Ross from acquiring one. Long story short, Dave’s search for an E36 M3 in 2004 ended up with the purchase of a 1988 E30 M3. The E36 M3’s he found were either overpriced garage queens or cars that had poor maintenance. In the search progress, he met Greg Lee who had imported two E30 M3’s from Japan into Australia.  Greg Lee would go on and become a very good friend as well as a pair of helpful hands in Dave’s car. At that point, Dave decided to purchase one from Greg. With a choice of black or silver, Dave decided on the black one because it had a mileage of only 46,000 miles.

All E30 M3 were produced as LHD from the factory so work began to covert it to RHD using the dash, steering rack, and few other pieces from a E30 325is donor car. The entire harness had to be extended and this is where Greg Lee put his electrical engineering degree to good use.

The shiny and wet paint that you see in the pictures is the original paint job that came from factory 20 years ago. The exterior has been accentuated pieces from the Sport Evolution including the Evo II front chin sporter, Evo III front splitter, and the Evo II rear wing. The red bumper tape completes the mimicked look of the Sport Evolution III.

The wheels are the AC Schnitzer Type I, which measure 17 x 7.5 in the front and 17 x 8.5 in the rear. The factory suspension has been replaced by Ground Control coilovers with Bilstein shocks and Eibach 475 lb. and 650 lb. springs in the front and rear respectively.


A few months after the car was on the road, on it’s first outing at the track, the unthinkable happened. A failing oil pump led to a spun bearing and just like that, the car was out of commission. With the help of a few beer, Dave was determined to rebuild the S14B23 engine with the goal of going force induction route. The next year was spent researching and gathering parts from all over the world for the rebuild. The car made it’s new home at RX Automotive in Cooper Plains where Simon Harrex will be working on it.


A long 2 years later, the car was resurrected. From the factory 2.3 L, the engine has been stroked to 2.5 L with the compression lowered to 8:1. Boost is supplied by a Garret GT3076R with a 0.82 A/R and to keep the boost in check are a TiAL 48 mm wastegate and a Turbosmart Plumb Back. To keep everything running cool, the radiator and intercooler are from PWR and the oil cooler is from Setrab. When it was time to get the car tuned, it made 270 rwhp @ 9 psi on a Dyno Dyamics. It was time to turn up the boost to 14 psi but unfortunately, the banjo bolt on the back of the wastegate blew off. However, Dave couldn’t be any happier to finally get the car running properly again. Keeping in mind that a Dyno Dynamics is on the conservative end with readings generally 10~15% lower than a Dynojet and coupled with the facts that the car weights less than 2,700 lb and boost coming on at 1900 rpm, makes this E30 M3 one quick and enjoyable machine.

A side note – I was inspired to write this article because BMW was the feature marquee for Speedhunters. Unfortunately I lagged on the article and never got the opportunity to try to submit the article after I have completed it. Nonetheless, I am glad that I was able to write about Dave’s immaculate E30 M3 and get the article up on here. This is also my first full-length car feature that I have written and it has been a new experience. Thank you Dave for the opportunity and be sure to visit his site at for more pictures and info.

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If I Had More Parking Spaces…

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I would totally buy a E30 M3.

I’ve always loved these and they just keep getting better with age. As BMW’s get more and more advanced with technology power and weight, there is something really nice about the rawness of the E30 M3. Although the E92 M3 definitely went the right direction and became a more focused drivers car than the E46 I don’t think we’ll ever see a sub 3000 lb M3 again.

The E30 happens to be around 2700 lbs which is equivalent to the S2000 which I also love as one of the purest drivers cars produced. Between the legendary handling of the E30, the lightweight design and the timeless blister fender design from the factory I think the E30 M3 will always be a classic.

I mentioned that if I had more garage space I’d buy the E30 M3…although there are a lot of reasons why someone should want the E30, there also happens to be a a great financial reason to get one…These cars will almost certainly never go down in value. They’re a great investment, they are affordable to begin with and they’re a great platform to modify if you’re not a purist. I think the SR20DET is a great swap for this car as well as a F20C, but BMW fanatics would I’m sure opt to keep the original 4 cyl engine.

This particular car was featured on Stanly Ku’s blog (a man with great taste in cars) and is one of my favorite street tuned E30 M3s. Plus its nice treat to see a front mount intercooler on the E30. Also loving the AC Schnitzer rims (this is the last style of theirs I liked). If I had a E30 M3 I think I’d do it just like this, it is perhaps a perfectly modded car. The only things I’d want to do is a custom Ericsson/Amuse exhaust and a custom design aero hood. IMO black is definitely the color of choice for this car.

E30 M3 Turbo

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