Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 – AbFlug GTR Debut

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - Ab Flug R35 GTR

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AbFlug R35 Tokyo Auto Salon Teaser

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Another Tokyo Auto Salon teaser from AbFlug. What do you think of the 01-R Ver.02?

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AbFlug “Spiral 86” to debut at Tokyo Auto Salon

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AbFlug’s latest aero kits feature the Toyota FT86 (Scion FR-S) at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013.

Abflug MiJ Spiral 86 aero kit will include:

  • Front Bumper
  • Side Skirt
  • Rear Bumper
  • Rear Upper Spoiler

Spec Sheet Includes:

  • Engine: HKS GT Supercharger Kit
  • PentRoof FA20 Tuning Program
  • PentRoof Water Bypass Kit
  • HKS Hi-Power EPC-L Exhaust System
  • Suspension: HKS Hipermax IV GT
  • Brakes: Dixcel
  • Interior: Pentroof 4 Add Meter
  • Wheels: Abflug Prism III *New Wheel Debuting at Tokyo Auto Salon*
  • F 8.9×19 +37
  • R 9.5×19 +31
  • Tires Yokohama Advan Sports
  • F 235/35 ZR19
  • R 255/30 ZR19

With all performance development tasked to PentRoof and HKS… The Abflug MiJ brand went through 7 different development stages before the final designed front bumper, side skirt, rear bumper, and rear upper spoiler.
The emphasis behind the co branded build was for a balanced Street and Circuit vehicle.

Bulletproof Automotive has been a proud dealer of AbFlug for many years. We are very excited to see AbFlug supporting this platform! More details and pictures to come… of the Abflug x Pentroof 86!

Look for Bulletproof Automotive live coverage from Tokyo Auto Salon 2013!

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Customer Car – Anthony’s 370Z

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Anthony’s 370Z, pictured above at Z Nationals in Carrollton, GA,  is now updated with an Ab Flug rear bumper to go with his Mine’s wing and titanium exhaust.


The car also features Central 20 side skirts, a Varis hood, Mine’s molded in front lip and a number of other really great mods.

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Customer Car: Donald’s Aristo From Jamaica

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Donald's Aristo Vertex 2JZ-GTE

Our customer Donald sent us some pictures of his car last week and I wanted to share them. This is another client car that I’m really impressed with and proud of! The car is a Japanese spec Aristo Vertex Edition with a 2JZ-GTE. The motor is a VVTi version with a fully built bottom end and a T78 single turbo conversion. The car has a one-off turbo manifold, and front mount intercooler.

Exterior wise you’ll notice the Varis vented hood, the MAC BLIK aero kit, the Toms rear roof spoiler, the Abflug rear wing flap, the Abflug carbon rear diffuser and the Artisan Spirits dual fog lamp kit.

The car runs Aragosta coilovers with Toms suspension reinforcements. A TRD limited slip differential keeps the power well managed. The car stops with a Greddy 6 piston front and 4 piston rear brake kit. Donald’s wheel of choice are some VIP style Forgiato Andatas in 19″. You’ll also notice a nice set of Recaro leather reclining seats inside the car.

This is one of the cleanest Aristo’s I’ve seen and once again Jamaica represents HARD! Big ups to Donald!

Donald's Aristo Vertex 2JZ-GTEDonald's Aristo Vertex 2JZ-GTEDonald's Aristo Vertex 2JZ-GTE

Donald would like to say a special thanks to the teams at P&L Racing and Lue Boyz for all of the work they’ve put into the car.

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Three Topics

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Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown EG6 Civic FR S2000 F20C Swap

Dino Dale Carbonare always has the fresh photos as he attends seemingly every show and race in Japan. He did a great feature of a Nagoya event recently on Speedhunters and it gave me a lot of food for thought. I wanted to hit on three topics.

First of all, this S2000 powered EG Civic is really quite amazing and deserves some extra shine. It takes dedication to make a FR Civic with a F20c swap. These guys in Japan built one hell of a Civic!

Door Canards

This drifting FD3S RX-7 has illustrated to me the concept of door canards. It made me wonder if this is the next evolution of canards for downforce, after all there is a lot of surface area on the doors to do crazy canards like this. I’m not sure how much fresh airflow they can get to convert into downforce with those wide front fenders though. Time will tell if this is effective in actual use or simply style points for drifters.

Abflug MR-S

I found that Abflug showed off a face lifted and widebodied MR-S. I always get excited about cars that feature original headlight designs becuase design wise and commitment wise it’s a huge leap to go out and design custom headlight housings. It is a very expensive and difficult task that I’ve spent a good amount of time looking into in the past. Abflug went all out with the original designed headlights here and the car looks great in this angle. I’m not sold as sold on the rear which I’ll refrain from showing…but here’s one more picture of another Abflug widebody MR-S.

Abflug MR-S

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