New Ings+1 Porsche 997 GT3 Aero Kit

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Ings+1 Porsche 997 GT3 Aero Kit

The 997 GT3 is already a beautiful car, but Ings+1 hit a home run with the new front profile of this one. Check out that new front bumper design of theirs with the optional brake duct guides and canards!

Ings+1 Porsche 997 GT3 Aero KitIngs+1 Porsche 997 GT3 Aero Kit

Ings has come out with a full comprehensive kit including a kevlar front bumper, kevlar side skirts, kevlar rear bumper, a dry carbon wing, and a whole host of optional parts for the front bumper.

I cant say much for the rear, but the front bumper is pure perfection from where I’m sitting. Expect Porsche prices on this one, especially with Kevlar being the only choice in materials for the main parts. These are some true racing parts right here.

If anyone is interested, we’re an Ings distributor and happy to help anyone get their hands on these. I personally would love to see that front end on a street car.

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One of My Favorite Car Colors

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Porsche 997 Color

I’ve kept this topic to myself for a long time. My plan has been to build a car using this color for years now. In fact, it is still my plan (someday).

I take note of various things that impress me and keep a folder on my computer called “Inspiration”. It might be something as simple as a color I like or a material. It could be the shape of a fender, or the way a custom interior is put together. The fact is that certain things inspire me and I like to remember them and integrate into my builds that very essence of where my inspiration started. For example on my S2000 some of the style came from my desire to resurrect the Top Secret gold demo car concept that I loved so much+ my love of Mana-P’s (MS-R) graphics on the Top Secret V8 G35 (version 2 of the graphics). So I told Mana-P what I liked as a starting point for our collaboration on my car and together he and I came up with a design that I felt was even better than what he did on the Top Secret G35 (if you look, it is still similar on the hood and the doors but more style was added).

I saw this Porsche at SEMA perhaps 3 or 4 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. Champion put the car together and did a phenomenal job. But really what made me fall in love with the car is the paint color choice. Pictures simply do not do it justice but I’m glad I at least have those to remember it by. It was one of those cars and color combination that just left a lingering impression on me. I find myself years later still waiting for the perfect project to break out this color with a different spin on it. The use of this color and carbon fiber accents is absolutely perfect on this Porsche.  Classy all the way. With the right car and the right lines, this color can and should be revived once again. I hope to be the next one to do it, but now that I’m putting this out there you can go ahead with it too if you like.

I realize some of you may not think the color lives up to my own personal hype of it. True, the pictures don’t do it justice. But trust me, in person this car in this color is absolute perfection.



Please excuse the first and last pictures…they’re HUGE. Those are the raw images off of my camera from SEMA years back.

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Timeless Silhouette by Stanley Ku

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Everyone always speculates how the next generation of cars would look like. But has anyone specifically thought about the future of Porsches? For decades, the flagship of the Porsche fleet, the 911 Carrera has retained the same silhouette as it did when it was first produced in the early ’60s. The shape of the Carrera is instantly recognizable. Each new subsequent generation of Carrera is developed with minor tweaks and adjustments to the original silhouette. The angle of the oval headlights has gotten steeper over the years and the overall couture has gotten smoother. With all the minor changes over the years aside, the overall picture still remains pretty much the same. At the same time, there is no need to mess with perfection. Porsche has refined the Carrera to the elegant and sleek machine that it is today. I am glad that Porsche went back to the traditional oval headlight design for the current 997 as opposed to the oddball Boxster headlight of the 996.


Will Porsche continue to build off the original 911 design? Will there ever be a totally revamped update of the 911? How will the 998 Carrera look like? What will Porsche name it’s Carrera chassis after 998? The 999? What will happen after the 998/999? A part of me wants to continue to see the evolution of the 911.  At the same time, I want to see Porsche develop a completely new model, not to replace the 911 but to supplement it’s fleet. There are so much uncertainty, all of which will remain a mystery until the future gets here.

What do you guys think?

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Porsche Headlights on a Japanese Car – Only RE Amemiya Can Make it Hot

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Normally I frown on the idea of putting foreign luxury or exotic car headlights, tailights or other essential body panels onto Japanese cars. It reminds me of Civics I’ve seen with BMW lights and other such nastinesses. Yet RE Amemiya for more than a decade has taken the Porsche headlights and tastefully made it their own. Starting with some of the old school “Super Greddy” FC RX-7s of Tokyo Auto Salon fame in the early/mid 90s, RE Amemiya has adapted Porsche lighting from various Porsches and taken what is generally a juvenile art to a respectable and admirable level. Some rules are meant to be broken from time to time, but it takes skill and class to do it right.

Here are three photos I took of a recent RE Amemiya demo car in 1800pix glory. Everything from the uniquely Japanese mirror placement on the fenders to the aero design to the 997 headlights are all executed with great skill.

One of the ways I know this car is a great achievement is because I love this car…and it’s red! I really dislike red cars, but this one breaks through my biases.



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